The next morning.

When Charles Lunlot regained his blur and consciousness, he felt a great plump in front of him.

"Nfu...... good morning, dad......!

Jump, hug full of strength.

A tree-like body that stretches out its arms all the way to its back.

As a goth, boned, steely muscle.

I even dreamed of it, strong and cool, my dad's body......!

"Nyuuuu!," he thrills on the chest plate like a sweet cat, sucking the body odor all over his chest.

It smelled so called 'nasty' but the girl loved it.

I want to kiss that stinging beard.

I joked about it once, but then I got paid off.

But now you might forgive me.

The girl looks up like a cat who finds herself nagging and pretends her ass......

I just did, and my gaze bumped with confused Goldwolf.

"... good morning, Mr. Charloonlot"

Momentary rotation, the lady said, "Hi-ha!?" I tried to poke her, "but the difference in weight makes her blow up better.

Goldwolf turned his arm around a bit and hugged her.

Wrapped in its shitty arms, like leaving all evil behind, the girl's heart bounces around unknowingly.

But on the back of it, what was not in my heart came out with my mouth.

"Ha... will you let me go? I was just falling asleep."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Breakfast with dried fish and nuts, after the gorge.

Osama and the lady walk down the road in line to return to the city of Antrea, where everyone awaits.

As a goldwolf, I was going to ride home in a rusty breeze, but Charles Lott was eager to walk home.

Yesterday morning, walking down the same road, she was complaining about the butch, "Why do knight athletes have to walk," but the opposite seems to be the case.

The lady said as she circled around Goldwolf, like a dog whose walk was fun and irresistible.

"Hey, hey, Goldwolf! Become a butler to my Nights of the Round Seven! It's also exclusive to Atashi! It's better than being a store manager! Hey, Ki-mari!

"I refuse to do that. I've decided not to have an owner anymore. Plus, there are a lot of customers who need it, even in clumsy stores."

"Huh!?... um, bye! Become Atashi's partner!

"Partner, is it?

"Yes! I'm going on an adventure with Atashi! My partner who lives and dies! It's an honor not to be able to be the exclusive partner of a princess knight!

"Right. I may not be able to dedicate myself, but at dawn when Mr. Charles Lunlotte becomes a princess knight, I will hold the Spirit."

"Really!? Then it's a promise! That's sloppy! If you're lying, it's a thousand Great Swords! Hahaha!

He jumps around like a naughty little rabbit, energizing his golden twin tail.

With a playable smile, its glittering appearance was... blinking and adorable like the essence of light.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Back at Slumdog Mart No. 1, Dr. Glasparine and the kids were waiting.

My gaze from my classmate hurts because I ruined my camp because of it.

That's right. Charles Lott got awkward, too, stifling his face, and he was nervous.

But Goldwolf prompts me, thinking and leaning back, to bow my head in momentum.

Gain enough momentum for your hair to swirl, boom! and most salutely,

"Guys, I'm sorry! annoying everyone because of Atashi's selfishness, really...... whoa!?

The lady's first apology was blocked by a teacher who had been head sliding.

"Wow! Glad you're safe! Charlie Lulululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululu Me, worried and worried...... wow!

"Hey...... Hey Glass Paleen! People are apologizing, so don't stick around!

"Hey, I'm happy and happy...! Wow, wow, wow, wow! Mr. Charles Lulululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululululu

Long live the female teacher's trilogy, and the awkwardly stuck air unwinds.

Soon, my classmates were gathered around.

"Yes, Charles Lunlotte is safe. 'Cause I got a letter yesterday... and I don't cry that much, Doctor!

"More than that. Come on, nobody was anything, so let's start camping again!

"Oh, that's good! Let's do that, Doctor! I want to campfire with you, Charlene Lott!

"But hey, the teacher just dodged us again, didn't he?

"We could all cover that for you! Plus, if Dr. Goldwolf ever taught you, you'll be fine no matter what!

"So is that! Oh, and let's do it, first! The class is united!

"What!? Is it now? No more wood golems!?

"Even a joke! Hahahahahahaha!

Watching the big circle of smiles, like blooming flowers in the summer...... Goldwolf smiles like mine too.

There, a modest round of girls leaned in, like flowers blooming in spring.

"Welcome back, uncle"

"I'm home now, Mr. Primla. Thank you for your concern."

"No. I was surprised when I heard Mr. Charles Lunlotte was missing... but I was safe and really horrified"

"Oh, yeah, I have a souvenir for Mr. Primla. Here you go."

In the middle of the conversation, Goldwolf takes something out of his backpack, as he remembers.

"Is this...? Nuts, is it?

"Yes. It's sweet and delicious when it comes to the fruit of the mashibai. It also has a nourishing effect. I've been worried about Mr. Primura lately because he hasn't been well."

"What...? Did I look unwell?

"Yeah. You spilled tea on the floor when Mr. Glasparine came to the store, didn't you? I've felt kind of depressed since then. If so, eat this and cheer up. Mr. Primura is important to me."

Primla is plunged into the void in a word that pops up sarcastically.

He opened his eyes as wide as ever, like a shining sea.

"What...!? I......!?

"Yes, it's decided to be a valued 'work associate'. Primlessness."

... PLEEN!

Strange noises scuffed around the "prix" of Goldwolf, cutting off the good mood between the two.

That's exactly, double-preteen......?

No... maybe what was really freshly shaking the sound was the heart of the girl who witnessed the moment...?

If so, triple preteen......?

Seeing it, across the show window of "Slumdog Mart No. 1," there was a reincarnation snarling with a face like the end of the world.

Spread the huge breasts you hit on, like a jellyfish sticking to a tank, on one side per......!