Young people wandering in cracked alleys while sitting like cunts.

"You took Primla, are you serious?

"You look like you're serious. Me and this boss, everything was on the way to the top."

"Seriously, man, it's good to fuck the Virgin. You get the virgin fucked and awesome, don't you?

"I see, the brave man is strong because he's fucking the Virgin."

"But, hey, it seems the only one who can fuck and gain strength is the Orthodox Virgin. Or the Holly Dolls, I suppose."

"I don't have to be powerless to fuck you. 'Cause Primla's still a kid, but she's a great woman."

"If we go after it's over, we'll get a spill, too, won't we?

"You can't, it's that primal, right? There's no way the bosses let go. If you fell for a stool girl, you'd be when that pretty face was so worn out that you couldn't see it properly."

"But still, you're gonna fuck that Virgin, right? Plus, if you put a bag on it, it'll be the same!

"Ha, ha, ha! That's what he is!

Stretched shadows cover the loud laughs.

Like ink stain, no sound.

"... ahem? What the hell, Osama?

"Oh, he... isn't that Osama I gave you the letter!

"Oh, my God, you're such a pussy with Primula."

The man, called the lower man, stood like a black paint wall and exhaled.

"... Where is Mr. Primla now?

"Hey, Silane."

Even if I did, I'd teach Osama something.

"Oh, I know! You want me to tell you? But not in Osama! I don't know if I could tell you if you were a pretty maid!

"Ah, Sole, fine! Let him pull this maid with Primla! Let me tell you something's wrong with your daughter!

"Fine, fine! So, Yorosiku! Let's just wait here and see if we can get him here, Osama!

"But come on, Koitz, you're ticking the guards, aren't you?

"Yeah, that's right. What happens if I stink? - I'd rather plant it."

Young people stand up as they drag their worn leather coat hems.

Two of the four of them just circled behind Osama.

Even in shadowy shapes, he has a powerful weather voice without realizing it.

"Huh, you can't run anymore. - Huh! This Osama isn't saying anything anymore, Uke!

"I'm sure I tried to show my lady Itko and she got it straight!? I jumped in here all by myself and regretted it! Hey Osama, I'm scared!? Seriously, I'm shaking!? Seriously......!?

...... pun!

A dry sound like a gunshot echoes in the alley.

"... Huh?

The young man, who was involved with Osama in the face, was taken aback.

Because Osama suddenly disappeared from his sight when he thought he'd been vintaged on the cheek.

"Whoa, you......!? Kuck, my neck, my neck turned upside down......!

...... pun!

The words of his companions are also blocked by the bursting noise again.

What the two young men with twisted necks were looking at were the dog-like hands of a shadow painting, projected on a brick wall.

I felt like I had a mouthful of that.

"I'm in a hurry right now. So I can't add or subtract. I'll ask you again. Where is Mr. Primla now?

Those who used to be cunts, dripping red turbidity out of a hole called a hole in their face, like dust, throbbing and collapsing, just ink bags.

Osama, of course, didn't ask them.

Because I know it's still more meaningful to talk to a cunt than just a corpse.

The two left in the dark said, "Yikes!?" and give her a drawn voice.

"Wow... ok! Say it! Say it! Primla was taken to the 'Get Set Bat' branch in Halstoy, quite the city......! It's a bar called" Bats "in the Drinking District...!

"... whose instructions are you?" The quiet question ensues.

"So, it's Diamond Rich Nell! Sama the brave one asked me to take the primula...!

So if you stop doing good things, one of the remaining ones makes an extra provocation.

Their unique foolishness that there is no right intelligence but only double the wrong pride… and is due to stupidity.

"But even a guard can't handle a 'get set bat' opponent! We have to have solid proof! It's not just our testimony, you can't move! I'm sorry to hear that, Osa. (PUNK!) Habu Ugh!?

Now he fell more and more like he had lost a magnum bullet.

Oh, finally, I'm the last one......!

Really here, I wish I hadn't...!

That way I could have a barbecue at sea this summer and waltzed at the average person......!

"I don't rely on guards. I'm going into the bat by myself."

"... Ha! Ha ha! What are you talking about, Osama! They're going to fuck Primla, and billboarders are coming from all over the place! Because Osama is a little strong. So get on with it (Paaaaaaaaah!!) HABUOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!?

Ta-da! And I get slammed against the wall, and I don't move.

