"Slumdog Mart with Nights of the Round Seven," captained by Charles Lunlotte.

Matching outfits like the Knights are an eye-catching team.

The Brave Midnight Shuffle analyzed the secret to its strength, which quickly made its way into the Fourth World War, as' weapons' and 'mana shields'.

The long knife made by Goldwolf has a magical smell that changes the power, depending on the proficiency and mental state of the user, and as a power, does not take a crack at the sword used by the brave men.

This fact shocked the elementary school students, the eggs of the brave.

Anyway, because the swords of the students of the higher vocational schools that we are always dealing with could be broken unilaterally simply by letting them receive a machete.

Wooden branches are the same for them, such as the swords used by students at inferior junior vocational schools.

The swords of those knights were frightened when they decided to destroy their weapons and destroy their mana shields at the same time, and they were weak enough to be slaughtered in one blow.

On the contrary, they destroy the mana shield of the brave men being stretched by a select sorcerer in one blow.

Yet it seems that the attack on the brave side is finally yellow no matter how much you hit it.

Yes... Osama's unseen powers were still working here.

Goldwolf was always leaning against the glasspaleen that was catchy, sometimes holding it against his chest and letting him come to the game listening to the sound of his heart.

Treated like a baby, but the female teacher didn't panic during the game because of it and succeeded in keeping her sane.

Besides, he was not only mentally stable, but also supplied with magic from Goldwolf.

The other team's Grand Mages were terrified.

No matter how many children these athletes are, the weapons they use are top notch in 'Gorgeous Smart'.

It's more of a silo thing than an adult adventurer's weapon in its heap, which is outweighed by its offensive power.

It's not a human trick to keep straining a mana shield that can't be broken if you take that streak alone.

Regardless of whether it's just one or two fights, one game is much more than five negative fights when it's bad, but it's always without taking turns.

It is inherently an impossible place to work without incredibly tough mental power and immense magic.

The sorcerers went out of their way.

That glasses teacher, she's just shivering like a hamster in her assistant-like Osama arm, but who the hell are you...!? and.

Goldwolf, the amplifier, was blind.

Yes......! The Midnight Shuffles and the Wizards were not all distracted and discerned by the surface.

The Secrets of True Strength of the Wow Knights Jeans...!

The fact that Osama supports the team in the shadows...!

His leaps are not just weapons and mana shields.

Just before the game begins, Goldwolf calls in his own players and whispers softly.

"This opponent specializes in one-hit Special Attacks, caused by a straight-up slash to the side. The person appears to be named 'neck mowing'...... When you make that move, you strip your teeth off and eat them all for a moment only to help you. So pay attention to your mouth. Shortly after you see your teeth come a slash straight to the side, so crouch down and aim for the right foot, which is the axial foot. He stepped out quite a while ago, so you can beat him if you slash him there twice."

... that game turned out to be an opponent who was thwarted by Sne as much as he wanted, jumping out of the gym with less than one leg of severe pain.

The pitiful hit Zama wrapped the venue in a whirlpool of laughter.

The victorious little knight was spared no applause for his brilliant maneuver and skill.

As one of those present in the venue, they do not realize the presence of a shadow advisor.

I thought that the two brilliant shots that I had targeted were a gift after studying the other school for a long time.

I didn't think it was given verbally just a few moments before the start.

Why Goldwolf could have given such precise advice was because he was watching the opponent's previous games without sparing them.

Osama was skilled at spotting monster scum based on his experience at the Spirit Soldier (Pointman).

Instantly spot the characteristics of the first person to fight, with only a few moves, and communicate them to your peers.

It was like showing a swordsmanship match in front of him who was doing it in real life and death... shouting out loud about his weaknesses.

In front of Osama, do not make a single gesture.

Because, you know, it's going to get input right away.

On the contrary, it is strictly forbidden to carry weapons with you.

It's best to bring it up just before the game, but don't let them see your hands by then.

Because the weapon you use will be found out from your palm.

You should also refrain from walking because you will be further detected by physical judgment.

The best way to deceive the eyes of a demon wolf is to act like a concealer......

Within this gymnasium, such as those who realize its importance… No, it does not yet exist in this world.

Diamond Rich Nell and Midnight Shackler.

The interception posture that the two brave men thought was adequate was just a child's play for Goldwolf.

But they haven't noticed yet......!

Osama, who he once threw away, nukes (core) ……!

Being the big black pillar of the junior elementary school team......!

And it begins, stray, runaway, massive rampage......!

The foolish braves rushed Operation B to make a fool of themselves...!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The brave Midnight Shuffler had children gathered in the unpopular woods away from the gymnasium, the venue of the Games.

"I grew it on my hand salt, my beloved brave eggs! Give the men gathered here a special assignment, non!

The boys brave once led us to the words of a great mentor.

"Special assignment!? Finally, we have a mission for you too! Absolutely...! Let me do it! Midnight Shuffler Big First!

Like the long-awaited Three Sunday Moon, the boys show their nasbi faces full of clear eyes.

Midnight shufflers spread their hands like wings and welcome them in.

"I've been waiting for that one word, Non! You guys seem to have a beautiful heart just like I expected, non! Come on, as the doer of the right powers, take this sword, non!

Like a goddess artifact, that sword, carefully handed to me... was just an iron stick.

"Big sir. In the next game, this sword......? Are you telling me to use?

"That's right, Non! With a slashing sword, the damage is reduced by the clamshell! So I'll punch you in the head, non!

"But with all due respect, big teacher! Shouldn't the Mana Shield opponent, a junior magic, have the same slaughter and blow? Besides, I don't think a swordsmanship tournament is meant to damage the other person's body......!?

One boy's protest, pin in front of him! and blocked by a single finger erected.

It moves hard, left and right, like a wiper wiping heavy rain.

"None! None! None! Who said we were in the game, Non! What we do is before the game...... after the first greeting, we do it with a gatoon at the same time, towards the kids with their backs up, non!

"What!? Are you telling me to strike a surprise!?

The eggs of the brave raised their voices suspicious of their ears and eyes, as if there had been a serpent once they had broken their shell.

"There you go, big boy! That's totally against the rules! You're going to lose against the rules! Plus, I can't believe you hit him in the back of the head with an iron bar. What happens to him...!

Fucking chicks.

Midnight Shuffler pounded Pong on the shoulder of the boy who first disputed.

It's like, strong enough to smash the invisible eggs that were on your shoulders.

And as the starchy wind speaks, I gently close my face.

"... of course, I wouldn't say impossible. But as temperamental as that... I love students who are temperamental enough to break their opponents"

The tangled boy said, "So, but...! He had a mouthful, but his shoulders were squeezed together, as if even the slightest crucible were to be twisted.

"... you want to be a brave man for your sick mother, non? In order to do that, I have to get a recommendation for Brave Men's Middle School, non? This great righteousness brings you to great human growth… and closer to true bravery, non. At least this is what I'm gonna let you judge, non?

The boy doesn't move with his mentor looking up, just like he was fascinated by the devil.

Eventually his eyes began to cloud into a dark rainbow color, like a drop of oil.