Simple tomb markers made of trees are floating in starlit flower gardens.

Ahead, in front of the log house with the front door open, is one man who fell.

No, would it no longer be right to call me "one man"?

Colder bodies, never moving again, rolling like signposts behind the house.

There was a faint groan, like a lit candle fire, in the darkness that refused even the slightest light.

"... and I don't know... who... I don't know..."

The Lord of the Voice watched.

One figure who looks down on his body boasting of the giant and a small shadow leaning next to him on a horseback ride.

I'm crouching on the right side of the shadow, a little shadow said.

"Oh, I think it's better not to be blurry,"

A boyish voice, like in the middle of water blaming Alinco's nest.

The little shadow on the left takes over that innocent word.

"Right. Besides, how about" good deeds "? You can't even be a guest under the fountain like this, can you?

It seemed to be telling... and it wasn't.

It contains plenty of ridicule that just goes to drowning Alinco and says, "Come on up and entertain us more funny, because you won't help us anyway".

"Ugh... Ugh... and when... until... on one body... get on... ya cancer..."

The man squeezes his voice out of his lungs, tending his bragging chest muscles like pigeons.

I managed to shake off the shadow I was riding,

... Gah!

Earlier, I was grabbed in the face by the palm of a shadow.

Overshadowed by a frizzy feeling, as if the back of the human de was sticking, the man said, "Ha gu!?" and squeeze out his breath.

It's like a giant spider.

No, I'm in the deep sea, a mysterious creature.

No... coming from outside the planet, laying eggs on the human body, like an invader...

In the abyss of death, my hair was still horrible...!

And shortly afterwards, they are reminded.

This was the most frightening thing I've ever felt when a man was born... to the fact that it was only a child's use...!

Crimson eyes like Blood Moon shine, and the whole shadow is revealed.

Illuminated by demonic extremes of light, the man turns his whole body into a pale catamari like ice pickled.

What was grabbing his face was a disfigured arm, bursting out like a muscle specimen, with red feverish blood vessels like magma...!

It's the devil's left arm, the evil hand of chaos,

The name is Stormbringer......!

The work of the devil (Mitsuru) that must be the object of this world, which sows the blood of life and destroys the soul...!

Choo-choo your brain like a shake, the straw of the devil's brakes......!

... No, no, no, no, no!

'Absorb', be...!?

Surrounded by the feeling of being thrown into a leech pool, the man couldn't help but scream.

"Shh, talking, talking! Why are you talking to me? Yum, forgive me......!...... aahhhh!?!?

Looks like I finally found out about myself, but it was a ruthless fudge that got him bathed.

"It's too late! That's why I told you to stay out of it!

"Once the Stormbringer is activated, it cannot be stopped until it completely eats up the object."

...... Zuguuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

I feel my skin dying of thirst and hardening as if my body has become a tree.

And... from a tube (crevice) stuck in his ear hole, he dragged his brain cheating, captive to the feeling that even his memory would be taken away.

Horse running lights like a merry-go-round with broken control and fast rotation.

In it, the man looked.

No... the shadows and the girls like angels and demons would have seen the same thing.

Dozens of cockroaches in the alley.

"... this job (Yama) is to expose the kid"

"Are you crowded again? It's time to attack one of the villages."

'Don't stick around. Target's in the city of Antrea, junior elementary school kids.'

"Junior Elementary School? What are you gonna do with them?

"Well, listen, some of those kids have a" Nights of the Round "daughter."

"It's a knight's fame, why is such a salad going to such a junior vocational school in such a small country?

"Do you know that far? But it's always the same. After we took the kid and took him hostage, our client's warrior came and rescued him."

'Ha ha, I get it. Now you want me to go after a big fish? If you help the daughter of "Nights of the Round," you'll be credited with climbing the eel. "

"And some knights with a family of brave men burning their hands want to make a loan."

"Nobody in the city thinks that our evil deeds are at all a request from Lord Crimson Teager, the hero of the city."

'Right. But that's why we can do whatever we want, and we don't get caught. Crimson Teager. He's all sorts of things. "

'But hey, I'm going to touch Shaq... if you threaten him with a story, can't you pull some more good stuff from him?

"Oh, hey, silly! It's not like I've done so much!

'... ahem? What do you mean, something nice?

"Ahhh!? Master Crimson Teager!? Yes, you wanted it!?

"Ahhh? It's been a while since I've been here for a garbage dump, and I wonder if you have a big rat, ahhh!?

'Forgive me! Master Crimson Teager! Ho, just kidding......!

"Ahem? Sole, I was at my party, I can't use it. Just like Osama's jerk gag. It's slipping.... hey, dude, it's a" dove rat "'

'Oh, no!? That's all, forgive me for that! Master Crimson Teager! Master Crimson Teager ahhhhhh!?

At this time, the warrior Crimson Teager was feeling the tide.

And I was determined.

This time, until you rescue the target lady, do it in the usual scenario.

After that, I usually give up all the bandits I miss, and I tease them to take them to the city.

And...... in the city square of Antrea, sentenced to beheading......!

If you jump the necks of the villains (garbage) who have plagued the city for so long in front of the people (garbage)... your reputation as a brave man will be unshakeable...!

Any quest failures you've had in the past will now be written off.

He thought that with the Omake of the Minotaur Crusade, he would be able to gather the eyes of awe and envy again.

But this plan would be a failure in a double sense.

The first is that the bandits are no longer in this world, already at the hands of Goldwolf.

And two.

That one end of the plan has become known to Goldwolf.

At the same time, this means that I've touched his switch.

A switch that opens the gateway to hell, coloured with dangerous colors and protected by plastic covers.

Sleeping in the back, Osama's mind finally opened...!

The fate of the warrior brave Crimson Teager Gorgeous or how......!?