It was Charles Lunlot who recovered that put an end to the Grand Virgin's solitaire.

"If it's lunch, I just ate the one you let me have in the morning. I'm not going to eat that many times."

No one could stop a great figure called 'Mother', but she is drawn by a fearless lady and reluctantly forced to leave.

If it is meant to be, she is the person who should sit in the VIP seat upstairs.

The venue staff came looking for blood, and I was trying to guide them politely.

"Fair enough, thanks. But my mom's on the Gol team, so we're good here."

and a refrain player from the 'slama team' was sitting down in a simple chair.

Well... although there was one wave, the team makes it to the fifth round, which is the semifinals, due to the opponent's unruly loss.

However... the advent of reincarnation temporarily soothed the air of the place, but it will be fought again.

Because... again that foolish act burst...!

Exactly no one would have expected it.

I don't even know another brave school, let's shake the murder blade, etc......!

Moreover... the Midnight Shuffler, who had been overcome by the prayer of the Grand Virgin, had included the next executioners.

Now you're going to kill him, and...!

The resurrection of the dead, even the Grand Virgin, cannot be done alone.

That's how a man in the Grand Virgin class saves one's life when he prays on thousands of scales.

It is impossible, even if she is the Grand Virgin of a famous house, such as saving five children......!

Non! Impossible! No Future!

Such a heartless blow strikes the Chick Knights from behind......!

...... Buckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

At the moment of impact, time stood still.

The audience would have forgotten everyone blinks and breathes too.

Nevertheless, it was with the brave men who set it up who were revealing the amazing zoo...

The two mastermind braves were delighted with success by trying to hug each other from heaven......!

A hateful blow, a blowing claw.

Even at a time like this, the dog mascot painted on their chest was smiling the same way.

Bringing together a sparkling light, like smashing a jewelry box......!

...... dosaaa!!

Large letters on the coat, Charles Lunlotte and the others who stick up.

The same thing was happening in the Commissioner's office, as if we had met with each other.

"What the heck!? What the fuck? What the fuck!? What the heck?! Why, why, why is Mana Shield on when it's before the game?!?!?

"Non! Non! No, no, no, no, no, no! I'm sure Glass Palin predicted an ambush. Because he was stupid and stupid, he said he was doing it with his eyes on him! When did such bad wisdom come to work non!? Really lamentable non! Non! Non!! Nooooo!!!

Chara man and nasbi rolling around the floor, like a semi with wings.

"Wow, Glass Paleen! I can't believe I put up a mana shield to protect you all...! Mom, I'm so grateful! I'm gonna goo!

"Huh...? Oh no, I...? What? Huh? Yeah eh?...... muggy!?

The female teacher's pocan face quickly disappeared into the airback.

To two counter-attacks, booming storms on the scene.

Nothing happened thanks to Mana Shield, Charles Lunlot jumps up and grabs his opponent.

In an attempt to stop it, or to add to it, the court can overflow with players and staff from other schools.

Eventually, it developed into such a commotion that the tournament progression temporarily stopped.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Brave Elementary School, two consecutive schools. The anomaly called for great ripples.

It was abused by the brave men from time to time, turning the depressed first floor audience into mobs.

but soon repressed by overwhelming power, which is over their heads, both in fame.

Intimidation and strength were exercised by the brave men upstairs who came to watch the game.

And it resumes like nothing happened, a suspicious swordsmanship match.

One more game left...! Finally, the finals......!

"Slumdog Mart WITH Nights of the Round Seven" Team Order Table

Pioneer: Coconto Toconto

Next Strike: Pointe Pointe Setia

Medium: Null Boncos

Deputy General: Gacky Gerald

Admiral: Charles Lunlot Nights of the Round Seven

All the other brave teams are high school students.

High school students were mixed up with the teams that have fought so far, but still to one.

At the end of the day, you no longer mind mundane, all the orders were made up of big men like gorillas.

Besides, it's the first time a thorough villain (heels) has brought out a long sword nearly two meters long.

It is a complete spear in terms of the length of the pattern, but it is accepted as on-rule in the Commissioner's judgment.

Long knives, spears, high school students and elementary school students were the final after being charged with a difference that was not nearly triple the Kendo stage.

WW1, Coconto vs Brave Men Team Pioneer.

Immediately after the start of the match, Coconto's mana shield blinks like a dying bulb.

Finally, it 'vanished', taking the blow of a brave man to his stomach, being blown away and defeated.

Until now, there was an amplifier (booster) role, so it was not a problem, but I came here and the weakness of Glasparine's mentality is exposed.

She didn't have much focus on the pressure and couldn't keep her mana shield up on her own......!

WW2, Pointe Pointe vs Brave Men Team Pioneer ends up with similar results.

Glass paleen caught in a blown up point and falls.

"You flew to the scraps! I'm glad your teacher like a trash can took it! Hahahahahahahahahaha!"

When the other team's players cursed, mockery poured out of the audience upstairs.

Game three, null boncos vs brave men team pioneer.

Glasspaleen manages to concentrate consciousness while being supported by reincarnation.

She was telling herself with an impatient look.

I got here because of this......! You can't lose because of me......!

I... I have to protect everyone...!

I almost cried when Dr. Goldwolf said I was off the team for a little while due to circumstances.

But I shouldn't be bothered, if I was crying... Dr. Goldwolf told me.

The way I feel about my kids is that they're real...

I've seen Dr. Goldwolf feel purer and stronger than any brave man.

"... I believe in that feeling. Of course, the kids will believe it. So there are always flowers and smiles all around you. Dr. Glasparine, all you have to do is believe in yourself."

I believe......! Mr. Goldwolf born......!

Because... after you were gone, I finally realized...!

What you have taught me so far is absolutely true... because it was absolutely real...!

Whatever I did, I had a dream about the crowd, and I could hang in there so hard... because you were there...!

This strong feeling is what you gave me...!

So there's no way there's a lie or a lie...!


Thank you, Mr. Goldwolf born......!!

My mentor is formally a Midnight Shuffler Grand Teacher...... the true mentor is you......!

... Whew.

A slight light appears on the body of the null boy.

That was as slight as a bedroom light at night, but...

...... paaaaaaaaaa......!

It grew stronger and stronger, eventually as if I had opened the curtains in the room completely......

The morning sun began to shine so brightly...!