"... Dr. Glasparine!

Goldwolf is stunned when he leaps into the hospital room, violently slamming the old slab hallway.

On the bed, which was used and the columns blackened, were flooded with colorful flowers.

A small figure lying glued around his whole body with a bandage so that he could be buried in the flower.

Faces like mummies to be buried will have round glasses with chains that look familiar......!

The children, who surrounded the bed like survivors, came together waaaay to admit what Goldwolf looked like.

"Goldwolf! The glass paleen! The glass paleen......!

Charles Lunlot clogging his voice.

"Because you protected us, wow!

As soon as one boy cries out, the hospital room is engulfed with deep grief.

Goldwolf stroked the children's heads and approached them to the side of the bed as they sneered.

An elegant cotton cloth that wraps around your resting body like a spider's yarn.

From slight gaps, purple bruises peek and tell the story of pain.

"Dr. Glasparine......!

Goldwolf calling its name so that it can bite.

Angels and demons floating by his face fly fluffy and begin to burst puffy through the bandaged ladder cheeks.

"... stop!

Goldwolf spoke out unexpectedly and scolded the two of them.

The voice was so harsh that the children who were around shook their shoulders vividly and correct their residence without knowing what it meant.

But the white and black fairies of the day said without any evil appearance.

My lord, is this child alive?

'Yes. You're just on holiday'


Osama who even speaks up again.

"Funya......" a tense sleeping remark tumbled up like a pair of hands.

When I asked the kids to talk in detail, this is what happened.

Next, the Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games Lutanvesta Delegate Selection.

In order to win the tournament, the class rented an after-school gymnasium and practiced swordsmanship.

There... the masked men with the wooden knife came and caused it.

Glasparene pushed the children into the gym and held the door tight to become a human lock.

Even though he wanted to be knocked with a wooden knife, he stuck to the door and never left.

After the men were found by the guards and fled, I went out the window and went back to the gym... and there was a glasspaleen who was all bloody and unconscious as she stood.

And to this day.

Having finished listening, Goldwolf said this to the children.

"Hey, can I talk to Dr. Glasparine and you alone?"

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The orange light plugging through the window fills the hospital room.

The shadow with the sunset on its back dropped a long shadow, drawing another osama on the wall opposite the room.

"I'm surprised. It was like being in a coffin, so it was..."

"The students at the school brought me flowers that frightened me. He remembered that I liked flowers... so much that I couldn't put them down, I did this."

Glass paleen as if the chrysanthemum doll were talking.

The voice was small enough to whisper, but the tone was surprisingly firm, so Goldwolf is relieved.

"The children told me about the whispers. I hear the men who attacked me were masked. Even though you don't know your face, is there anywhere around your mind that gets attacked?

"No...... but it looks like the aim was the kids. Because it didn't even give me eyes... I thought I'd go call the guards for help, but the kids are worried..."

"So you sacrificed yourself to protect everyone."

"... Yes. Guys, I was so uptight about winning the swordsmanship tournament... I thought I shouldn't hurt you before the tournament..."

Sayako starts to faintly tremble.

"But, but... this doesn't make sense...! I can't believe how much of an advisor I have to put up a mana shield...! I won't be able to make it to the tournament......! If I did, I'd annoy everyone again...! Sorry, sorry......!

The cream-colored fabric covered like an eye mask was slightly damp.

"You have nothing to apologize for, Dr. Glasparine."

"No, I knew I was a bad teacher......! I ruined everyone's dreams...! Besides, at the return party, I promised everyone I wouldn't cry anymore...! Ugh......!

"You're all not here right now. I'm the only one here. Besides, I didn't give up and throw it out and cry. You made it to the end. I did a fine job protecting the children. Now, there is no one who can frighten you to cry. So... you can cry."

Glasparene, like a bullied child, enjoyed crying.

But the dam of the girl's heart, which was about to overflow, is finally decimated by a word of Goldwolf.

"Wow! Mr. Goldwolf! Wow!!

The girl cried in her voice.

Loud enough to sound in the hallway and in the adjacent hospital room.

"Whoa, whoa! Wow! Regrettably......! I regret it! Mr. Goldwolf! I can't believe we're all trying so hard to end up in this way......!! Wow! Wow!

Goldwolf snorted silently until she stopped crying, and until she felt better, he caressed her head silently.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

By the time the area regained quiet again, the hospital room was full of light purple sunsets.

The old man's shadow, which is squintingly projected onto the wall, is blurred with edges.

Whether dinner meals have begun or the hallway outside is busy.

He's ringing like a farce, like he cares for a restful sleep.

Osama looked down at the crying glass paleen's sleeping face.

I gently lift my hand up on her cheek so as not to touch the bruises.

From his hand came a blue light, like an ore that had just been dug up.

At first, I didn't rely on it like a dying bulb, but eventually it became brilliant enough to blink, so much so that I could tell from outside the window.

Lined hospital windows, blue and white bright extinction, as if the lights were on at midnight.

An overflowing muscle of light stretches out into the sky like an angel staircase.

On the brick building wall, a short distance from the hospital window, a silhouette projected to fill.

from the shoulder-width of a disappointed man,

...... BOOT......!!

and the white wings flickered.

It was one wing, but it was huge as if it were an archangel's wing, full of holiness as if it were a posterior light.

... the girl was dreaming.

My coveted hero comes down with the wings of an angel and reaches out to me.

It's beyond her lid, burning into her head as an intense image, along with a strong light that seems to burn.

Dandy smiles in a world of clarity contrast between light and darkness.

As soon as it became a lifelong memory, as it was carved into the brain,

...... Ha!?

The girl jumped up.

Dim hospital rooms around.

Because of the momentum I had in my upper body, the flowers that were on my body flow down like hot water overflowing from the tub.

No one is there enough to even hear the flowers pile up on the floor with the rust.

It was as if the world had been alone, but there was no way to notice its discomfort.

Because more incredible things were happening to the girl.

"Ah... that? How can I, get up...?

Until just now, I was sore and hurt like my whole body burned just breathing.

I just tilted my head so much that the current flowed from my neck to my hips that I had it fixed with a corset...... nothing right now.

"What? Huh? Yeah eh?"

The girl wears back the glasses that fell on her chest and tries to untie the bandages on her hands.

Then... my arm, which was bleeding like a red potato, was back on its feet like a lie...!

"What!? What!? What!? What!? Huh!?

Not much of an amazing zoo, I forget the words.

Whispering in the loose bandage, I checked my body and there was no painful trace of being beaten with a wooden knife anywhere.

For a moment I wonder if what was in the slap was actually a bad dream.

But the fact of being in the hospital room quickly missed the idea.

"Yep, yep, yep, yep, yep!?!?

... Dotsu!

Not much of a rotation, falling off the bed... nothing...!?

That also confuses the girl even more.

"Yes, it doesn't hurt......!? Why doesn't it hurt anywhere?!?!?

I can't believe it either.

The doctor at this hospital had pronounced me a month until I could get up and three months until I was discharged...

I could shorten it if I use magic, but they said it would cost a lot of treatment......

Yet, yet......!

I can't believe I'm healing when I cry, have a nice dream, and wake up bulky...!

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, whoa, whoa, whoa!? Why!? Why!? Why, why, why!? Why, why, why!? Why?!?!?!?"

The girl sprinkles bandages and petals, rolling around the floor with screams.

There was a mixture of white wings in it, but it might be a while before she realized it.