When the "Gorgeous Smart Cup Elementary School vs. Swordsmanship Games Lutanvesta Delegate Selection" dates were digested by about half and it was a lunch break.

In an abandoned house on the outskirts of the city of Antrea, a luggage truck loaded with straw was brought into a pile.

In overventilated houses, vibrant robes like the summer ocean abound.

A man who wore his eyes deep down to the hood so as to cover his entire body.

Not sure if he wanted to stand out or not, he was dressed to reveal himself in the straw.

I usually don't even touch straw or anything, and I scratch it with a stick with my face up, and there's a big hemp bag around the bottom with my mouth tied.

Moreover, the contents seem to be alive, so as to react to the light plugged in, he gives a mummy and cuddly voice, and then starts like a potato worm.

I was peeking in next to the robe guy, a little guy just weaving a piece of waste fur asked as he roughed his breath.

"So, Diamond Richnell's husband, is this really the Primla of that Virgin?

The robe man flipped his blue sleeve like a rough wave, instead of an answer.

With a stick in his hand, he slaps the little man's nose with a gotun.

"Come on, what!?

"No, you're not, you idiot. Don't call me names. What if they ask?"

"Su, suiyasu!

"Well, I'll leave this woman with you guys. Let him go this evening. But you're not supposed to get your hands on me, are you? Tell the boss a lot. I'll take a bath or something."

"Heh... heh! Okay, excuse me!

The little man, who reeks of his nose bending, receives his luggage without hesitation.

Are you glad the irresistible treasure went into your hands without labor, dying your dirty cheeks red, running out of the sleazy and abandoned house.

I heard a whisper from behind as I dropped off even my short (wow) back getting smaller like a bean grain.

"... So, were you sure?

Looking back, beyond the decaying pillars, a girl looked like a village daughter frightened by bandits.

Man in blue robe...... Diamond Richnell perceives her mood and speaks gently.

"Oh, thank you, Lincilla. I'm so glad you brought out Primla so well. That's just the same Virgin."

"No, it's not a big deal. I have an injured child who is out of my hands in my prayers, so if you ask me to help you, Master Primla will come soon."

The white robe girl, who represented herself as a snack, seemed wondering if what she had done was really good.

"Um... I believe that Die... everything you do is just... everything is right. Besides, I've always wanted to help you, so it's a great honor to have this order from me... What are you going to do with Master Primura?

"Oh, I'm just gonna get you out of this city for a little while. They're the ones who took me."

"Really? Then there is no harm done to Master Primla. But I'm just a little worried."

... Lincilla picked up the name I should have thrown away again.

He shows bareback like he knows nothing but what he learned at school and he feels blamed for joining the crowd.

But there's no way she didn't know that she was called an absolutely incomparable (matchless) dog (bitch) in the back society.

What took Primla was the lower end of Get Set Bat.

It is an extremely bad group with branches all over the world.

When the Virgin, but also the second daughter of the famous' Holly Doll family ', is missing, there is no doubt that the neighborhood guards will be summoned to carry out the search.

As soon as the chimps around the corner were kidnapped, they would find it… That's what Diamond Richnell thought and deposited the primula in a prestigious group as a walrus.

For the Diamond Rich Nell, this was also a bitter choice.

If it was a city chimp, it would be under his control, so Primla would have been intact and stored if he had told him not to "get his hands on it".

But...... the power to speak of brave men is limited to extremely evil group opponents.

Even more so if it's about Kwon Ten.

The word "don't get your hands on" from the diamond richnel is interpreted as meaning that a woman may suffer injury in a group, a man may take away some of the five senses, or some of the body parts.

Worst of all, there are times when multiple of them come down to primaries with a "sense of play"...!

Diamond rich chinels with the hood removed and even more flashy blue exposed.

I feel a little sorry for myself as I stir up my sarah hair.

"... oh, I was going to put it in my harem because of... I'm not going to be able to use it anymore because I was made to be used by those homeless people..."

"What? Used? What's wrong with the used one?

"Nothing - nothing! Caha!"

He held a pure white robe, thinking that his face and personality were alike, and that he could do it instead.

"... That's right, I'm still doing the promotion pearly! I just went to work with a brave man! I'm a creepy Osama from Loricon, and I was wondering if I could give you one for the kid and make a brave twat up there! Lincilla, do you know the Primary Virgin?!? I was wondering if you could give me a call? Cahahahahahaha!"

