"Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games Antrea Delegate Selection" Rules Policy.

A team of five elementary school students plays a swordsmanship match in a one-on-one victory.

At the end of each match, you may switch with a refrain player.

Weapons used are only those considered 'swords', and axes, spears, etc., are not allowed.

Dual flow is acceptable, but shields are not allowed. For armor, there are no restrictions on the material or shape unless you have more defense than a leather armor and have the ability to attack.

The tip of the sword must have a special cover to relieve the power of the punch attack.

Always provide physical protection during the match with the 'Mana Shield' by the advisor's teacher.

Mana Shield is a magic that consumes the magic of the surgeon and protects the subject.

An icy thing covering the whole body appears on the body of the surgeon, discoloring it as blue, yellow, red, depending on the residual endurance.

Mana Shield is' Destroyed 'in the event of an Endurance Attack.

It is also considered 'erased' if the mana shield disappears during the match due to the operator's loss of concentration, magic, etc.

In the case of 'erasure', the mana shield may be re-tensioned, but in the case of 'destruction', it shall not be re-tensioned.

If an attack is inflicted on an opponent in the 'Destroyed' or 'Erased' state, it is an effective hit and the win is confirmed.

Attacks by self-defense are only considered effective hits. Patterns, hand and foot beatings, body hitting, etc. are not effective beatings.

The strike is considered an effective strike, as it is an attack by selfishness.

An attack may be made on a fallen opponent, but no deliberate attack shall be made after an effective hit.

The operator using the mana shield may participate up to five people.

An amplifier (booster) that supplies magic may be included as long as the number is within the prescribed number of people.

Always enter one or more Healing Virgin or Healer (Healer) as a paramedic on your team.

Whether or not to treat an injured player is left to the discretion of the team with the player, but the paramedics must treat the injuries immediately if the referee decides they are serious.

In the absence of paramedics, lack of capacity, refusal of treatment, etc., treatment will be provided by an ambulance team prepared by the Games.

If treatment is given by an ambulance team, the team will be disqualified at that time.

Those are the rules of the Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games Antrea Delegate Selection.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

On Games Day, Goldwolf accompanied Glass Paleen as an amplifier (booster) and took part in the competition as she calmed down nervous about the bees.

It was an anxious start ahead, but if I opened the lid, the surprising result was at the bottom of the box.

Oh, my God, the 'Slumdog Mart WITH Nights of the Round Seven' team......!

The abbreviated "Slama Team" destroys one other elementary school after another, in the city of Antrea...!

He also defeated Brave Elementary School in the final and won the championship lightly...!

As a representative of the city of Antrea, the "Slama Team" proceeded to pawn to the "Selection of the Representation of Lutanvesta", an even higher tournament.

… but it was also an unheard of anomaly.

This "Gorgeous Smart Cup" and crowned tournament, be it swordsmanship or sorcery, was never off a certain prescribed route.

I can't see, but there was definitely something like a rail.

That means the brave school students will always decorate their wins, hardened with 'gorgeous smart' gear......!

It wasn't an exception, even if it was a small tournament to determine the city's representation, or a Chamberlain competition for elementary school students.

At each tournament, the brave men of magnificent equipment beat the students of advanced and junior vocational schools who are desperate to face them by the time they are completely skinless.

"I knew I was the deciding factor for the win because I had the best gear I ever bought in this' gorgeous smart '!

And, it was customary to answer interviews while kissing the sword.


How dare this time, it's not a brave school... let alone an advanced vocational school...!

The boys and girls in junior vocational schools,

"We don't have a single piece of 'gorgeous smart' gear! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!

It has become an unusual situation, such as hustling on the winning table...!

It goes without saying that this incident, which was also heavily reported in the newspapers, made the Brave Clan noisy.

And as a matter of course, the location of responsibility will be questioned.

The first named in the balls was Diamond Richnell, Commissioner of the Games......!

During the tournament, he just stared at his fingers and got beat up...!


Here too, Diamond Rich Nell was fumbling with a chance to realize…!

If he...!

If I had my face on the tournament as Commissioner......!

I noticed the presence of Goldwolf and could have thwarted the victory with that hand......!

Look around here again......! That and three times......!

I like baseball because of it... No, baseball stuff, different things...!

Missed Strike Three... Strike Three!

Batter Out............!!


● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

Promotion: Diamond Richnell

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)



And it will come down, ruthless...... no, the shake you deserve......!

A remarkable promotion, too, is only a day......! Drop out the next day......!


● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)


Demoted: Diamond Richnell


No, no, no, no, no, no, no!

An unprecedented, 'come on' HR order......!

Diamond Richnell, who had a hangover executive attendance at the "Gorgeous Martin Vesta Territory Headquarters," pushed the crowd on the bulletin board and shouted.

"Hey, seriously, no!? Why, why, why!? Why demote!? Seriously, seriously, I don't know what that means!? Why, why did you lose to the junior college guys?!? Seriously, me, kanky hey!?

Yes, he hadn't noticed yet.

To the presence of Goldwolf......!

The fact that the abandoned dog failed was already grasped in the upper layers of The Gorgeous Clan.

But we don't bother to let the executives on the end know.

Because where I have taught those who have already failed, it means nothing.

Because of the idea that it is better to transfer the opportunity to the next than to give that person a chance to salvage it.

And apart from that, a new special mission is given to Diamond Rich Nell.

"Participate as a commissioner in the next Rutanvesta Territorial Delegate Selection and stop the lower elementary school winner of the case. And even beat the children you belong to before they are so completely skinless that you will never be able to do swordsmanship again, and remind them how much you are '...!

Furthermore... this order had also been given to another brave man.

"Non! Non! Non! Nooo! What an insult to hurt the eggs of the brave men of the city of Antrea I've worked on. Non! Besides, there's a junior elementary school flair...... it's definitely not something to be allowed to do, such as have a dominated class flair! Greetings, Non! Gather the total strength of the Brave Schools to participate in the next tournament and crush them. Non!


● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

NEW: Midnight Shuffler

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)


Diamond Rich Nell


Nobu Heavenly Grade Brave Leader, Midnight Shuffler... Join the fight...!

Past and present… two causes have been brought together to become even more formidable enemies…!

Once a wild dog hunt stars here and now......!

It will be an unmistakable feast and will necessarily turn into a ferocious flame......!

What to do, what will happen, goldwolf......!?