In the gymnasium of the swordsmanship tournament, there is also a horse park.

Between the aligning horses and the horses, a single large horse slipped in at top speed.

... Zuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!

Kime a longitudinal horseback by drift.

The horse caretaker flashed his sand splash and got his butt on.

Surprised twice by Osama, who flickered down in front of me.

I tried to raise a protest, but I was surprised three times (every time) when I was shooted enough coins to make a day's worth of money in my chest pocket.

I was totally in the mood, and I said, "Sir, take care -!" Nico smiles and drops off Osama, who runs away.

Goldwolf hurried to the venue with Primla in his princess's arms.

From the gym you can hear the brave calls of men and women and the sound of stepping in and ringing the floorboards.

There are only two sources of sound, no backup or cheer.

An aura of tension came through so much that the wolf guessed.

Definitely the final, which also says the last game is being played.

Running through the hallway like chasing prey, jumping into the midst of the showdown, he finally witnesses.

Many destruction, and many destruction.

In the central court, the general general slapped a big blow like a valentine.

Like Bull Young Maru, there's a young lady with a magnificent leap.

Twin tails twisted like wings, sudden descent......!

"This is it, all my classmates know...!

Temperamental, swinging from the super and super upper stages.

A silver sword flash pours down like a magnificent waterfall.

...... Buckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!

Frost cracks run all over your body, fragments of mana shield scattered like snowstorms.


I glance at you like you broke my forehead, Nice elementary school student......!

But the lady's turn doesn't end.

Twin tails draw a gold monogram.

"This is what Glass Palin knows......!

And let go to dance, Rolling Sobat......!

...... dos!!

It was exposed to show off under the chest, piercing the cracked abs......!


Breaking knees while spitting stomach fluids, Incredible Elementary......!

A wild lady can no longer be stopped by anyone.

Twin tails swirl like waves.

"This is what Goldwolf knows......!!

I'm getting to the height of my gaze, kid. Head up...... patterned beating like a sledgehammer......!

...... Gas!!

Now my forehead is really packed and cracked and my blood bursts with sweat......!


Falling at your feet so you can force yourself to sit down, Mogri elementary school students......!

It's no longer a one-sided place, full bocco.

"And this is for the Atashi. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!

A long knife in a moji-like hand spins with a baton.

stood backwards.

... everyone would have seen at that moment.

I defied the V shape, her twin tail......!

The trajectory of the golden bimuscle (fuzz) that strikes heaven...!

The glow of that miracle is precisely the unwavering declaration of victory (Victory Sign) ……!

No longer in doubt, an absolute victory......!

I can't even pinch things down, decisive defeat......!

"Nooooooooooo!! Nights!!! OF!!! The!!! Slumdog OOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!


"Gu...... hahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?"

Wearing the back of his head with a thumping grate of todome, Kae-yu Elementary School students finally gave him the exorcism...!

Of course, the tip of the sword has a cover, so I'm not taking care of it, but if it's just a reaction, it's a giant fall...!

Heaven is clear while enemies……!

It was a brilliant mess......!

But the aftertaste is quickly ruined.

"This lolicon rotten nasbi! Because Temei's godson is so dodgy, everything must have been ruined!!

"Who's Loricon, Non! Who's the rotten nasbi, non! Non! Non! Non! Then let me tell you something, non! You thin chara man! Speaking of which, it's your fault you couldn't finish the kids before the tournament!!

An uncomfortable golden cut that scratches the blackboard.

Forcing the attention of the venue was the two figures rubbing together in the small room.

There, in this tournament, is the Commissioner's room, which can also be called 'the dwelling of God', but now it only looked like a breeding case with a razor bug in it.

The cursing gets more and more intense, and at last it becomes a catch like an Okama fight.

It developed into a hammer-through match where we hit each other in the face, triggered by being slapped on the glass with mundane detachments.

Dogga! Dogga! Dogga! Bishi! Bishy............!!

Diamond Rich Nell and Midnight Shuffler have alternately grabbed their heads, glazed windows over them and slapped them in the face as they do.

Brave men whose appearance is becoming more and more teratogenic, as if the ugliness of their hearts were staining out.

Audience, Don Pull......!

"Die! Die! Die! Kimmee, you lollicon! How can someone like Temei be a brave man?

"I'll kill you, Non! I'll kill you, I'll kill you. That word, I'll give it back as it is. No! Underground scumbag and defy, etc! Worth dying for non!!

The face is just dyed red, like a prowler attacked by a murder weapon.

The body fluids that splash and drip on the glass are no longer breeding cases or the like.

There was a scare, like a quarantine ward, that trapped two psychopaths.

A window that cracks like a giant spider's nest.

Games staff jumped into the room in an attempt to stop the bizarre... hour, already late...!

...... bariiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!!!

Broken company, settled......!

An end is struck to the world's ugliest off-site brawls, like applying mud to the swordsmanship matches of the children ahead.

Pathetic, the defeated shadow has beeped through the window and popped outside......!

By the way, is that a chara man...? is it nasbi again......!?