Mana shield like a freshman sky.

Putting Sky Blue together. Null Bonkos wasn't looking, much appreciated.

A strong swing of a sword approaching you like a fallen tree...!

...... Buckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

And the fog spreads......!

Fall to the front so you can be slapped, null boy......!

A big shadow covers that little body that squatches.

"You just blow it off, 'cause it's not funny!

And not for long, stomping to the flank......!

... Dossssssss! "Ugh!?

More treading rain pours on the boncos boy who holds his mouth and belly by his hand and suppresses what comes up.

Not only does it shrink and defend itself, but the iron-reinforced brave shoe relentlessly wears flesh and bones.

... Dossssssss! Gas! Dom! Zum!

"Ugh! Huh! Egg! Gee!"

From between the eaten teeth, the roots of my breath leak out.

This is a specialty in swordsmanship competitions, 'Baptism'......!

Use it if it's not a sword attack, the battle won't settle to hurt your downed opponent......!

A cowardly act of having a match but having an opponent.

However, some brave schools encourage students in higher and lower vocational schools to do so.

Give him a whip as the future master to show him that he is a future slave...!

This' baptism 'can go on until the other person says' shit '.

By making him the most humiliating defeat, he plants a sense of inferiority that he is no match for the brave.

The brave man at the vanguard of the other team thought as he stepped on to bully the tortoise by the sea.

With the usual pattern, it's time for this slave candidate (turtle) to cry out.

"I will never defy the brave man again, forgive me!" and that it would follow me to my legs.

Kicking there like a golden night fork is an unwanted pleasure......!

You think you've already become a dog, it's Tamaranai's again who gives you a desperate look like your husband dumped you...!

Sweet dew memories naturally distort the faces of the vanguard braves.

Sadistic face overlooking the nigga.

But it was sudden and full of surprise, as it had been struck by a thunderbolt.

Instead of crying, the null boy is following his snake...!

A heterogeneous reaction, unlike the one I've been kicking.

Though the vanguard was distracted for a moment, he quickly regains his composure.

Because Mana Shield works, no matter how many teeth you get up, it doesn't hurt or itch.

Even though it's a wasteful act that's stuck in stone, the null boy won't leave without eating up.

I was so desperate to tear that it made me laugh the other way around.

"Ha ha! Look at that, Coz! He's trying to eat a mana shield! You were so less hallucinating!

The vanguard behaves like an entertainer.

He shrugged his shoulders toward the audience upstairs and said, "Duh, duh, duh, duh, duh!" The biggest laugh and applause of the tournament now wrapped him up.

"I've heard they have skinned shields at junior vocational schools to eat... I didn't expect them to even try to eat magic shields! Ha, ha, ha! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha!

Looking up to heaven and laughing high.

Immediately beneath it stood a groan of anguish, like a drowning man who also grabbed the straw.

"Ko...... this...... but wild dog...... sword...... law......!

The Lord of the Voice, the Null Boy is no longer a bug breath.

Like an ant that could trample at any moment, the vanguard made fun of him.

"Huh? Wild dog swordsmanship? What is it, Sole?

"Goldwolf... the teacher... taught us...!

"You don't know that name. You're not a brave teacher anyway. What the hell did he tell you about that goalie, the way Shomben did in Nawabari?

"Of wild dogs... the sword... to live, the sword...! Don't, what... even if they laugh...! No matter how...... ridiculous you are......! To live, scratch your feet......! Through the mud... crawl around. But muddy water... rinse, but live...!

"Huh? What are you going to do, live to be that long? You even eat your own shit?

"Give me a chance... wait...!

"I see you took that chance and you took them. But come on, what you do is bite your leg... seriously, you're a wild dog"

"My teeth are just sturdy... and there's something else about me that wasn't handled...! Even the clan has made fun of me for being worthless...! Dr. Goldwolf praised me...! Your teeth are better than the sword of the brave...! Always a great weapon, he said...!

... I don't want to...!

