● Goldwolf Slumdog

Osama in his forties.

Serving the brave Godsmile from an early age, he acts with him until he leaves the Demon King, although he has been left many times along the way.

Since then, he has dedicated himself to the launch of Gorgeous Smart, a store for adventurers, and has re-fought everywhere to help other brave men.

Keep wearing the two-legged twinkle: the merchant and the adventurer.

The polite and unskilled work contributed much to the development of the brave clan, but none of it was noticeably plain when it came to greatness.

The flash-loving braves don't understand it, and eventually call it 'the wastedogs' in the shadows.

Though he has been scorned, served and disposed of by many brave men, he believed in a family of brave men and continued to follow them in stupidity.

But being left behind in one of the world's most vicious underground labyrinths (dungeons), Purgatory, brings him change.

He kept flirting with the never-ending, and awoke to the truth of this world and the blood of the wolf that was hidden within.

Returning from 'Purgatory' with great power, he begins' Slumdog Mart 'in the city of Antrea with the help of the Holly Doll family.

With the connection of the visitors there, I learned of the evil deeds of the brave men from the first place.

It codes perfectly with what I see in Purgatory.

Convinced that the Brave Clan is the evil of this world, he decides to stand alone against those brave men who have already exceeded 10,000.

The appearance is in a grey all-back hairstyle with small, sharp eyes. The cheeks are peeled and there are major scratches.

My eyes are usually gray, but when I expose my emotions, they become blade-like silver.

Also, when using the power of an angel, the eyes turn blue, and when using the power of a demon, they turn red.

He's tough because he's been through a lot of training grounds, but after his survival from "Purgatory," he adds a sage depth of thought to it.

The owner has decided he will never have it again, and he also hates those who mischievously harm people.

The image of what it looks like is "Livia's Geralt" from the "Witcher 3" era.

● Luke

Goldwolf obeyed in Purgatory: The One Who Needs to Be.

Lend and help the Lord, Goldwolf, with immense power.

Usually fairy palm-sized, drifting around Goldwolf's shoulder.

At times of this state, it cannot be seen in the ordinary human eye, nor can the voice be heard.

If they become human sized, they will be visible and about elementary school students will look and dress.

Looks like pearl eyes and long hair with a silky touch.

I have a pure white mini dress on my white skin and the language is polite so I look like a well-grown lady.

I like to love animals, and it is possible to listen to the ringing that is far away with sharp hearing.

● Pull

"The One Who Needs Men," which he could follow in Purgatory, as did Luke.

Different in nature, but powerful enough to shoulder with Luc, he cooperates with Goldwolf.

Looks like black onyx eyes and boyish short hair.

He has brown skin and a black bondage dress like a bikini. Girl but speaks like a boy.

I love eating and I always look for something to eat using a sharp sense of smell.

● Rusty wind

Goldwolf followed in Purgatory, an asparagus horse called Melba.

It boasts such a giant body that it's okay to have ten children on board, and so fast as a wind and as strong as a fort.

It was a ferocious personality that also kicks and kills Reapers, but it got a lot rounded up under the influence of its owners.

I love kids now.

----------------------Holly Doll Family People

● Primla Hollydoll

Fourteen. The second daughter of the Holy Doll family, a prestigious Virgin in the city of Antrea.

A regular in 'Gorgeous Smart' where Goldwolf used to work.

By then I only thought of Goldwolf as "kind uncle," but for the first time since he went missing in "Purgatory," I think of its importance.

From then on, he's done everything he can to try to slow 'Purgatory' down a bit, or suggest 'Slumdog Mart' to the surviving Goldwolf.

Character is like a Virgin, gentle and dedicated to everyone.

Don't let the needy go, enough to even embrace the homeless who went down.

The appearance is pure and pathetic. Eyes that glimpse into a neat face, as if they were enclosing a small universe, and straight long hair that stretches up to the waist.

From its sober appearance and inner appearance, it seems to captivate many brave men at an early age, but she herself is not interested in brave men.

● Reincarnation Holy Doll

Seventeen. Be the eldest daughter of the Holly Doll family and head of the family.

The head of the Virgin family is determined to be called 'Mother', so everyone calls her Mother.

Though she seems chaste and calm, her personality is natural and naive.

Uncondescending and casual, despite its rather noble position.

Afterwards, I am fearless at my pace, so even if they are sloppy, I draw them into my world, and I become flexible with the power of love.

With a full of motherhood, act carelessly, and be unhesitatingly loving, especially to those within you and those you like.

My feelings for Goldwolf were no different from those of many other men, but I realize its importance after losing it.

A glimpse of Goldwolf, who has survived "Purgatory" and worn out like a discarding dog, inspires motherhood so violently that he never felt it before, remembering his first Tokimuki in his life.

He said, "Mom, I cum......!".

Welcome him as a family, half forcefully.

Then again, my love for Goldwolf never stops.

It continues to provide assistance both publicly and privately, including funding activities and helping shops.

The appearance is a laid-back face that exposes the harmlessness of humans and animals, but the deep ocean-like eyes remind me of the depth of nostalgia.

Hair is long enough to attach to feet.

Features a drooping eye that smiles all the time and a brow that becomes the letter (c) when in trouble.

When I look at her troubled smile, she says that any man is excited to clear up that worry.

... No, more than that... would the biggest feature be a breast bigger than the head?

Once, there was an anecdote that such an evil kid who couldn't get his hands on her tried to flirt on her chest, but was blown with her chest by the clap she turned around, and then became a good kid like people changed.

● Pine Pack Holly Doll

Four years old. Three women in the Holly Doll family. Mascot presence of the family.

Pussy forehead and puppy dripping eary tail hairstyle.

It makes people smile just because they exist, with their looks and tricks full of cuteness and infancy.

Adorable enough for everyone to want to caress it unintentionally, but she herself is extremely people-friendly.

Other than my sisters, I only miss Goldwolf, and when I was informed he was gone, I became too drawn to shock.

Nowadays, as every night, I sleep with Goldwolf, but when I have trouble becoming any more dependent, my sisters' hands always make me sleep alone.

Is it the blood muscles of the family that seem quiet and passionate, or I aggressively hug Goldwolf and once I stick with him, I won't leave easily.

● Liglas Hollydoll

She is the mother of the Holly Doll three sisters and the predecessor mother of the Holly Doll family.

One of the few people who was discerning the qualities of Goldwolf.

Already in other worlds, he has left a will for his daughters, distancing himself from the brave clan and instructing him to rely on Goldwolf.