... the girl was still dreaming.

He was called out by the same Virgin as himself, heard that there were severely injured children, and when he followed him, he was suddenly blindfolded from behind, blocking even his mouth and ears.

Plus they put something like a hemp bag over my head, I can't see anything, I can't hear anything, I can't even speak to call for help.

Of all the haystack-like smells, I only felt the shake.

After a while he was taken out of the bag and removed from the restraint of his hands and feet.

Even if you try to remove the blindfold or earplugs yourself, it's dark there......

The smell of sniffing had turned into an iron smell.

And I feel signs of wax around me, like it's made up of a bunch of black pests.

Crawling around like a blind man, I was held back from going to a cold metal net.

I'm scared, scared, dazzled. My breath, I mean, I'm not doing anything, but I'm going to suffer with Zeizay.

I don't know what to do anymore, "Oh, uh!?" I tried to speak out, "but that seemed to be an out of place act, and the darkness laughed more and more.

And pouring, a light strong enough to blink...

And you see, perverted dressed big man......

Screaming is turned upside down. Because they grabbed my foot on the encounter and hung me.

My own robe dripping down. I found out for myself that there were places out there that I had never shown anyone.

For the Virgin, such as when underwear is seen by a large number of human beings... no, it was a shame for the girl to be close to the blame of hell as well.

I already screamed with selflessness.

I diligently called the name of the person I held in my thoughts, like a stray looking for a parent.

Then... the equilibrium came back to normal and I felt a strong chest plate.

The girl is intuitive about its warmth and majesty.

"... it's all right now, Mr. Primla"

It was the moment when hell turned into heaven.

Primla grabs the clothes that wrap her body in front of her and buries her face.

And I raised my voice and cried.

It was the first time since I was mindful that I put my eyes and emotions on the table.

The girl, who was like a deer thrown into a flock of lions, was saved by only one wolf.

When the wolf held the sobbing deer like a princess, he left a place for a quiet banquet.

From behind, an innocent voice chases you skipping.

"Ah! Long time no see, it was fun!

"With 100 luks and 99 pulls, that's a win for luks"

"What!? At the end of the day, Pull came first! So Pull wins!

The disputing girls disappeared at some point when they went outside the bar.

Goldwolf slowly leaves the drinking district as he cleverly straddles his horse with his primula.

It's still daytime, so there's very little popularity around here.

No one yet noticed that the population of this country had decreased in hundreds of units.

And the fact that the garbage has been cleaned a lot will be noticed earlier.

The girl is still awake from her dreams.

... Tong, Tong, Tong...

In the slippery speed, in the cozy vibrations of a cradle, he left himself to the beating of an old man.

A breastplate as wide as the sea, an arm that protects your back like a great tree.

And more aromatic than any incense, the smell of the skin...

The old man wasn't particularly big, but the girl was feeling like she was wrapped up in nature.

For the child, the father's back is the same principle as it appears to be large.

The first time a girl ever wanted anything she didn't want from a young age.

It was not the handsome brave man of the white horse that many of the girls of the world dream of.

I rode a little bigger horse, just Osama......!

It's been a long time since I've seen you again and it's been a little coy and a little mysterious... but it's Osama there...!

Primla felt an unidentified Moya Moya watching Osama lean against Glass Paleen all along the tournament.

Even I'm being a good girl...

Why is he being more gentle with his uncle...?

I was surprised myself for having such feelings.

Poka poka at the head and scold yourself.

But at last, I also gained the embrace of my admiring uncle.

Yet...... and yet I can't stop feeling overflowing.

I've always wanted to be like this......

I want to be held in your uncle's arms...

But a serious girl even turns that healthy thought into self-loathing.

Goldwolf looked at her curiously as she pulled the reins, poking at her chest.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Back then...... the devil was sneaking up on the swordsmanship tournament.

After the lunch break, the tournament resumes from the fourth round.

The brave school students who finished their pre-match greetings struck the junior elementary school students who turned their backs to return to their ranks from behind......!

No, on the contrary, we hit even more rarely where we fell......!

The scene became noisy for the sudden crime, but it was the evil gods protected by crystal-like outer shells that had already jumped up as if they were convinced of victory.

"Cahah! Cahah! Ha ha! Ha ha! Ugh! Psycho! Look, look, those kids! Boom! Boom! Boom! Super awkward! Super awkward! Cahahahahahahahahahaha!"

"Non! This is a righteous non, poked at by the lower bitches! What end does the slave class, teething to the brave, the absolute monarch, follow... this is a lesson to be learned in future generations non!

"But come on, what's next? If you did it, you would recommend them to Brave Middle School as a disobedient loser. Is that a die-job? Caha!"

"No way, Non! The act of their immaturity…! Because playing a decent game won't win, it's the result of self-inflicted self-abandonment, non! No matter if you leave school, you can't recommend it or anything!

"Wow! Hinah! I obeyed your orders, but I'll cut you off -!? Whoa, whoa, whoa! Cahahahahahahaha!"

Two brave men with a trendy face who can play with a cacker.

In that lower realm, a girl who had lost her mind of blood was needlessly asking for help.

"Gentlemen! Gentlemen! Hold on! Ahhh!? Mr. Primla! Where is Mr. Primura? Ahhh!? Somebody! Somebody help these kids! I'm gonna help you. Come on! Please, please! I'll do anything! I'll do anything!!

Although Glasparene had gone semi-frequent and was looking for Primla, when she found out she couldn't find him, she quickly turned to the operating ambulance.

For her, it's trivial, like being disqualified and losing on the way.

The safety of children is paramount over the grades of my class.

The paramedics are hard to come by, so they finally bow their heads to the opponent's Virgin.

But they only had half a laugh, and no one could help them.

The attendants had stopped me when the seemingly audience Virgin was about to offer treatment, but I couldn't get into the court except for the Virgin who wasn't on the team.

Isolated helpless glasspaleen.

Normally, I was about to cry, but I tried so hard to eat up my teeth and see what was going to flood me.

If I don't cry anymore, it's because I promised the kids at the party back home.

Besides, nothing is resolved where I cried out.

Goldwolf, who rushes me like a parent, is not here now......!

Anxious enough to be squashed, the girl touches the chain that that guy gave me and confronts her.

"Now that Dr. Goldwolf is absent......! I... I have to do something...!

And now the determination of the little new American teacher has become a huge stumbling block......!

The thought will blossom in an unexpected way......!