"Bad guys tagged with name tags are not afraid of anything else. What really scares me is a wild dog without a name."

Like scattered excrement, he utters his last words to them that pollute floors and walls, and the shadow leaves the alley behind.

Crossing the beloved horse that kept him waiting in the street, he melted into the city, as if a glimmer of wind were passing him by.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

In the darkness of an elephant demon, a loud voice of energetic weather swings.

"Saaah! Tonight...... No, the special midday dance show, it's finally happening! Dancers are the bosses of our" Get Set Bat "Halstoy Branch! What a miracle girl, Primla Holydoll, who was said to be one in a hundred million years, to be the second daughter of the Virgin's famous" Holydoll family "!!

Bang! and when the spotlight opened, the ring of octagonal gold nets illuminated.

It is a special ring, in the basement of the bar Bat.

There is usually a bloody beating going on, and when it was also its opening, the men proud of their arms were staring at each other, but this time things were different.

One girl trembling in the corner, like a cornered rabbit.

In the center of the ring, a big man with a piece of leather bread.

Armor of muscles that cover the whole body, like an artificial human being, on arms that are likely to be three times as common as an ordinary person.

The kid's head with the tattoo on the woman's body is already rolling red and tongue-in-cheek.

It was a pinch of absolute desperation for the imprisoned girl, but it can be said that this place is still 'safe'.

Because outside the cage, the beasts so strange to be sitting quietly in a chair are making their eyes giddy.

Second fuck, it's me...! and......!

It was for a reason that the boss compartmentalizing this bar made the superb Virgin into a spectacle format to fuck.

The more handsome a good woman is first, the foiled and notorious the back society as a wal.

It is customary for a boss who has an irresistible first-class woman to gather all the walrus around him to boast his strength and commit a crime.

And when you're done, throw them away as if they were raw meat from bait, and give them their share.

I'm the boss...! and......!

I'll give you Soitz, so follow me......! and......!

This is a great performance for expanding power......!

A true Virgin brings more power and is just as powerful as repainting a map of power in the back society......!

To make that power absolute, the boss devotes all his mausoleum to his prey in the ring.

Show hell and compete for how to make him cry and how to make him beg forgiveness.

The more you make them suffer, the better the meat will be......!

If you want to boost the audience, you can't even lift your limbs with your bare hands...!

Cry, squeal, cry...!

Like a broken instrument, like a crazy little bird......!

And our eyes, our ears, our blood...! Enjoy it fully......!

Because they kill me, such as Hotogis without a chirp......!

"Saaah! Cute, cute Primla! The dance says it's started, but it doesn't move with trembling! You're really going to make me" unable to move "like this! Oh my God!? The boss grabbed my ankle and dragged it to you! White robes turn up, cute ones round out! This is a precious, raw leg of the Virgin!

Like a rabbit with an ear grabbed, Primla hangs upside down with her ankle held.

Bluffing left and right, tears fall like pearls.

She had been left in a cage when she was sent out of a hemp bag, so she had lost her voice because of her lack of understanding and fear.

He also had difficulty breathing and was pampering his mouth like a goldfish, but he makes sure to squeeze his life out and scream.

"Yikes......! Do it, do it! No, ahhh! Help me! Please help me! Uncle! Uncle! Uncle!

"Whoa!? Primla is calling for help!? Who the hell is" uncle "...? But don't worry, Primla!" Uncle "would be around a lot! I love Primla, my uncles......! Look, look! Look for" Uncle "! Oh, Dozo!

...... Bang!!

Lighting of the ceiling, making the interior float like daylight, along with teasing signals of reality.

Waiting there was supposed to be more grief for the girl.

Instead of a cage with no escape, there's a hell of a painting surrounded by men like prisoners.

It was supposed to make the girl play a further crying tone, letting her see the desperate sight of losing her sanity.

But the heat that had surrounded the ring until earlier had cooled down as if it had struck water... and it was surrounded by recoil tranquility.


The boss was an oligarchy man, but all this time he really lost his word.

Right in front of him, no, left and right......

No, no, until I'm behind it...

On the contrary, even the guest seats upstairs... surprised...!

The men with inverted necks were standing silently...!

My body is pointing this way, but my face is pointing back at my head......!

A creepy sight was spreading, as if the thalamus nerve had collapsed...!

...... pun!

That was the last sound the boss ever heard in his life.