"Chapter Twelve: Tuerb Stories!... Burn up, my heart! For love and hope! And I'm good! Righteous circle! A red wave of scorching evil! Father! My mother! My sisters! And be the ancestor of this move, Lord Godsmile Gorgeous, the absolute great man at the apex of all brave men! With this arm, with this sword, with this life......! Only love and courage are allies, watch my life!!

Spectacular and magnificent activation preparations are now complete, also across verse 12.

A fiery flame wraps the sword of the brave, worthy of burning red hair.

"Ahhh! Go, go, go, go, go! Crimson Blade!!!

Total length several meters. Full height, maggot-colored torso enough to look up.

I will beat the burning sword pressure to my stomach, such as the defenselessness I am looking at.




The giant worm, which is twofold, scatters green fluids and a brace of acid, of which he is a weapon.

The boredom that just rocks the broken up body with Dosunbatan and collapses the habitat.

But it's also temporary. Eventually it squished like a perforated airship, desperate.

The fellow girls were like, "Whoa!," he leans over to the winning actor with a yellow cheer.

"Yay! Master Crimson Teager's Crimson Blade! Seriously, he said he's halfway there! No, psycho!

"An artistic and overwhelming sword judgment, with undisturbed streamlined movements and strength cohabiting...! It's a great word! Master Crimson Teager!

"Ah? You bet. And it was an easy win this time. Then do your usual array."

Saying so, the brave man put his hands beside the girls and held them up so that they could straighten and grab their breasts.

"Cah," they scream cute and jump into their chests, they don't even look reluctant.

Instead, he soaked his body, and even his lips, and kissed him to show it to an audience where there was only one.

The girls take out the 'record balls' and hoist them in heaven so that every one takes a selfie.

"" "Ugh! Quest cleared!!




... That's when I booked the big, dumb crowler's balls off.

Besides, intact......

No, a wild dog who just fucked up was eating a brace of Crowler acid all by himself...

His hair turned into a worn out skull... alley, seriously, it was a laughing mon...

We all made a lot of fools of ourselves, and we did what we called Iji.

That too... even though it's been the other day... I kind of miss it...

Back then, I'm glad...

Me, Miglare and Lincilla...

There was nothing scary about the three of us.

With my sword moves and Miglare's great magic, and Lincilla's prayers, there was no such thing as an impossible monster to hunt.

And yet... and yet how did you end up with such a... such a zama...

I've always lived like me...

He didn't retreat to anyone, he didn't flatter anyone...... I don't like him. He bugged and never beat any of them.

Both Miglare and Lincilla were Zoccons to my life like that.

No... all the women in the city were my mons.

I... I still haven't changed a thing...!

What one thing, you're going the wrong way......!

Straight... straight through my path...!

Why are you looking at me like this?

Why... why am I not crawling around here...!?

A brave man looking up to heaven looking changed from "Back then".

The sky said it was so clear, his heart was covered in more and more mist like a river on the third way.

Have you lost a lot of blood already, my eyes are glowing.

But I won't stop the blunt pain like I've been kicked up my groin all the time.

I already said I'd lost it.

A powerful weather voice climbed before him as he wandered through the abyss of death.

"Ha-ha, folks, we're at 'Two-headed' Yikes! Here, let's have lunch -!


Surrounded by footsteps that rush through the lawn, along with a flashy reply.

And from all directions, a voice of surprise rose.

"... oh, people are down!? You look like an adventurer!

"Bullshit, this is the park, right? There's no element of an adventurer falling. You're taking a nap...?

"No, because sometimes goblins and stuff trap you with flirting, didn't they get caught up in that?

"Oh no, super dazzling!

"And isn't that crunchy?

"Really, come on!

"Take a look, it's all over the liquid!

"... Could it be, pee-pee?

"Kah!? Oh, come on!

"It's super creepy, let's eat gohan over there!

Voices going away.

But it doesn't disappear completely.

Instead, he becomes a concerned hissing voice, shaking his tympanic membrane faintly.

"... but come on, didn't you resemble Master Crimson Teager, the warrior?

"That's just gear, right? My face was super buzzy."

"So-so! My head is bald, my teeth were out, and my face is clear!

"You must be the one who admires and manages Master Crimson Teager."

"Speaking of which, it was in the" Brave Men's Section "of the paper, and Master Crimson Teager said he's going to be challenged on the" Two-headed "quest!

"Oh, so I got a point. Someone sleeping over there, he must have tried to manipulate his behavior as well as his outfit. Or do you think I've mistaken you for being a brave man? Besides, I'm weak and I challenge the 'double headed' of a high level underground labyrinth (dungeon)..."

"No, no, I'm not trying! At the entrance, you're as caught in a goblin trap as you want!

"Besides, I can't believe it hurts and brings it on. I'm not dressed badly as a mess!?

"Something, Mom! Or scream! Cahahahahahahahahahahaha!"

"But come on, that guy, he's been saying hihihi-hi, is it okay?

"You'll be fine, I've never heard of an adventurer dying in a park. If he's here, he's not an adventurer, he's homeless."

"Cahahahahahahahahahahaha! No!

"Let's not leave that homeless thing alone anymore. More than that, I dream of getting into this' double headed 'one day!

"When you two go into 'Two-headed' together, you can think both ways with that person!

"Oh, that, I admire! Hey, guys, who do you want to come in with!?

"You know what, we've all decided! Let me tell you something. Let's go!

"" "" "Dear Crimson Teager!

Girls mouthing the names of thinkers, as they dream.

But I wouldn't have dreamed of it either.

A little further away, he's moaning pitifully all over the dirty liquid, that the wrong man... is the one you admire.

And this is the end of those who reversed the wrath of the wolf...!

A brave man has high pride.

Everyone believes and does not doubt that they are invincible and that they are the strongest.

For them, it's an out-of-contest event, such as the entrance to an underground labyrinth (dungeon), and getting caught in a trap before going inside.

An unacceptable act of ripping a mouth for them to be proud of, such as asking for help, even if that would result in a fatal injury.

Besides... when it comes to being castrated in that trap, all the more so...!

If such a lapse is known, it is imperative that you cannot be a brave man......!

If you ask for help, you will end up as a brave man......!

If you don't ask for help, you will end up as a human......!

Moving on or hell, going back or hell......!

Yes, Goldwolf was after this...!

Angry wolves did not lay their hands directly against the virtuous brave.

but in the most humiliating and longest-suffering way, he banished him from the surface stage.

As a brave man...... no, as one man......!

War Brave Crimson Teager Gorgeous......!

Shadow Sewing (Catch) & (-And) Success (Irace)......!


● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)


Diamond Rich Nell

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)

● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Demotion: Crimson Teager


Goldwolf learned of Crimson Teager's evil deeds from the moment.

No, he's not the only one.

I learned the facts of the match pump, which is done by the brave men who rule this world.

The brave men had earned the trust of the people by causing the Gorotsky people to commit criminal acts and solve them.

The truth of it... was that there remained a piece of neck skin, which would open a wind hole in the heart of the wolf's mercy.

Yes, the wolf was determined.

To a family of brave men who tear the world apart, when they strip their fangs......!

Hustle in the world of men, the valiant men who have no enemies...!

Eat it with the fangs of a beast and eradicate it...!

Goldwolf Slumdog finally got up.

Ultimately, the Supreme Brave......!

And vice versa, outrageous decentralization......!

...... Godsmile Gorgeous......!

That flute, to eat it up...!