------------------------Other Person

● Glass Palin Short Site

New American teacher at junior elementary school in the city of Antrea.

Features thick glasses and fluffy hair like cotton confectionery, a deer-like face and cowardly character.

I only look more like a classmate than a teacher by my side because I have a small class with about ten students but with a child's face.

Not only the appearance, but also the behavior, are unreliable to the mentor, extreme inadvertent enough to series the dodges like machine guns.

During the faculty exam, Goldwolf was given a lot of advice and was even given support outside the exam venue to finally pass.

I'm a crybaby, but I never screw up. This is because we are observing the teachings of Goldwolf.

For better or worse, they are equally large and educate per body, so they are popular with students, although they fail all the time.

● Charles Lunlot Nights of the Round Seven

A student of Glass Paleen's class, the lady of the knight's prestigious Knights of the Round Seven.

Her father followed her to the Virgin, but she herself rebelled and knighted, which also aspires to be the "Princess Knight," the most senior of legends.

As a result, the parents and children became vicious and were placed in junior elementary schools in distant and remote Hurlberry small countries.

In elementary school, the height of his native pride was disastrous, making him a floating presence in his class as well.

I fooled my classmates with the poor and never tried to tame them.

Such a fold, I'm exposed to the bandits in a camp at school.

After Goldwolf helped him, he made him look like his father and become nostalgic.

Ever since Goldwolf told me, it's been revamped, and while it's still high flying, it's no longer like making a fool of my classmates.

The appearance twin tails beautiful hair like golden thread, tied with a large blue ribbon.

My eyes are a ribbon and matching ethereal eyes, always glowing mightily.

If it's just the look, it's adorable as a biscuit doll, but a belligerent personality that sells fights to everything you see ruins everything.

The outfit is a magical breastplate on a nightdress that is a woman knight's outfit.

He had the commitment to only wear 'gorgeous smart' gear for luxury routes, but now he's turned all his gear into 'slam dog mart' gear.

● Kulalalaka

Seventeen. He was a maid who worked for the Holly Doll family, but was recommended by Goldwolf and is now the manager of the 'Slam Dog Mart'.

A native of the land of Puget, he used to be a "Holy Sabre" guardian of the Virgin.

but one trouble chases the country, and the trauma at that time makes me unable to hold my sword.

The disappointment was picked up by Liglas Hollydoll in her lifetime and she began working as a maid of honor for the Hollydoll family.

Character hates to lose and is belligerent. There is a place where people stop thinking and take it and stand when they apply for a battle.

The appearance leaves a harsh look on brown skin, only long dark hair when it comes to femininity.

But that also just looks like the samurai's tied hair.

I have always used it since I was given a black ribbon by Reincarnation to make it cuter.

● Miglare Dirty Sud

One of the daughters of the illustrious Dirty Sud family of the Wizard.

He was a Crimson Teager party member and, when there was no adventure, was a charisma teacher at the "School of the Great Devil's Guide" run by her parents.

He dreamed of entering Crimson Teager's Harlem, but halfway through the Minotaur Crusade Quest, he falls into the trap of Tentacle Oasis, which is also abandoned by its thinkers.

Prepared to die, he pokes the weakness of Tentacle Oasis through the gift of Goldwolf and the conversation he once coincidentally had, and survives while half-dead.

The appearance is made up of curly brown hair, the so-called gal.

I love purple witch hats and robes. The outfit is plain but overexposed under the robe.

Low-rise shorts hide in the navel shirt.

● Bitch the Matchless

Crimson Teager party member Virgin.

Using the pseudonym Lincilla, he approached Crimson Teager and was about to enter the brave clan by giving birth to his son.

but I cut out for Crimson Teager, who repeatedly fails his quest over and over again, and leaves before him.

With her semi-long dark hair and unusual face, she behaves as an honorary student who knows nothing but about school.

Though they look clear and quiet and grow up looking good because of their elegant tone, they are only poses for men to like.

It stands for its nature in front of a man with a cut off, but everyone says it will be stunned.

● Al Boncos

A clan serving the brave, the eldest brother of the "Boncos" family.

The Boncos are a clan whose supremacy is to work powdered for the brave.

They are particularly intoxicated by Godsmile and regard the Goldwolf, who was accompanying them when they left the Demon King, as the enemy of the clan.

Al succeeds in replacing Goldwolf, who was left behind in 'Purgatory'.

Served the Crimson Teager, became the Spirit of the Brave Party (Point Man), served the Diamond Rich Nell, and even served as the manager of the 'Gorgeous Smart' store.

but seriously injured by the sword of Crimson Teager, who was flown by a blast on a quest.

In addition, Crimson Teager himself stabs Todome and dies in an underground labyrinth (dungeon).

● Il Boncos

Serve the brave as Al's cauldron.

but on the minotaur crusade quest, he jumps into the nest without any vigilance and is chased by the minotaurs.

Crimson Teager kicked me off the scythe to buy time and crushed me to death by the minotaurs waiting for me.

● Ur Boncos

Il's cauldron.

Artificial underground labyrinth (dungeon), entering 'Two-headed', but abandoned by Crimson Teager and the Virgin, desperate with an unnamed witch.

--------------------------Brave Clan

● Godsmile Gorgeous

Once left the Demon King, great brave man.

Advocate for the 'New Brave System' in a peaceful world.

He sent the breathtaking braves to key positions and just expanded their power.

Now even the kings of the great kingdoms will be present at a glance, and they will call themselves "God-brave men" as the closest brave men to God.

His harem, The Temple of Godsmile, has 5,000 wives and continues to grow at a rate of 250 a year.

The eggs of the brave, laid by the women of Harlem, have already exceeded 10,000.

Those children work all over the world to make the Godsmile Empire even more powerful, with men becoming brave and women becoming virgins.

● Crimson Teager Gorgeous

One of Godsmile's sons.

A brave man who was tasked by the 'Abandoned Dog' and left Goldwolf at the bottom of 'Purgatory'.

Trademark mirrored armor on burning red hair, crude and dignified Oraora-based personality.

"Ah?" is a cliché.

Until I banished Goldwolf, I used him as a spiritual soldier (Pointman) and have done many quests.

If I mistake that for my own handles, and I rather blame myself for the absence of a loud Osama, I have a reckless adventure.

As a result, he suffered two successive quest failures and his status as a brave man plummeted.

He also suffers major injuries and loses his hair and teeth to his lower limbs.

Lead Charles Lott's kidnapping plan to regain that lapse.

That's what Goldwolf finds out, and on his third quest, he gets a demon world trap and stabs Todome.

● Diamond Richnell Gorgeous

One of Godsmile's sons.

A brave man on a 'throwaway dog' assignment just like Crimson Teager.

In flowing blue hair, the sophisticated noble style is trademarked, but the personality is potent weather and nasty yang ca.

"Cahah!" she laughs like an octopus.

I tried "Gorgeous Smart No. 1," where he was the manager, on a hobby to luxury route, and it was a big hit.

Now he has replaced the 'gorgeous smart' in the city of Antrea with a luxury route, knocking out enough sales not to donate other districts.

● Kitty Geyser

A famous figure, both as a brave man and a madman.

Its qualities will soon become apparent.

--------------------------Class of the Brave

● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)


Diamond Rich Nell

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)

● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Crimson Teager