"Athlete Sworn! I swear to God Smile, the father of all the brave men in this world, the Almighty! Our brave men together... '

Riddly brave eggs, who say the words of a hazy and well-toothed vow on the oath stand.

But his voice is wild and pretty big for elementary school.

The heads of the other boys and girls with their hands raised next to each other were about his shoulders.

Everything is a fine athlete's oath.

Audible by voice magic, it was ringing Wong Wong all over the gymnasium, the venue.

The audience seats surrounded by a four-sided competitive court are packed tightly.

Usually only Brave Schools compete, so there are only a few who come to support them, but this time it seemed that the victory of junior elementary schools was calling for rumors and attracting a variety of guests.

Beautiful armored boy braves, aligned sloppily on the coat inside.

Some are magnificent, some are brilliant... each one is ace, self-asserting whether this is still the case all over his body, as if he were the star.

A bunch of plain, pompous around the corner in it.

A coat with an illustration of a dog on the clasp.

The matching outfit was full of elementary-school cuteness, like "Wow Knights Jeans".

They stand out the most among the athletes because of all the flashy armor around them.

It was very well received by those in the audience, but it was disapproved by the VIPs in the VIP seats on its upper level, and by the brave officials, as if to see it in a used rag.

The VIP seats upstairs have different layers of guests, like the heavenly realm, and in the center of them there is a small glazed room in a way that overlooks the entire venue.

This swordsmanship tournament is dedicated to the commissioners, but there was a quick, enthusiastic rage flying around inside.

"Ma......!? Seriously!? Why would a wild dog I should have thrown away be here?!? Seriously, it can't be!? Why isn't anybody telling me he's alive?!?

Diamond Rich Nell, the brave toner who scratches the salad hair that has been decided over time this morning.

"Ah... that wild dog...! I'll never forget it, Non! He said he left it at the bottom of" Ant Tsuka, "but more importantly, it popped up on the ground during the completion party of" Ant Tsuka, "non! Instead of understanding my thoughts, you messed it up until my glory day, non! And yet, once again...! Everywhere the fool thinks only of pulling the foot of a wise man, non! Forgive me seriously......! I forgive you. I'm serious, non!

Midnight Shuffler, a brave man who even warps his crooked face further and is bored with remorse.

I remembered something along the way and stared at my partner today, the blue-haired young man.

"Diamond Rich Nell! What is this all about NON!? I wasn't supposed to attack the junior elementary school kids during practice and keep them from participating in the tournament non!?

"He said I made him do it right! The kids couldn't do it, but they bogged down the counselor's teacher and put him in the hospital! But that glasses woman, I don't know, she's pimping! Seriously, I don't know what that means!?

"Glasses woman!? No way, NON attacked Glass Paleen!? I told her not to get her hands on it, non!?

"Nothing, sir! That woman, she said she killed about one half!

"Not good, non! Glass paleen is my decision to have harem in it, non!

"Ha?... Ha, that's what it was. Is Osama, uh, your hobby? Could it be Loricon?"

"NON NOT LORICON! The workers, the women... the hiccups, the pure are the best, non! Only the secular ones are perfect, non! Besides, what are you calling Osama for, non!? I'm usually not your age, let alone the brave class, non! Show more respect, Non!

... If you're a boss up to about two, it's a characteristic of a chara man to talk occasionally.

"Nothing like that! If you bogged down that junior elementary school and exposed it, you'd be able to go back to being the department manager on the other side, and the tame would be the same!?... That's it. Come on, it's better that way, isn't it?... Cahah!

"Oh, I used the brave (how-sha) twat properly to keep high school students out of the list of participating players. But I didn't even think I'd take an athlete's oath non...... So, your planting went better than that, non?

"Ah, I also called out to the warrior braves (Seiyusha) of the same period and borrowed the Great Demon Mentors. I was just booed by the job of putting up a mana shield, but when I told him I'd give him as much as he liked selling 'gorgeous smart' stuff, he was happy to come"

By the way, he was also trying to convene Miglare, but he couldn't get in touch with his owner, Crimson Teager.

"... well, you look challenged, but you seem to be doing what you do right, non"

"Caha! That's what I'm talking about! If you just do this, the kids at junior elementary school are just over it! It was unexpected that there would have been a wild dog, but leave Soch alone now... that when he returned to his original position, he would use the authority of the department manager on the other hand to tap back! Well, I'm gonna take a little bit of it."

"Non!? Where are you going, Non!? The first game is about to start, Non!

"I don't know, I didn't see anything. Me, I'm barbaric like a swordsmanship match, and no, it hurts. Are you a nigga?... Cahah! Besides, he's more of a real type than a game, and no. That's why it's a pass! I'm going behind the gym with the archdeacon I brought you. Come on, call me if anything happens, Cahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha!

A back that flickers the blue surcoat hem and walks away.

The gentleman in Nasbi's face threw up as he sneezed his protruding jaw further.

"... hun! I don't understand, Non! The lack of respect for human beings on the horizon, that light-hearted way of talking, your attitude toward work...! More importantly, there's no one but the Great Demon Lady. None!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The next time Diamond Richnell jumped into the Commissioner's office, it was some time after that.

"Hey, what are you talking about, Osama!? They're breaking through World War II!?

Instead of hair and clothing, it turns pale to match your face.

As if the colour was contagious, the other side of the time was also trembling.

"Oh, hey! Are you listening, Osama?

Even if he grabs his shoulder by the diamond richnel and is rocked, he keeps his eyes peeled away from the little knights that show up out the window.

"And... incredible non...! Those kids... NOT ONLY...! No, not exactly, weapons and mana shields......! It's a misdigit, non...!

"What!? What are you talking about, Sole!?

"First, that long knife......! If it's a junior vocational school, weapons are supposed to be ready-made, but they're a form I've never even seen...! Plus, the power is different digits......! Destroy the Mana Shield in Blue with one blow NON......!

"You said," Slumdog Mart "sword or something!? The sword your personal store is dealing with isn't that awesome!?

"But now...! Ahhh!? See Non!"

An elongated nail tip that looks nervous is poked at enough to hit a glass window.

Beyond, which was ejected by a finger,

"No, no, no, no, no!

...... bakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!

A ripping blow was bursting, of a lady shaking a golden twin tail.

The crushed blue particles disperse like stardust.

"Wow ahhh!?

The lady jumped blindly at her opponent, who collapsed due to the impact of the shield destruction.

On the chest of an opponent with more physique differences than one around him, he looks like a little leopard and sticks a long knife of the matter down his throat.

"Wow!? Shit! Shit!

The opponent's youthful boy had been completely pushed by the temper the girl unleashed.

He puts his hands on the floor so that he can surrender completely, faster than he decides to hit him effectively.

And it is raised with the flag, "Surrender! There's a battle!" s hanging.

At the same time, so much cheer arose from the surroundings that it didn't seem like a game for elementary school students.


The fact that brave men are defeated by lower ranks, for example, means that heaven and earth cannot be turned upside down in this world.

It's not the noise where rats bite cats.

It's like just a human defeating a giant who serves God...

Yes, Giant Killing......!

The only possible sight in a fairy tale was playing out right now......!

"That's possible!?!?


Charles Lunlotte has decided to enter the Fourth World War, at this moment… The two brave men, who can also be called God in this tournament, were raising the roar of the Amazing Zone.