Safe, Goldwolf rescued Charles Lunlot from the burglar's nest.

With the lady on her back, she was in a hurry on the beast path of the demon.

Because I wanted to get back to a safe place before night and make her allowance as soon as possible.

When he reaches a gorge like the one after the festival, Goldwolf grates Charles Lott's body and makes him sit on a rock.

First, secure the light source.

With extra firewood, Osama turns his back just for a moment.

But when I looked back, she was turning into a pine light, so the lady let her eyes blink.

"!? What have you done now?!?

"It's a fire. It's easier when you get used to it."

Osama lies absurdly.

"... is that what this is about?

Instead of rubbing the trees together, it was much quicker than magically igniting them.

The lady was surprised (a lot), but she said, "That's what it is," so I'm convinced that there is something to catch on to.

After we make the bonfire, we go into treatment.

"Can I see your legs for a second? I'll turn your skirt, right?

Charles Lunlot only returns "if you like" with the approximate pointing.

Goldwolf accepted it and gave it a thin dirty silk skirt all over his petticoat.

Legs discolored to purple and bent in an unlikely direction.

Must have been broken by a robber's big fat ass by force.

There must be considerable pain, but the girl doesn't leak a single cry.

Just shut up and eat your teeth off and sweat on your forehead only.

Goldwolf was impressed by the strength of her will.

"So much is happening... it must have hurt a lot, right?


"I'll heal you soon."

"It's about the escort anyway, right? Then you don't have to."

At this time Charles Lunlot was looking at it approximately to deceive the pain, so he didn't realize that Goldwolf's eyes were shining sky blue.

...... paaaaaa......!

It was not the same as the burning fire, I felt the brightness, so I turned my gaze back... I saw Goldwolf's right hand on his thigh blinking like a blue firefly.

And I notice the pain and swelling pulling off as if it were sucking into his hands.

After a while, my stomach was completely free from the soreness of twisting.

"Yes, now you're okay. It doesn't hurt anymore, does it? Try moving your legs."

Declared fully healed with a definite and unshakeable face, as if it were a legendary unlicensed doctor, Charles Lunlot tried lifting his thighs half-heartedly.

True, it doesn't hurt.

Until just now, he said he had a severe pain that made his eyes saggy after just moving it a little, but now he couldn't help but step on it with a ton.

"Oh, you...... maybe you used healing magic?

"Yes, I had a little idea."

The second lie was also a snatch.

… In the event of an injury in this world, two special methods of recovery exist, in addition to general methods of recovery through natural treatment and medicine.

One is recovery by 'prayer' by the Virgin and the Monk.

Something about praying to Renalilis, the supreme god that binds the goddesses of the brave, temporarily borrowing the power of God into his own body and healing his injuries.

The other is healed by the healing magician (healer).

The service of the Spirit, who dwells in all things, by the Spirit of the Word, and healing by their power.

But...... neither of them were exercised by Osama.

"It's been a long time since I've cured anyone but you."

"That's right."

and the power of those who were swallowing.

The lady had her eyes black-and-white, but she didn't see the black-and-white combination floating in front of her.

"Is healing magic so easy to cure fractures? That's over time, too, so we're supposed to have to lay it on top of each other? Isn't this more than the prayer of the Grand Virgin?

"I can't believe it's more than the prayer of the Grand Virgin, there's no extermination. Recent healing magic has also developed."

"... that's what it is...?

The lady seemed bored by the fox, but once again she was confidently returned with "that's what it is," so I'm compelled.

"So it's time to go home, as your family, Dr. Glasparine, and your classmates will be worried. Why don't you get dressed here?"

Goldwolf took a properly folded shirt and shorts out of his backpack and gave them to the lady.

I borrowed children's clothing, which was covered in a wooden house tance.

I always thought I'd wear poor people's clothes! And I should be able to pay for it, but she takes it honestly.

While I was dressing elsewhere, Goldwolf called in the rusty wind and was getting ready to go home.

"Ah, I'm hungry, Atashi, because there's so much going on! Hey, Goldwolf! Let's get some fish! Fish!"

The lady, who jumped out of the shade in a sporty outfit, said so most of all in the opening.

I was supposed to have to go home soon, but Charles Lott doesn't ask me if I really want to keep camping.

Finally, Goldwolf broke, and instead of offering one condition, he decided to fulfill the girl's hopes.

