After returning to the camp, Goldwolf learned of the accident at the "Mountain of Fire Blowing" by the warrior (Seiyusha) Crimson Teager.

I can check on the Brave Men's activities in the Brave Men section of the newspaper.

I looked through it indispensably every day and waited for his return.

Then he found out about accepting the quest in "Two-headed" and set a trap at the entrance to the underground labyrinth (dungeon).

It is made of a chain whip (crunchy) with split copper, which is loosened by magic smell, and laid on the ground.

When the trick is activated, the momentum is well divided and the copper is struck out, drawing a semicircle and hitting the target's groin hard.

Its power is hard to exhaust to the brush tongue, and even immovable demons become smothered like insecticided insects...!

Coming from the demonic realm, the name of the terrible thing is… "Adam's Reformation".

The secret of its power lies in the apple-shaped copper.

What a super powerful magic power to 'ignore any defenses'.

Crimson Teager's groin when he received this trap was properly defended by armor.

But in front of him, such things mean nothing......!

Even if you're wearing pants like a fortress, gorgeously through......!

The groin is so indefensible that there is no more......! Completely indispensable no-guard......! Baby right after birth......!

Hi baby............! And Sayonara......!

If you describe it straight, you got shelled by Fuochin as well...!

That, coupled with the surprise effect from the blind spot, bursts as a blow to the synagogue.

All the men received, without exception… lose their sanity precisely to the fierce pain of rupture and the crisis of the survival of the species.

And count your sins in the midst of the snort and the runaway lantern.

Exactly, a renovation in the synagogue......!

But it's too late......!

The shaken hammer of the Great Demon can't even be covered...!

"Geez yeez yeez yeez yeez yeez yeez yeez yeez yeez yeez!?"?

In the middle of being crushed by a stone mold, a vibrato call echoes in the park as much as a monster bird threatens.

Crimson Teager wanted to scream.

"Why is there a trap here?!?".

But if you open your mouth, the only thing that comes out is the gold cuts that don't seem to belong to you.

It's no longer your own will, but your soul wants to scream.

With his groin held down, he falls seven times.

I don't even know where I'm rolling right now because I'm losing my sense of equilibrium.

And finally decimated.

...... Jhhhhhh!

That's all I thought, absolutely. Things erupt like broken water pipes.

Red, yellow, and two different types of body fluids, the soles were of varying colors and, in a sense, the fountains worthy of this disorderly park.

... Get out of the way! Bhattan! Get out of the way! Bubba!

I can't stop spasms on my extremities, like the current is flowing all over my body.

As if his gut was rumbling, I wondered if he had shrimp upside down and cramped with bicum bicum, and suddenly he rounded up and shuddered.

Coincidentally, the hindquarters pose as if they failed,

...... granny! Sneeze, sneeze, sneeze...!

All over my face, I was bathing.

So I finally let go of all the pride I had left.

Along with reason, facial collapse.

I cried woefully, even though something soggy was poured into my mouth.

"Wow!! Mom ahhhhhhhhhh!!

Mixed with the ringing, for the first time in a while, human words pop up.

It was' Mom '.

"Mom! Mom! Mom! Ouch! Ouch! Ouch! Help, help, help!! Help me! Mom ahhhhhhhhhhhh!!

...... guts!

Unexpectedly, the rotation stops.

No, it was stopped by someone.

Crimson teagers are solidified in their baby-like outfits where diapers are being replaced.

With drowning eyes, he looked up at the blue sky like wallpaper in the children's room, and the shadow looking down at himself.

He's stomped on his stomach like a posse of obedience, and he's making me unable to move... but now that the toddler is regressing, he can't even afford to notice.

"Ma... Ma...?

Tears and runny noses, and a face filled with blood and urine.

The brave man miraculously let his sight seep with all sorts of dirty liquid for a long time.

But the shadow shakes his neck to the left and right.

The face behind it was so cold that the brave man returned to his sanity as if he had been exposed to cold water.

"Ri......!? Lincilla...... or...! Whoa...! Hey......! Yikes... pray...! Pray for me......! Yes, now... now, we can still make it...! Because we'll make it......!

When I try to speak up, something refreshing creeps up and I tremble all by myself.

I asked for help like someone freezing in a snow mountain, but it was even more extreme cold that came back.

"Do you offer prayers to Chiocus?

I thought it was an audible hearing due to pain.

Because I didn't really think of that word that came out of her that was always classy and sophisticated and obsessed with the language of the witch Miglare.

"Ri, lincilla......? Hey, what, say..."

"Because isn't it? You're only worth about as much as Chin-Oos when you've been stripped of your balls with fame."

"And, hey... Chinka O..."

"Because this time I thought I had attracted the brave men to the hit...... all I had to do was have children and send them into the brave clan...... Not only did I fail the quest twice, but the third time I failed without going into an underground labyrinth (dungeon)... it was a misprospect."

Whoever was once a Virgin, pep like a whore! and spit.

"Totally... magic treatments that restore purity are expensive. If it wasn't for a place like this, I'd like to get my hands out of the keo hole and pull my back teeth out at all, then poke a gallstone in the place of the incisor and put a shio 'n 'ben on the finish."

She took something out of her pure white robe pockets as she showered her diverse strong-language like a queen.

"Oh, yeah, yeah. You said I was unharmed because I was lucky when there was a downfall at Fire Blow Mountain the other day, right? Of course I'm lying. I can't believe you believe a lie like that earhole leo-p. You just have an ass like head. I'm sure there's plenty of shit in there."

Hanging on a finger like a white fish was' Holly Amulet 'made by processing the sacred stone.

"He's dead now, and that's what that wild dog gave me. Now we have activated 'Absolute Physical Defense', which is supposed to be a time-consuming chant. I can't use it anymore, but I'll give it as a farewell memorial. If you let me stick this in your ass in front of the ghost of hell, you might get a pardon."

Poisoned like a sucker, the amulet floats on a face like the Dove River.

Crimson Teager with no more words for the shock of forgetting the pain.

"Ri...... Lincilla...... Temeye......! Temehe... was trying to use me...!

Just ask me that and make the best of it.

"What more are you talking about? I wasn't ringing buffet hee, you piggy ass. Oh, and...... I'll also give that 'Lincilla' name to the ge-o fucking piggy ass bastard. Because it's a disposable pseudonym, just like that amulet."

"Heh... what...!?

"You must be the same hen who can only drool the shit out of golden eggs anymore, so I'll tell you one last time. My real name..."

It wasn't spun by the voice, but the thin pink lips, like the first kiss is still there, did work this way.

"Bitch the Matchless"

"Bi, Dog (Bitch)...!?"

"Yes, an absolutely incomparable (matchless) dog (bitch). Even a golden wolf fascinates you, right? … So goodbye, you piggy O ncus bastard, stuck to your piggy ass."

... Chuh!

A throwing kiss like the Devil King (Satan) wearing the skin of a little devil.

And it was also her last gift.