Boys and girls with happy faces, grilled fish, and nuts on their cheeks.

Outside that circle, Charles Lunlot nestles like a child whose parents didn't come to an athletic party.

Osama and the female teacher all speak up to the lady who is being completely plucked out of her soul.

"How about Mr. Charloonlot, too? It's delicious. Eat with us."

"Yes! Mr. Charloonlot would love to! Try it, try it! It's delicious! Doctor, I thought your cheek would drop!

But she turned her toon and back as she let the tuntail be like a whip.

"What kind of poor tongue like you usually eat raw garbage, you think this Atashi would trust?

There are no longer any islands to attach.

I wonder if goldwolf would be counterproductive if I were to blush too much, and after consulting with Glass Palin, I decide to put the dish on a plate made of leaves and leave it by my side.

... but in the end, I could never get my hands on those fish and nuts.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

For the kids, Goldwolf was just an 'escort Osama', but not so much soaring to 'Most Respected Osama'.

Anyway, I did the same trick of starting a fire from nothing and creating a treat.

Soon they'll call me "Doctor, Doctor" and they'll miss me.

Osama was baffled and asked Glass Paleen for help, but he joined her until he said, "Gold Wolf, spice it!" at the beginning and end of the day.

Instead of grieving that she had been hurt in her teacher's pride, she was in the mood of being recognized by the public for what she had always considered herself a hero, and she rather couldn't wait to be happy.

It was free time in the afternoon, but all the kids wanted to do the 'Wood Goblin Crusade' they did in the morning again.

Handmade goblins who respond to that request and are released into the field again.

"Then, until dinner time, let's get rid of 'Wood Goblin' -! Now it's also positioned in the woods, but don't go too far and stay within hearing the call of the teacher!

"Huh! Mr. Glass Palin! Come with me! Mr. Goldwolf!

Osama just got pulled by the kids.

Teacher pushing Nico and her back together.

Charles Lunlot took the spare third sword and jumped into the woods with us.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf hunted goblins with his children until the sun set his feet at the top of the ridge.

Then it was dinner time and we all went back to camp...... no matter how much Glasparene called for, only Charles Lott didn't come back.

Goldwolf, remembering the heartbeat, decides to feed the children first and in the meantime look for the lady.

But all the kids were unconvinced that Goldwolf would be gone from the table because of the selfish lady, and it was a storm of bueing.

"Doctor, leave him alone!

"Yeah, rather, I'm sorry I'm gone!

"He's going for a knight. He's in this junior high school, not some senior high school! That's what's happening, that's crazy!

"Yeah, well, so what, you make fun of us as common folks!

"Hey Doctor, leave her alone and go hang with us!

"Speaking of which, he said he was sorry about Nojuku! I must have gone back to the city first! So don't worry, Doctor!

The children spoken, but Goldwolf crouched and glanced at them and told them.

"That's not how it works. I wish I'd gone back to the city, but maybe I'm in some kind of accident in the mountains. To make sure, I'll go find it. You all wait here. Never move from here."

I didn't hear Glasparine say she was going to look with me either, but I thought there would be more shipwrecks for sure, and I persuaded her never to leave the kids,.

Goldwolf lowers the sword he made for her to the waist, carrying a backpack filled with water and food and dividing it into the woods.

And besides... freed the wolf's instincts so as to peel the thin skin that had covered itself.

Follow the invisible footprints by working the five senses, whilst the beast follows the prey of the hand.

Flying to lead in front of Osama, the fairy in pink black bondage, Pull.

"Kung Kung...... Looks like you've gone deeper and deeper into the mountains ignoring that Namiki kid, Wood Goblin. I'm not at all lost in smell. What were you trying to do?

It wasn't Goldwolf who answered that question.

Around his cheek, luke, a fairy in a pure white dress, gliding suddenly through the air as if on a moving sidewalk.

"Probably even the bear tried to take it down and show the classmates a good place"

To a word like a girl's thrust, ku......! and goldwolf biting his teeth.

'If only I'd guessed her rampage as soon as possible...!

Increase the speed of slipping through the swing and run like a disease.

Still, I never lost sight of the girl's traces, and the freshness of the noise was so quiet that it was disputed by the woods.

"My Lord, you are as gentle as ever to panic for such a child!

"She rejected you (My Lord) from herself, so I don't think I need to bother looking..."

'Yes, yes! Because of this, the sword of my lord (Mylord), which Pruk enchanted, said no such thing as a poor sword! Kanji, it's bad!

"Mr. Charles Lunlot is only nine years old. And yet you're so alone and strong, I'm sure there's a reason. Until I figure that out, I'm not going to abandon whatever she tells me '

"Bu! I'm so jealous!

'Right. Will my lord (My Lord) be worried if Luke and the others are as violent as they used to be? "

'... please stop, both of you. I'm sorry if one of the cities disappears when you two get busted.'

As he proceeded in conversation in his brain with others, he found traces of the camp on the way down the beast path.

In the middle of a wheelchair made of grass, there is an extinguishing charcoal that is still giving away thin smoke.

I approached it carefully… the sword is falling out of place in a mess of food and a bottle of wine.

The sword was broken on its way, and a broken sword tip pierced a slightly remote tree.

And drifting on one side, the smell of beasts and the smell of liquor......

Behind the wolf's brain, a burglar appeared.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf who took it back to the campsite.

No questions asked, I put the children and the female teacher on the horse's back.

"Okay, you guys keep going back to the city. I remember the rusty winds along the way to the city, so if you're on board, you should get to the city naturally"

Back of a horse with ten people on it. The person pushed up at the rear of the line looked back at her with a glimpse as she skipped her glasses.

"Oh, Mr. Goldwolf!? What the hell happened!? Besides, is Mr. Charloonlot...!?

"I found a camp that looked like it belonged to a burglar. I'm sure the home base will be right around the corner. Looks like Mr. Charloonlot has been taken away from you there. So it's dangerous to be here. Dr. Glasparine should notify the guards as soon as he returns to the city and inform Mr. Charles Lott's parents as well."

"Wow...! Ok......! But what does Dr. Goldwolf do?

"I'm going to take over the home of the bandits and go help Mr. Charles Lott. Come on, the sun's already setting. Hurry back to the city or you'll be in danger on the road. Best wishes to the children, Dr. Glasparine.... and the rusty wind! I asked you about the teacher! Hi!"

"What, what!? Oh no!? Then I'll be with you!? Ahhh!?

Goldwolf's beloved horse leaves the female teacher screaming and flies like a rusty wind.

It's a job that should be left to the guards, such as kidnapping...

The guards of the city of Antrea can barely move unless it's an incident around the city or an incident involving the brave man's personality.

Nevertheless, Charles Lunlotte is the daughter of a famous family, so I had the expectation that if her parents worked for the guards, they would move exceptionally.

But still, it would be early and tomorrow morning for them to come.

I don't know what the purpose of the burglar is, but the slower the rescue, the less fortunate it will be for the lady.

That's how Goldwolf concluded and decided to rescue him alone......!