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Diamond Richnell returned to the Commissioner's office when the lunch break was almost over.

"Ugh, tadymer. This one's over."

As I walk, I cheek the last bite of the cheese dog I was eating.

It was bought by a queued hot dog shop, famous in the city of Antrea, with brave authority.

The Midnight Shuffler was also just finishing up a sumptuous lunch spread out on the table.

Respond while wiping your mouth with a napkin.

"... properly, the non that took you outside the city?

"Even DerIjoub! That's it. Which one are you?

"There's no pull this way either, Non. I've included unintentional hits on teams that hit in WW4 and WW5"

"Heh, you're perfect. But come on - Koch's work is just a bunch of mutton fish (Zako) that can be truncated at any time, but Soch's work used Brave Elementary school students, didn't it? Is Sole okay?... Cahah!

"Hung, are you going to grip my weakness with that, non? There's no way I'm gonna do that."

"Huh? 'Cause you instructed the eggs of the brave, didn't you? If Sole finds out about the Brave Men's Education Board, wouldn't it suck? - How dare you, Sama? Cahaha!"

"What I instructed were the students of the common people, who had no family or money. Non. No hatching at all, rotten eggs...... The future as a brave man has never been the case before. I don't even understand that I'm a livestock, and I'm a pig desperate to dive into the human world somehow, non. But such a greedy pig is the easy non to manipulate...... When I flickered my recommendation for Brave Secondary School, I gladly waved my tail non"

"Nah, so you're choosing the right person to let. Tumanne."

"That's what I'm talking about, non. More than that, another job for you...... did you send a letter to the wild dog Non?

"Yeah, I instructed the dickheads to give it to me properly. But what's the point? I know you're going to expose Primla. Come on. You don't even get rid of wild dogs. You'd better show him where your team's gonna lose, right, Zamamillo?

"... I can't stand any more non!


"I can't bear to see my first lady in the future being held by that filthy wild dog any more!

"... what, you just wanted to get away from my advisor's senses. Damn, those little glasses, what do you want?"

Here's the operation Diamond Rich Nell and Midnight Shuffle planned.

At the break before the start of the Fourth World War, Lincilla invites Primla to take her personality.

At the same time, the Midnight Shuffler instructs students at the School of Bravery, where 'Slama Team' wins WW4 and WW5, to strike unintentionally.

There are ten players in "Slama Team".

He makes his first unintended blow in the fourth round, injuring five first.

The team of brave men who have made the operational decision will lose against the rules, and the 'slama team' will enter the fifth round.

It will temporarily take the form of sending salt, but if we make another unintended hit from another team in Game 5......

That way, the players in 'Slama Team' will be wiped out.

There are no players left to participate, even if they win the next final they refrain from.

The Virgin of the paramedics is after they take her away, so she can't even heal.

If you rely on an ambulance team on the side of the tournament, disqualification is confirmed.

Unhealed, wounded and coming to the finals, the opponent consisted of high school students, legion of Nise elementary students......!

I just did it decently, and you can't even win.

If it is in a handy state, all the more so….

Miserable defeat...!

Kill him!

… Apart from its ruinous evil (ebill) intentions, an act was committed that has nothing to do with the essence of this operation.

Yes, it's a threatening sentence to Goldwolf.

If you want the Virgin back, leave the team until the end of the tournament,...!

Diamond Richnell, who planned the operation, thought it didn't matter if Goldwolf seemed to be around.

That Osama is just by his female teacher, because he didn't think he was making any contribution to the team.

Simply an act that does not make any particular sense to him, done to relieve the yakimochi of the midnight shuffle......

Woohoo (oh)...!

He... No, they haven't figured it out yet...!

Give that letter to Osama, full of dirt.

It's like the real killer can wear a favorite handkerchief on the face of a police dog.

He told me to catch him now and buzz him in jail, and he said it was a suicide like asking for it himself...!

Besides, it's not the same as a guard dog.

He is not a relative of power, connected to a chain of names called order.

Its name is Golden Wolf……!

He comes even if he's hiding in the toilet, letting him stick his face in the potty and hold his breath roots, he's a super legal lone wolf...!