The house was by a small lake surrounded by woods, in a cut meadow.

Log house made of marutai, flower garden on one side at the end of the house.

In the sunset, only one spot was dark, as if it had been an early evening.

In the center, where the red and black roses spread, lie making each other look silly, a girl and a dog.

The look is not as tranquil as a sleeping beauty.

He was stiff with fear and irrationality sticking to his face.

Beyond the wooden deck, a wild laugh is drooling from the entrance door that remains open.

In the living room you can see in the back, the swollen men swooped over the chairs, wrapped in fur and tremendously decorated leather armor.

On the table are rolling traces of dishes like wild dogs eating scattered.

Under the table, the couple who would have been made to prepare them were rolling.

The drunken men are interested in darts.

The wall of the living room is hung for darts, but no one is after it.

Directly beneath the target is a girl who used to be a good person.

The chest plate I was always proud of was removed, torn to such an extent that there was no shadow to see in the knight (night) dress I was holding, and blood seeped by the way.

... Huh!

Unexpectedly, along with the wind-cut noise, a dart arrow blurred around the girl's temples.

Though I didn't hit it, it sagged saggily with the weight of the wings, which looks like the tears of blood she shed.

Out of the way! And the men boiled.

"Ahhh! Too bad! If I was just a little more beside you, it would have been a high-scoring eyeball!

"Look more than that, that lady's tula! I'm staring at Koch!

"Ha ha ha! Nice! I was just freaking out. Better than the rest of them in this house!

"I thought it was boring to kidnap a kid, but this is how you figure it out, you can enjoy the outing!

"Besides, if I'd asked you for a chance to rush me, I wouldn't have thought you'd come from the other side!

"I was going to bust all the kids and kill them except for the lady... I saved you a lot of trouble!

"But, you know, kids teachers are young women, right? Haven't you enjoyed the whole thing more? Better than this Baba!

A man said abominably, kicking under the table.

"Nah, I'm an elementary school teacher anyway, it's decided to be Hechamkure from Galilee. Then you'd still be better off fucking a pig!

"Even Hechamkle, if you put the bag on it, it's the same!

"He's not a dick. Hey! Ha ha ha ha ha!"

One big man rises up as a humble laugh wraps the table.

It's my turn next.

Dosun Dosun and the big man approaching the wall with intimidating footsteps.

When I pinched him with my finger and retrieved the arrow, the girl in the target role was about to complain about something moody, so I took the knob off and did it.

"... not at ease. Yikes! You big fat ass! Just think how big are you with all the graphics, with these seals in your eyes, and just soothe!? Untie me. Yo! Soon afterwards, but it looks like a pigeon's torso. I'll snap your arm! Oh, if you look closely, your breasts aren't like pigeons either! You pigeon man! Bean cannons. Yikes!?

The men on the spot wondered if they would even beg for their lives... unexpectedly, unexpectedly, the lady's first voice was a curse.

Besides, if the naming of the pigeon man was a strike, I even invite him to laugh.

From behind, Kukukukuku...... and heard him push to death, the pigeon man was furious.

"Tenmei! You're not just broken legs, you're even broken arms! Then I'll do what you want!

It was spread out in big letters, the lady's arms gasped! and is grabbed and gripped full of strength.

The pigeon man's hand is big enough to likely squeeze the lady's face.

To him like that, the girl's luxurious arms and other twigs were alike.

"Geez!? Do it, stop it! Stop, stop, stop! Stop it! Help! Help! Help! Help! Oh, Daddy! Daddy!

My stomach fluids are in such severe pain that I can't help but scream at the strong lady.

The pigeon man crooked his face with a nit as he finally pulled out the reaction he had hoped for.

"Hehe! It hurts! Cry more! Summon! But no matter how much you cry, your dad won't come! Ha-ha-ha! Hehe! Hehe... hehe..."

The laughter was a tangled disgust.

And it seemed like it would develop into further ridicule, but somehow it would slip along the way.

"Heh... heh..."

With a powerless laugh, shaking about,


I fell and fell on the floor with enough vibration to rock the house.

