To date, Goldwolf has been called a 'waste dog' and scorned in the shadows by many brave men, and after being used down, he has been banished in the name of a 'throwaway dog'.

He was the one who lived such a sad life, but now it's full.

Anyway, I'm now the branch manager of Slumdog Mart, a store that must be used by junior adventurers in this city.

And from accompanying him to the junior elementary school camp, Charles Lott, the lady of the knight's prestigious Nights of the Round Seven, likes him.

But no one knows yet that this is going to be the dawn of further fierce fighting......

The reason for this was a request from a young lady, who visited the store with her teacher, Glass Palin.

Two more like elementary school sisters than students and teachers.

sister who broke the swing door of the store with a burn so that she could take her unreliable sister, opening the most,

"Goldwolf! I want the finest armor for ten! Have it ready by tomorrow!


Goldwolf, who was turning his back and arranging a knife on the shelf, stops his hand and looks back.

"Welcome, Mr. Charles Lunlotte, Dr. Glasparine"

In an apron with cute dog illustrations on a lonely, tough face.

The once feared extreme road made me feel like I was washing my legs and mastering a coffee shop, a strange gap.

He crouches and responds with a gaze.

It's easier to talk to two sisters in elementary school.

"That's armor for ten, right? What is the use?

"Duel, duel! Everybody in my class is going to duel! I'm gonna make you a mess!

A sister-in-law gently offered the paper to her sister, who ran ahead with a rough nose.

"Um, everyone in my class is going to participate in this competition..."

The paper was written in large letters as "Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games Antrea Delegate Selection".

That's it, Goldwolf understands everything.

"Oh, you're going to the swordsmanship tournament. I get it. If it's a swordsmanship tournament, there's a mana shield, and the tip of the sword has a cover, so you don't poke around. Therefore, a moveable clasp is better than armor."

Expensive armor is more lucrative and profitable than inexpensive clasps, but it is this store's motto to recommend something suitable for the customer's use.

However, the proposed customer seemed dissatisfied.

"Clairvoyant? Kind of like a soldier, don't you think? The image of the athletes is a knight."

"Then why don't you weave your matching coat from the top? I think if you make the design look like a knight, it'll look better than armor."

"I see, jacket hey...... that might be nice! Yeah, let's do that! Give me a ten-man clasp and a coat by tomorrow! And I left the design of the coat to you! Charge 'Nights of the Round Seven' for the money!

"Thank you. It's the classmates who wear clasps, isn't it? Then I know the size, so the measurements are fine. I can do the cladding right away, so I can give it to you tomorrow. The coat will be included in the design, if you give me a moment. However, we will make it by the tournament."

"Yeah! That's fine! Fine, right?!? Glass Palin!"

"What? Oh, uh... yes"

Couldn't keep up with the speed of interaction, and the female teacher just patted her thick glasses ladder eyes.

Goldwolf had other concerns, so he asks her next.

"By the way, Dr. Glass Paleen, you need a teacher with a mana shield to participate in the tournament, and a Virgin or Healer (healer) for ambulance, right? Are you okay there?

Then I found out, Mojimoji and the teacher shrugging her shoulders.

It's what she does when she does her favors.

"So, uh... hey, do me a favor... I have to be able to use the magic of Mana Shield by the tournament, but I can't do it well... I want Dr. Goldwolf to coach me, I can't believe it... As for the paramedics, I was going to ask the school health teacher, but even the tournament day was a matchmaking day that took a generation, and I turned it down... So I don't know what to do, I don't know..."

Goldwolf answers immediately, "Okay," as it was more or less what he expected.

"Now let me tell you about Mana Shields. As for the rescue…"

"If I may, may I?

Soon the Virgin Primla, who was next to Goldwolf, held her hand up modestly.

She is the second daughter of the Virgin's prestigious House of Holly Dolls, the person who inspired Goldwolf to start "Slumdog Mart".

He's still solid, even though he's fourteen, and now he's like a secretary with a branch manager.

When there's something about Goldwolf, she's leaning on her side at some point, putting her hands gently on her arms.

I'd like to give this arm a hug one day... but Osama hasn't noticed.

"Are you okay, Mr. Primla?

"Yes, gladly. In any case, you're going for backup on the day, right? Then I'd like to join you."

Primla with a puffy smile, like buds opening.

That didn't make her feel too subdued, so Goldwolf decided to sweeten up to her words.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The days leading up to the Games from then on passed dizzily.

Goldwolf teaches swordsmanship to children and Mana Shields to Glass Paleen.

Primla was designing a coat, but it became 'Gold-kun' dressed as a knight.

Gold is an image character from Slam Dog Mart inspired by wild dogs.

An illustration of him in a splendidly dressed, unsuitable position thumbs-up was heavily embroidered in his coat.

And finally, Games Day.

Goldwolf and Primla head to the venue early in the morning for backup with Glasparine's assistant.

Arriving and jumping into my eyes was a tournament table with big fat on one side of the wall.

To the team name that was written there, the two of them lost their temperament.

"Slumdog Mart with Nights of the Round Seven"......!

Without knowing it, it was shaped like a sponsor......!

This... is going to throw a big wave at this tournament.

Because the tournament bearing the name 'Gorgeous Smart' has the name 'Slumdog Mart'......

This is because a small personal store punched into a chain that is expanding around the world.

If even more original, the commissioner of this tournament was Diamond Richnell, the branch manager that binds' Gorgeous Smart 'in the city of Antrea.

But he...

"The day after the tournament, I'm going to be the head of the department! That's why such a good job is a pass! Do it on your own! CAHA! Plus, you're a promotion pearly that day! That's why you're so annoying! But I wish I could go! Cahahahahahahahaha!"

and threw it round the tournament staff.

These two facts, once seemingly irrelevant and deeply connected...

And when they were tied, there was only one thing to be born...!

Yes......! Arr......!

It's me...!!