Banana-style bamboo forest. The blurring rushes through, as if he were in it alone.

So the vanguard finally realized.

A defense that should be absolute to my body has already gone through the yellow... red stained...!

"Become!? Damn it!? Ha...... reducing the endurance of mana shields with teeth. Oh my god!? Stupid!?!?

That was the moment I got my hands on someone I thought was a future dog... no, my leg was bitten...!

...... Buckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

What a null boncos boy, not a sword, not an axe, not a spear......

One of my own body made me crush my mana shield...!

Like the sword of a brave man, a brilliant tooth in enamel white and......!

With powerful jaws, like the all-powerful of slaves......!

And the momentum goes beyond that.

Like moving from an appetizer to a main dish, I ate it up on a leg like a bonless ham......!

"Come on. So long. So long!? No, no, no! Hey, hey! Damn it!! Shit! So forgive me! Forgive me already!! Wow!

And a light fall......!

Eggs of brave men hovering over their coats, as if they had been left on fire.

"I don't like it when my parents snake at me!?

When Charles Lunlot flew his jerk, a big round of drinks came from the first floor guest seat.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

The middle-sized null boy has won, but he's exhausted and retired here.

But he unfortunately demonstrated the wild dog spirit he inherited from Goldwolf and succeeded in greatly exciting his people.

And Game Four, Gacky Gerald vs Brave Team Next Sharp.

Gakki, a kid general, also makes full use of the Wild Dog Sword Method.

With the shivers of getting up defeated or not, he hunted down the next sharp brave man in reverse and finally brought him to the discussion.

But 'Slama Team' has finally become the only Charles Lunlot of the Admiral.

The three remaining brave men on the other team are middle-class, deputy generals and generals.

It was a desperate difference, but the princess knight's eggs had plenty of room.

When Game 5 begins, we stick a long knife cut to the middle-aged brave.

"So was Antrea's tournament, but I didn't think he'd be so toothless until the tournament in Lutanvesta. It was true that the sword of the brave was strong against the strong, weak against the weak."

Charles Lunlot laughs and provokes the opponent of the height difference enough to look up.

Sculpted in the canyon, like the face of a giant brave man... even if he looks down on a gritty, strong surface (Kowamote), he doesn't look scared.

"What did you just say...!? The sword wielded by our warrior warrior (Shinyusha) is a warrior's path that can be considered the beginning of samurai...! I will never forgive you for being a great monarch, ridiculing a sword for Master Godsmile, etc!

Where does the lady blow the wind where she was yelled at?

Ridiculous with Huhun, he stirs up the twin tails, which are charm points.

There are only two people in this world who can scold and depress her.

"Samurai is a sword to die. The Way of Bravery is a sword to die like an idiot. Maybe it makes sense in that sense. But I'm so sorry about both of them. Besides, it's a much more gorgeous road than that... because it's a chivalry in Hua."

"Chivalry!? Ha! You're not the enemy of the Way of the Brave!

"You know, that chivalry alone is a lot... the sword you wield is a little special. There's already a path stretching in line."

"What no!? But enough with you! Show me the way and the way!

When the middle-aged brave man threw up so, he took one of the structures taught in the brave man's swordsmanship, like cutting a fire lid.

It's a mid-level, spike type.

Charles Lunlot returns a magnificent structure, like a scattered petal, to respond to it.

"The road that runs alongside Atashi's Chivalry...... it's 'Wild Dog Road'......! Atashi's partner showed me the way......! This is called 'Sword to Live'......!


Has the brave cut his numbness along the way or is attacked by a fierce rush?

The bloody wild dog grinned.

"... as per the note Goldwolf left me. Make me feel a little bit, I'm going in like an idiot......!

Rotate and slip through the looming porcupine like a bullfighter (matador).

Let go of the counter while it spins another spin without fail......!

... Don! Don! Cut......!!

Struck into a cow body full of skid, it was a series of strikes with a touch of glamour and strength, like beating a Japanese drum with a stick of drums.