"This Kitty Geyser Memorial Park was created to honor Kitty Geyser, who is now a brave Kitty Geyser."

A flock of white doves proceeded gently on the lawn mowed down like a quiet sea plain.

When Kaoru Wind, which contains a unique floral scent, rocks the veil of pure white, a sober grin peeps at the maidens who still do not know the filth of the world.

At the park there are flower beds and objects that entertain the visitors' eyes.

But all the flowers planted there had toxic colors, and all the statues were radical, full of anarchism.

Besides, there are wildcats everywhere, and they mate everywhere.

An orbitless park where people and people are completely pushed out of the brave who became the motif.

Girls who are not even old enough, and all pretty exciting bums for the Virgin.

But still pure they couldn't have figured out what it meant or anything, and they all seemed to receive it as a avant-garde art-like feeling.

Even the pull teacher sees clear eyes sparkling.

"Well, this mushroom statue, it's cute. Oh, look, it says it's good to cheek."

"More than that, Doctor! Is' Two-headed 'in that distant hill!?

"Yes, that's right." Two-headed "is one of the world's leading artificial underground labyrinths (dungeons), created by Kitty Geyser. There's a little bit of distance, but because of that, why don't we go up there?"

"What!? Is it okay to get close?!?

"Of course. The underground labyrinth near the crowd is determined to be well managed by guards and magical conjunctions, so it doesn't mean monsters come out"

"That's right! I can't believe you can see 'Two-headed' up close! Wow! Let's go!

The Virgins began to travel in a lively and chaotic fashion as they sprinkled their white robes.

There were already four figures on the hill they aspired to as their ancestors.

"... ahem? What the hell is this? What kind of cat has sex with both sexes?

A huge statue that is proprietary to most of the top and sits on our face.

A galloping, evil-looking young man who was looking up at it threw up.

The 'double-headed' appearance is inspired by a haunted cat with two necks.

Two necks stretched out like snakes lay intertwined in the middle of a mating relationship, just across the face as the entrance to an underground labyrinth (dungeon).

The young man with the head, who was checking out this park brochure, raises his face and tells his people.

"Once an hour, he opens his big mouth like an acne at his face. So, when I put in the balls (occasionally) that I got at the reception, I started putting them inside the underground labyrinth (dungeon)... it seems like I have to split into the male side entrance and the female side entrance. It's like we're splitting up into two routes, working together and moving on."

"Ahem? Why do you have to do that? Damn it, Mendo..."

"Then I will be with the brave!

One of his companions, a witch-covered girl, tried to hug him in the arms of a chimpy young man, but he was still being disgusted and dispelled.

"Ahem? Uze, Temehe. Temei, go with Ur the Spirit (Point Man) to the female side. Me and Lincilla are going to the male side."

The witch was overwhelmed with momentum, but there is no way to punish her at all.

"I don't like Ur, I'm in there with the brave!," he said, clutching to his legs with a cat's voice.


Dossss! "Vu!?

He ate a sharp kick in his stomach and rolled in a gobble involving a kid head youth.

"It's almost 12 o'clock at noon. Temei and the others wait at the female entrance.... Ooh, come on!

Yelling at his leader, the brave man, the spiritual soldier (Point Man) and the witch try to crawl and run to the face of a giant cat in a remote place.

In front of the brave and Virgin who remained on the spot, there was also a cat surface like a great rock.

Scale enough to seem illusory that you've become a dwarf.

But the brave man took a step without fear.

... Gashan!

Severe painful footsteps, as if wearing full body armor.

It was slightly mellowed and supported by the Virgin.

"Dear Crimson Teager, are you okay? You're not used to handling it yet, are you? Don't push too hard..."

She cares as she drops her gaze.

Once colored by silver shins and boots, the lower limbs of the brave men, regarded as sexy by the mature ladies, now have no shadow to see.

In the mirror-like clearance of the protective equipment, rather than the muscular, shiny thighs… the mechanical clock-like, inorganic gear was stuck like guts.

This is a prosthetic limb in this world… what is called 'arc gear'.

Unlike prosthetics, prostheses, etc. which repair only the appearance, if you get used to it, you can get the same function as the human body.

A combination of mechanical engineering and magic science is used as a cutting-edge technology, a luxury welfare device that is only allowed for upper class humans.

... The brave Crimson Teager was so badly injured that he lost his lower limbs in a failed quest at Fireblowing Mountain.

But he didn't give up.

Believing that I was just unlucky and unable to demonstrate my strength, I put on the rest of my fortune and got arc gear.

If it was meant to be, this prosthetic leg would take a month to get used to and a few months to use, but he was discharged in a week pushing through the surrounding opposition.

I couldn't stand the fact that my talented self stayed in the lowest rank of the brave.

The time is almost twelve o'clock at noon.

That opens the entrance to this evil hobby underground labyrinth (dungeon).

All you have to do is take a step.

That way, we'll be right back on the glorious red carpet.

The difficulty of this challenging quest will be higher than the previous Minotaur crusade but no problem.

Because now is definitely the time to get rid of that wild dog curse.

... Gone, Gone, Gone.

A bell announcing noon rings across the spacious park.

...... goaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa......!

At the same time, the haunted cat in front of him finally opened its mouth.

Pushing away the Virgin who was supporting me, the brave take the first step towards hope.

There's nothing more to fear from him.

So much so that I can draw an already unexpected thought in my brain.

Yeah, I'm getting tired of this hole (Lincoln) too...

When you're done with this quest, you want to replace it with a new one?

Now we can all osarab with those guys who smelled like those obnoxious wild dogs.

That's where the warrior Crimson Teager is reborn.

A new companion, the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) and the Witch, have already boarded into the female cat in an effort to show me the good.

It's not what they found out inside, but we can't do something delicious.

Come on......!

It's time for me to get out of line...

... Gashan!

Even this footsteps I thought were Uze, now I feel reliable and comfortable......!

It was a feeling of panacea.

Crimson Teager almost soaked up unexpectedly, but something popped out of the lawn, so he returns to me.

I felt like something like a snake attacking my prey crept under my crotch... only for a few moments, I caught it under my eyes.

...... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

His thoughts were forced to be interrupted by the sound of a thunderous impact.

Immediately afterwards, a fierce spark swept through the brain, like a burning magnesium was thrown into his head.


... The four of them weren't actually the only ancestors who were on the hill.

At the tip of the cat's neck...... Peek through a park plaything torso, Mitsu's shadow.

"Wow, you've decided on Moro," The Devil's World After O Ko Machine ". Oh, Itai Itai."

"Pull, you mustn't use such uncertain language. Because that trap has the name Adam's Reformation."

"But, hey, I don't know because Pull is a girl, but it hurts pretty bad, doesn't it?

"Sounds like it. It's called" King Kan, "because the demon of hell, who never got to his knees most of his life, swung around."

"Oh, my God, I've been on my knees before."

"No, he says he rolled around with only his knees on the ground, so he insists it's safe"


"... So, both of you, it's time to go"

"What, don't you want to see it to the end?

"Yes, because he's done. And you're all waiting. Let's go home, Luke, Pull."

"Yes, My Lord!"

"Yeah, my lord!"

Osama and the two girls turn their backs on the cry that still goes on.

I took my hand off the hill like a parent and child and left the park behind.