When the fellow men peer in to see what's going on, the dove man is in a backwards pose as if to further accentuate his chest muscles, stopping moving with his eyes open.

"And he's dead!?

"You're dead, like, stupid!?

"Hey, you got something stabbed in your neck!?

If you look closely at the pigeon man's neck, like Frankenstein's bolt, there was something like a piece of metal poking through from end to end.

Someone tried to reach for it, but it can be stopped by an inaudible voice.

"You better not touch it. Because if I pull it out, it's gonna be really dead. And then there's gonna be blood all over the house. Dear Death, it is better not to show it to your children."

Guys HA at the same time!? and give you a face.

Then there was the appearance of a stranger, Osama, who had already released the restraint and carried the lady.

"What the hell is Temehe!?

"I'm the one who's here to pick up Mr. Charlotte."

Osama answers with as much flatness as "I've come to deliver the appearance".

The men were like, "What!?" He was surprised, and the lower end, which was by the front door, popped out momentously.

After a few moments, voices from the garden jump in.

"... there's nobody around! That Osama alone!

"Ha! Oh, my God, you're threatening me! You're here alone!?

"Yes, I came alone," said Osama, nodding back in discipline.

"Ha! That's pretty funny, Osama! I can't believe you're getting in here alone with this number of people!

"Yes, so I decided it was a long time ago," he concurs again.

"It may be good for you, but we don't have enough!

"So-so! You can only play as much as darts!

"The kid was using a dart arrow because he was a hostage, but this Osama would do with an axe!

"Right! That sounds like a lot of fun to me!

With that said, the men who come to tighten the siege net with a twist.

Osama said even more with a serious face.

"... you guys like darts"

And nagging.

"... I lived in this house, I couldn't get tired of just a good woody family... I can't believe you broke the leg of the child you took away and made it dart... I will never forgive you...?

...... Gimp!!

The men, turned upwards, lag behind by the sight of others.

In silver eyes, a heavy, bitter glow, like a guillotine blade, passes.

It gave way to impatience, and the rogues could no longer move like death row inmates.

"So, Temeye!? What have those eyes!?

... Woohoo (Oh)...!

If at this time they are aware......!

If you realize your position that has already been beheaded and repent of the sins you have so far committed......!

Though my painful life in prison awaits me, only my life could have been saved......!

"Ha, ha! You think we're gonna freak out with such a dick stare?!?

My heart is bakubaku, my sweat is dokudoku, my body is pulled, my head is wong wong......!

Because of this, my whole body said it was sending me an alarm...!

You're never ashamed of yourself, such as cowering...!

Who would blame the rabbit before the wolf for escaping......!

I'd rather stand up to it, because if I were an idiot, I'd be stunned...!

Eat grass (ha) How much did you shake your front teeth off, you can't mow it......!

Even the hairs around the wolf meatballs......!

"Oh, it doesn't matter! I'm going to kill you! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa!

The rabbits are challenged in the big upper stages as they pull out the barbaric knife on their backs.

The wolf turns it to dance.

With such lightness that I don't think I'm carrying a girl on my back.

Release a letterknife, no motion, of a feather pen that was on a nearby shelf.

... doh! Doh!

First, two.

Men thrust deep into their throats, frowned and fell.

As I jerked off the radish slaughter, I approached the table, now the knife and fork.

Countless silver flashes fly irregularly like interpersonal mines (Claymore), but precisely, through the brows of the bandits.

In a figure skate-like flowing act, approaching the front door, he takes the key bundle that was on the wall.

Swinging it around as if playing with jittering,

...... Shrung!!

The key came off with the sound of slipping out of the circle and stood in the heart, as if to rip open the hearts of those who remained.


Unexpectedly, from behind, the roar hits me.

When Goldwolf looked back a bit, there would have just come back from the lookout, there was the last one.

...... dosa!

He stayed in a sword-wielding position and collapsed.

Who the hell...? I thought, a small hand stretched out from around Osama's shoulder was just waving a gripping long knife and dropping the blood he had just attached.

"... what. You made this sword for Atashi."

Osama didn't say anything, but the lady behind him said, "Do you have any complaints?" But I said, "He raised his dissatisfaction.