When Goldwolf was still, "Innocent".

As a small-time user of the Brave Clan, he was rolling around.

Working as a 'Gorgeous Smart' helper clerk on the land by day, he joins the quest as a spikesman for various brave parties at night.

The meals were done while traveling, and when they were finished, they lived in a simple bed in a place end inn, sometimes with an extremely busy day of falling onto a park bench.

One day, he was ordered to help with the underground labyrinth (dungeon) under construction and head to the back of the Torqurum mountain.

Between the brave men, it is a status to have an artificial underground labyrinth (dungeon) designed by them.

Goldwolf was treated like a convenience store, so they had freelance civil work done by them.

That was a lot of manual labor, but there were good things.

It's more fruitful than when I'm a "gorgeous smart" clerk, and less dangerous than when I accompany a brave man on his quest.

Occasionally, Osama thought it was not a bad idea to wave a sword in a dust-dancing bonfire and carry dirt selflessly…

... get paid, until that moment.

"What is it, this stone?

Tarp tent for distribution, provided at the entrance of the campus.

It was a colorful stone that was put on the palm of his hand lined up in that queue.

A gentleman of good standing, who was behind the distributor, overheard Goldwolf's words and stuffed them with tsukatsuka.

"Non, non, non! This is not a stone, non! This is what shapes your track record of being involved in the construction of this great underground labyrinth! So to speak, the crystals of sweat and tears......! It's what free love can call a fruitful thing. Non!

After the gentleman had screwed up, he was just "silly," waving his stood toe left and right in a chitchat.

On the hair I stroked, a face as long as a nasbi, a curly beard.

Out of place at the building site, the person putting together an academic gown with gold thread embroidery on the black ground.

He is the "Midnight Shuffler".

He is a teacher between calm and passion, an up-and-coming brave man called.

"... Mr. Midnight Shuffler, is it possible that this is the salary that Colle worked for a month?

Goldwolf asked puzzled, but as soon as he heard the word 'pay', the 'passion' part of the midnight shuffler popped up like the contents of a surprise box.

"No, no, no, no! No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Never an evil and irregular thing called salary or anything else! It's not such a hedro perfect thing...... it's softer, more honorable, more sacred stuff non!

Along with the golden cuts, hands bah! and kazake.

"You haven't figured out the beauty of working yet, non! Look, Non! Look at those joyful, beautiful saints!

At the tip of the white gloves is the figure of the spouses holding the stones handed out in their chests as if they were important.

Some were shouting delight, while others were heating their eyes and sharing the joy of 'hard work'.

"You're just being danced to a hallucination called 'Money' created by the secular world, non! Working here for a while longer, washing my life, and detoxifying my heart is good non! That way... we know what humans need to do to live, NON!

'Passion', once on the face, doesn't pull in so easily.

Midnight Shuffler raised his back even more, this time calling.

"Guys, come on! The new fellow here is still low dimensional non! The spiritual world in which we live, the emancipation of the flesh...... take you to a high dimension non!


All of those faces had big bears, like beaten marks, on their cheeks galloping.

But...... only the eyes emit a different glow.

"We haven't eaten and slept yet, non! Sharpen them to the extreme, work, work... It is only through working for people that humans can be called 'living' non!... Come on, guys, come with me!!

"It is in something free that the spirit dwells!!!!!"

To the gentleman's signal, to the point of creeping, his voice was aligned.

"Yes, non! But just so he understands for the first time... again, yes!

In conjunction with the hands raised like a conductor,

"Sweating for someone is nice!!!!!

Finally, even a smile formed like a mass game.

And boiling, thunderous applause.

Without saying anything back, Goldwolf was thrown into the rave (party) of men like the dead.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

This underground labyrinth (dungeon), named "Ant Tsuka".

Long time no sunlight, pale black skin discolored men go to each other without hesitation.

Working blindly, it presented exactly like an ant's nest.

Once you get in here as a worker, you're not allowed to go outside until it's done.

Baths are non-existent, eating, excreting and sleeping locally.

The campus seemed to be lit with incense, always covered in thin purple fog.

Goldwolf was hit with his sense of smell on the earlier quest and didn't notice, but from what I hear, 'Incense that works to restore fatigue'.

Goldwolf was a newbie here, but he couldn't keep up with the working consciousness of his people.

But the husband, who came in later than he did, everyone at first strained to make money, but after a while he stopped showing interest in money like a seeker.

It was irresistibly creepy to take care of the stones handed to me every month, like the children I had, and build them up like the river plains of the river.

All of this is due to the guiding method proposed by the brave (how to) Midnight Shuffler, "Destruction Fengyong".

Destroy me and serve the brave.

The idea is that making the brave man happy, which is the signpost of people, will therefore make the world happy.

He was also applying it to the educational community and establishing himself as a guide.

... and asking for more fame. Not much... finally hit the forbidden hand.

"Non! Non! Non! Quickly! Complete the Ant Tsuka under construction, NON! We'll finish it next week and reveal it to the public by the end of the month, non!

My men, who continue to be blamed just now, were already holding back around their stomachs.

I'm finally squeezing out my voice as I wipe the sweat that flows like a waterfall.

"Ugh......! Oh, that's impossible! Dear Midnight Shuffler! The completion of 'Ant Tsuka' will take three more months!

"I can't because I say the word" impossible, "non! All you have to do is double the amount of 'Midnight Aroma' non!

"Huh... Huh!? Ugh......! Oh, that's... None...! Yes, no, it's very dangerous! Now is the time to overdose, but if you do that... irrevocably...! I'm sure all the workers, they'll be abandoned!

My men managed desperately to keep me in mind, but one of those words ironically turned on the light bulb in the gentleman's head.

"Abandoned (Zombie)...!? That's a good thing I noticed NON! You can divert as a monster while you get an infinite workforce, non!

The color of Midnight Shuffler's eyes changes to an innovative idea like no other.

I wondered if the dirty rainbow eyes, like the oil floating around, glowed like velods.

"Oh... yes! Yes, it is, Non! That way, finally, you might be able to pay for trouble, too, non! Don't ever understand the dignity of my advocated labor, that stupid dog......! This is exactly it, three birds a stone......! Excellent...... too great non! More than the construction of an underground labyrinth (dungeon), more than an infinite workforce... many times more than that. Dear Godsmile, please don't! Non nooooo!!"

It was no longer a forbidden hand in him.

Rather, it was sounding like heaven as a hand of God.

And decisive......!

Incremental without a shred of forgiveness, 'Midnight Aroma'......!

Devil's place, like forcing geese to pack bait for better foie gras......!

It further erodes the bodies of the workers.

It didn't take long, that's what Midnight Shuffler wanted, until it became a fat liver by the time it was pathological.

Eventually, "Ant Tsuka" will be present until it is complete.

When a family-like bond was emerging with the workers who had been suffering.

At the bottom of the underground labyrinth (dungeon), Goldwolf, who was finishing last, was surrounded by zombies...!