Let's get back to the gorge camp.

The kids succeeded in setting the fire in Goldwolf's taught 'Higiri Ceremony'.

Until now, fire was a huge shock and confidence to them who thought they couldn't wake up without a match or magic.

Where heat sources and lights could be ensured, cooking next.

Glasparine made more on the arm for this day, I was delighted to take it out of my luggage in an attempt to distribute rice that the ingredients had already planted......

What was in her hands was just a brick block.

"Ugh... Wow! I made a mistake about dinner, and I took the luggage with the brick in it. Uh-huh!

Children who were tense at the start of the fire also sank out at once.

Goldwolf also became a shark who turned to the sloppy role.

But nevertheless, there's something I really care about.

"Um, Doctor... why is there such a thing as packed brick blocks in the first place?

"Ahhhhhhh! Me, me... I don't have the strength! Even on a long run, I became a heck of a bitch, enough to get my kids to push my back......! So as a routine, I was working out carrying luggage with bricks in it. Uh-huh!

"I see, was that what happened? Then there's no point in making a mistake. So don't cry anymore."

"Hi-ha-ha! But, hey! If I did, I'd just accidentally make mistakes...! I'm really, really sorry. Wow!

...... the spiral of the gorge and the stirring of the trees in the wind.

Nature plays BGM...... there unnaturally mixed, female teacher crying and the tummy worms of the students.

They were all struck by despair like they had been left behind on a land island.

But in it was the lady who was sitting gracefully on the rock.

"Huhun, you're unusual. I didn't mean to feed the poor, so I don't care."

Yes, laughing spirally with his nose, I took it out of my previous backpack... it was a three-step lunchbox.

"My" Nights of the Round Seven "chef made me the finest lunch box."

Bento boxes spread over small knees look really tasty and bright in color.

Classmates can't help but notice the luxury ingredients that sparkle like a jewelry box and have never seen before.

"Huh, it's like a dog that's nagging. If you manipulate a dog at my feet, you won't have to feed him as much as a mouthful."

"... what the heck!? Because you're a little rich, you're making us look like fools!

You just got cocky for this, the boys, headed by the classy wampak boy, got up, but Goldwolf just cracked it and went in.

"Gentlemen, please don't fight. If it's something to eat, there's plenty around, so decide to collect it. Fortunately, some salt I carry with me."

So the men's side pulled back, but the lady's mouth shot wouldn't stop.

"What? You're gonna salt the mites under the stone instead of pasta and eat them? That's right, de poor."

But whatever they say, Goldwolf doesn't break his gentlemanly attitude.

I turn to her sucking the noodles in with Churn and tell her to escort them.

"No, it's a better one. I think it tastes as good as that lunch box, so why don't you join Mr. Charles Lott?

But there is no servitude either.

"I refuse to die," he replied instantly.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Approximately a single-tongued lady, Goldwolf gathered teachers and children and divided them into two groups.

I had already grasped their physical abilities, so I would distribute them so that the two groups equilibrium.

"First, let's catch fish in the gorge."

And I said, "Uh!?" and a surprise was raised by the children.

A penetration enters from the lady next door, as if to speak for their feelings.

"You can't catch a fish without tools. It's not Bakka."

"It's okay. What we're going to do is we're going to do" stone fishing, "and we're going to get fish just by stone."

"So I threw a stone at the river and hit a fish. If there's a fish that can be caught like that, some birds might stab you if you're poking at the sky with a bamboo spear."

To persistently tangled ladies, tongue-beating boys.

But Goldwolf doesn't ignore you, he's the one who's dealing with you.

"Throwing stones toward the river is, but not toward the fish. So let's actually do it"

Goldwolf divides the group between the upper and lower river sides.

Instructed the children on the upper side of the river to take charge of the rocks, and instructed the children on the lower side of the river to go barefoot and enter the shallow waters of the river.

Then he stands just in the middle of the two groups and screams out loud.

"Ladies and gentlemen, you're ready. Hey!? First, the group on the river will throw the stone in charge, with a rock in the middle of the river.


The children, who bore a great stone like a god, run out with a mighty hanging voice.


Momentum gained and the stones released from the riverside hit brilliantly on the rocks that face out of the stream of the gorge.

...... Gah!!

and the dry noise was sounding down to the river.

Goldwolf returns his heel.

"The fish will soon flow, so the group under the river will catch them by hand. - Whoa!

The lady, who kept eating down the river, was all alone.

"Hum, sounds like Bakka. If that's how you catch fish, you don't need a fishing pole. Even kids can understand the logic if you think about it a little bit. Even though we're together until Glasparine... Damn, this is why junior vocational schools... Yeahhhh!?!?

I stood up with such momentum that I dropped my knee lunchbox, what she saw...... it......!

For the famous lady, it was an incredible sight...!

"Wow!? Really, really the fish just flowed!?

"And Pukapuka floats and doesn't move! Easy to catch!

"Wow! I didn't know you could catch fish like this!

"I may have never touched a fish before! Something's null! Funny!

"Hey, look at that! Mine is such a big deal!

"Wow! Big fish! Big fish!

Downstream kids boiling like gold rushes.

The upstream kids also said, "Wow!," he cheers.

Glasparine was a downstream group, but I fell too surprised to catch one, but I found a fish stumbling into the collar of my clothes and was more than happy with the kids.

Then take turns upstream and downstream groups and do the same again to catch the fish.

It looks like a gorge with a lot of fish around here, and if I did it twice, I got a bunch of fish for dinner.

But this alone, to be lonely, Goldwolf took the children into the mountains and taught them how to pick the nuts they could eat, etc.

After returning with exactly the nuts, cooking practice with fish.

Here again, Goldwolf's sword works great. The kids seemed to enjoy the unknown experience of sipping and cooking their fish.

And of course...... its flavor is, excellent......!

The moment I shredded the tree and stabbed it on a skewer made of it, and shook the salt and just baked it on a fish, I smashed it all over it,

"" "" "" "" "" "" "Whoa... Shh, no, no, no, no, no!!

The roar of delight is enough to make the river fish jump, enough to fly the birds of the woods, to make them cling to the mountains.

But naturally...! An inevitability that can be considered a natural dish......!

There's no way freshly caught, freshly baked, freshly baked fish...!

Besides, that's the first time for kids, all the more so......!

Even though the variety is the same, I was always felt in a different dimension of good taste than the fish I mouth......!

Skewered to dance, he hits his stuffed torso,


and the fragrant texture of the skin......!

Soon after that,

... Juwaaaaaa...!

and an extract filled with flavours...!

Bite it further, hoku, hoku loose white......!

In my mouth, it will be slightly salty and intact......!

Drink the wild harmonies they play under the blue sky, in the cool breeze, along with their heartfelt companions...!

My tongue, my brain... no, my whole body...!

No, no, human instinct becomes so exquisite that it smother the boys and girls...!