"Tomorrow morning, when you get back to the city, please apologize properly to Dr. Glasparine and your classmates. And from now on, don't be selfish and promise to listen to your teacher properly and study with everyone."

"Oh, no...! Why would Atashi do that......!

"If I can't do that, I won't camp"

Declared kippy, Charles Lott was a little worried for a while... but when Goldwolf finally tried to cross the horse, he gave it a hazy face.

"Ma, wait...! Yeah.........! Okay, I promise!

Instead of the usual strong twilight eyes, I answered that with a frizzy eye.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Goldwolf decided to let the rusty wind get him to the city because he wrote a letter informing him of Charles Lunlot's safety.

Then the camp begins for just the two of us.

First, Goldwolf held down the fire cutting rod and the plate, and Charles Lunlot pulled the twat to start the fire.

Build lots of sparks and brighten the area around the gorge like daylight before taking fish.

Goldwolf throws a rock in from above the river and a barefoot Charles Lott waits under the river.

"... Yikes! Yay! Gotcha! Look, one more! Oh, over here, too! We're still here! What do you say!? Look, look, Goldwolf! So many fish! Big fish. Big fish! Ha ha! Ha ha! Hahahahahahaha!

It's like a bouquet of flowers, Charles Lunlot holding a fish all over his chest.

Not the usual cold mockery...... he had a really childish, overflowing smile.

After piling up fish on the river plains, it takes to cook them.

Using Goldwolf's sword, which is already a complete favorite, the lady opens her fishes and takes out her bowels.

"Eh, be ready! Gusa!" he skewered as he fumbled and said, "Eh, it's burning! Glimmer!" and set it on fire.

Charles Lunlot only had top grades in junior elementary school, and he did everything cleverly just once taught.

And I was acting so innocent that I'd never seen it before.

River fish who were so ridiculous, too, became cheeky,

"Yum yum yum yum!?!? As Glass Paleen said, my cheeks are going to fall off! Really, it's delicious! I didn't know fish that just shook salt tasted so good!

He was shuddering, flattening the skewers in both hands with Bakubaku.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

I stayed up all night and the two of them were lying by the burning fire.

Charles Lunlot pillows on Goldwolf's arm and buries his face on the chest plate, as he has done for a long time.

"... I never thought I'd have someone other than my dad hang out with me on the river plains or sleep with me like this..."

The lady seemed unexpected to herself, but not plain, smudged and crushed.

"Mr. Charles Lott loves your father, doesn't he?"

"Yeah. But... instead of playing with me, I've never even had a hug since I was born. My dad only sent me money from home to buy weapons at Gorgeous Smart."

The girl was born as the eldest daughter of a traditional knight's lineage.

But "you can't be a fine knight in a woman," he said, without any love from his father.

"Atashi has a brother, who lives in the country with his mom and dad. My dad gave me lots of hugs, played with me, picked weapons with me, taught me swordsmanship... and now I go to prestigious senior elementary school."

The girl's father chose to pick up her brother.

And in the role of making my brother support, I tried to make her a Virgin.

But...... the girl rebelled and wanted to be a knight.

The father like and mighty girl keeps fighting with her father......

At last, he was put in a junior high school in a small, distant country.

The girl talks about dreams she had never told anyone, as she wandered off.

"Atashi, I want to be a 'princess knight'..."

"When it comes to princess knights, are you talking about legendary superior positions, with comparable abilities to brave men?

"Yeah...... If I could be a legendary princess knight... the ranks of" Nights of the Round "would surely rise... then my dad would praise me for my atashi... like my brother, full of them..."

The girl's voice tends to interrupt.

"... Dad... Atashi... I'll hang in there... I'll hang in there... I'll hang in there... so... please... look... look... look... look... right..."

At the end of the closed lid, floating something glowing... the words eventually turned to sleep.

Goldwolf kept stroking Charles Lott's head.

But when he makes sure he falls into deep sleep, he gently removes his arm and switches to a pillow with a round towel.

And I snapped in my heart.

'... So let's go, Lucupur'

But the reply sounded in a way that everyone could hear, not in his head.

"Yes, My Lord!"

"Yeah, my lord!"

And Osama walking away.

Behind you, obeying angels and demonic girls.

Like flowers blooming at night, quietly, slowly...!