Glasparine had thought back over and over again, as she inspired herself in her heart.

What Goldwolf taught me during the faculty exam.

Dr. Goldwolf always said when I was about to frustrate......

If there's something important, at any time, it's something I'll never give up...

Scratch me... scratch me, scratch me, scratch me...

Like a wild dog, there's a bunch of jitters out there... just around the corner...

Until that moment when my soul is exhausted... I said scratch and scratch and scratch everywhere...!

So... me, scratch my feet! If you want to protect your children, you care about people...!

Instead of pride, I don't spare my life...!

Never... Never get everyone's smile back...!

When this happens, Glass Palin decides to slide down the dungeon with determination in an effort to get the opponent's Virgin to heal anything.

"Please! Pray to the children! I'll do anything I can! I'll give you whatever money you have! If you're telling me to listen for the rest of my life, I'll listen for the rest of my life! These kids have dreams... they have a future! My whole life is incomparable, a lovely future......! So please! heal these kids...... heal me no!!

Rubbing her forehead, the Leader-like Virgin crouched.

I put my hand on my shoulder and urged him to raise his face (toe)... I smiled with a gaze and struck him in the ear like this.

"I don't think there's a future for junior elementary school students... but I lost my teacher's passion. Happy, let me offer you my prayers. But before you do... do you want to do dog stuff here? Because I like dumb dogs. Of course, the real one... the one who did everything he could with this whole coat."

Yes, it is...

Pretend to sneak a deal, not a public (snack)...

That is the way of the brave clan and those who relate to it...!

Where a female teacher showed off her dog's monomanship, no consideration would be paid.

"This teacher finally went crazy," he said, treating him like a lunatic and only laughing spirally......!

If the opponent goes upside down there, it's still okay......!

When it comes to being attacked by the Virgin after a dog mane on the sacred court, the role is no longer full......!

A great threesome of shamelessness, ramblings and anomalies is established......!

The dot stick given by the "Board of Brave Education" must have four letters carved in it: "Disciplinary Dismissal"......!

But too pure glasspaleen doesn't even bother to think that hakoten in such a life awaits.

"Ha... Ha! I will! Dog mane...... I will!

From the dungeon, I move to crawling on all fours for nothing.

Instead of his pride as a teacher, he doesn't even spare his pride as a human being, with a serious look.

And as a signal that has become a dove, one rings......!

"... wow!

But the voice, with a voice that no one on the spot would expect... came from a completely different place.

"Wow! Wow! Wow, that sounds like fun! Mommy's coming with me.

A venue that suddenly jumped into my coat and joined me, to a quantum figure...... quiet back.

She says she's new here, but she's acting like home.

"Well, guys, are you hurt? I want to stay! But it's okay! I don't want to, I don't want to... I want to stay, Tong Ke!

"I want to be there, go away"......

That was a joke word that I can't very well call prayer.

But the moment I put my hands up so that I scattered petals in the flower garden.

...... paaaaaaaaaaaa......!

A rainbow light spread around her, and the flowers really seemed to bloom all over her coat.

Then the five boys and girls who were wandering the frontier of life and death got up sneaky as they woke up from their naps...!

"Oh, wake up properly, everyone's great! Mom, I'm glad!"

Embrace them, one by one, as a kyoton.

Pushing infinite elasticity against his face, the children rumbled like tri-motified little birds.

A mysterious breastfeeding girl who receives it like a testament to her health and cheeks off.

No, more than a mystery...... so many super celebrities that everyone on this scene knows.

"Ma......!? Stay, Mother Reincarnation!?!?

The white-robed men in the venue fell down in unison to be equal to God for the Virgins.

The Virgins, who were on the other team, now regret their sins.

… invitations are sent to mothers for various events, including swordsmanship competitions.

But it is only as a guest… and as a VIP in the VIP.

A presence that must be in the best seats on the second floor.

Being on the court is unlikely in itself.

Besides, usually Reincarnation refused to "have a part-time job" even when invited, but only this time it was different.

He was being convened as a team member by Goldwolf for a time of need.


She (Mother) was sent in a string of two brave men, even though the platinum ticket said no with a loving laugh......!

To a request made by Osama that could be described as a lack of service, he was rising as if he had received a proposal...!

"Oh well...! Glad...! Gol, I can't believe you're counting on my mom...! Of course I'm coming! Mom, if it was for Gol, I'd even go behind the moon!

After her morning holy service, she usually heads to 'Slumdog Mart', but only today she has a different destination.

He jumped into the venue in such a hurry that he swung to his big chest.

As an unexpected surprise guest, it was surprising enough to soften everyone's mouth.

Now, beyond the glass of the heavenly realm, there's a pair of people whose jaws have come off and stopped returning.

"HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA......!? Ahhh hey......! Ajidane...! How dare you...! Different things are coming......!? Keep our invitations to yourself…! What the heck......!?

"Nooon! Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!?!? I don't know what to do with it......!? Oh, that's good... what the hell is that!? And that, joking prayer......! What is it? I don't know what it is. Huh!?!?

The Grand Virgin had already made the air of the venue our thing.

"Oh, my God, everyone's so hungry. But it's okay! My mom's made a lot of lunches, so let's all eat.... Bye! Look! It's special today, so I put more on my arm and turned it into a character valve!

A number of heavy boxes, spread over the court, which is the playing field.

All of them followed Osama's face, which is not here.