Faces gently out of the back alley, like flirtatious kittens.

In the darkness of the night, the eyes shine with a raglan.

Opposite across the boulevard is a lighted palace and entrance.

At night there was a young man hanging in the rugged space who was not handled similarly, although his physical appearance was the only thing that seemed cute to him.

The flirting I set up succeeds, and girls like kittens laugh at each other with couscous.

"Wow, you kicked me brilliantly this time!" Dry Persimmon in the Demonic Realm "!

"Pull, give me that wrong name again... that trap is called Eve's Fiber Reef."

"But even though I only set one up, I can't believe it's Dom Piscilli, that's you (My Road)!"

"The wire tangled in the ankle of" Eve's Fiber Return "eats in like a snake's fang and sends poison, but this time you put medicine in it, didn't you? … Now I know why."

"Tell the homeless where they are and oh you were going to let them attack! But I think the poison is more painful!

"My Lord, I have an idea. And perhaps... it's more painful over there."

He accidentally reached out from behind, pounding on the girls' heads, and was placed.

"So it's time for you both to go home? It's late at night, it's early tomorrow."

"Yes, My Lord!"

"Yeah, my lord!"

Two faces pull in snugly.

Then it became a space of nowhere, as if nothing existed from the beginning.

And the audience will all be gone.

At an entrance like the stage, even though the show is about to start.

Around the hung youth are seven men who surround themselves like executioners and travel flirtatiously like rituals.

On his shoulder is an iron stick called the Sword of the Brave, given to him by a stranger, Osama.

The hung young man was supposed to know the sword, but not now.

"Holy shit, I didn't know you were setting a trap here! Ah, ahahahahahaha! Ma, seriously, I'm fucked! also, because i'm so freaked out already, i was wondering if it's time to drop me off!?

When he finished hearing the plea, the men surrounding him stopped perfectly, as the music of the chair removal game had stopped.

The youth remains upside down, with a desperate making laugh at the man who was in the front.

But it wasn't a smile back that returned... a faceless look.

Plus, with the omelet of putting the iron rod up like a bat.

"What!? Seriously!? What the fuck!? What...!?

The unquestioned iron bar swing,

Bu 'on! Gusha!

and just meat on the nose......!!


Impact like a firecracker blew up on your face. The body knocked back as big as a pendulum.

Like wine overflowing from a glass, red liquid drips from the upside down nose.

"Ngu......! Grrr! Ya, don't...! Don't...! Joe... Jordan! Damn... don't be so angry, hey! Ho, when most of them stopped... they were all going to make you store manager properly! Seriously! Seriously! Because this is serious!

Once again, the men who were turning like seconds stop perfectly like Zenmai had run out.

When the man at twelve o'clock shook up another iron bar, the cleaved chest wound opened.

Like the mouth of a demon who will make you yodal and eat your prey from now on, packed and......!

... gothin '! and chin cracked with tangbamboo......!!


A shock that rips your face in two. Gakun glanced at me like a whip on my neck.

My throat is filled with red fluid and I'm about to drown, as if I've been stuck in my mouth with every bottle of wine.

"Ho ho! Ooh, ooh, ooh! Whoops, whoops! Ma, seriously......! Seriously......! Seriously, don't...! Yu, if you put me in such a brave eye, what would happen... you know!?

Men like Yin Ca tour around the flaming youth.

The strangest campfire dance in the world.

Full of dark sentiment, gift exchange......!

... Gassssssss! Now it was an ear.


The cheeks are dusty. Swing the universe to be stirred up.

Like pulling out a sparkling wine stopper, red liquid erupted pussy from the other ear.

And it will resume, Hell's Ring Dance (Rondo)......!

"Ya......! Stop, stop, stop, stop! Stop. Eh! Please, seriously, don't! Really, maj, maj, maj, maj! Seriously! No, no, no, no, no! Yahhhhhhh!!

For a brave young man, it was not his former work companion in front of him.

They are not convenient men who have always been old enough to ruin their lives, defeat their idols and dispose of them.

Now I roll my youth's life in the palm of my hand, boss of my life......!

It was a bunch of Reapers, given the right to life and death by one Osama...!

Youth, it was not uncommon to raise their hands to a hemmed subordinate.

But I had never been subjected to violence.

And I was in pain.

I had no idea things would be so hard and painful in this world......

If I lost my mind... if it didn't come true, it would have been enough if I had died.

... Have you noticed?

That he has eaten the full swing of iron bars on his head many times, and yet he still maintains consciousness, not just life.

Yes......! "Eve's Fiber Return"......!

This is a classic trap that binds the ankles of those caught and hangs them upside down.

The wire is poisoned and has a mechanism for twitching through the ankle and sending it into the body.

Goldwolf was arranging the poison and staining the healing potion.

loose recovery and the noticing effect.

I can't lose my mind whether I'm beaten or not, and secretly I need medication for my injuries to heal.

When the ripe persimmon crumbles into a shamble, that's where it ends.

The evil kids who used it as a play tool, they don't even look at it anymore.

but... if it stays ripe forever, what about it?

If crushing is always worth it, what do you think?

That persimmon will continue to be crushed forever......!

Infinitely, gucha gucha and...!

Until you're like a dried persimmon, even... you keep getting stuck...!

Seven store managers, seven homeless people, and seven reapers.

Now he had become seven evil kids crushing the persimmons in the next house with half the play.

He's laughing like a Halloween pumpkin, looking down at his former boss.

"... hehe! Funny! No matter how much you hit him, he's only gonna get hurt a little!

"I'm not bored when I crush it right away, so I was a little bit relieved... it looks like I could do more!

"Sounds like an amazing resilience!? Aren't they better suited to warriors than brave ones?

"Hehe...! Because of this, we will have fun until morning, all the time......!

"Me, let's be the Morningstar that was in the store!

"Nice! Because of this, let's make sure he's comfortable beating you up!

"Stop being expensive! Sell it, so keep it cheap! That's what I'm talking about!

And as it blossoms, weapons are swung up simultaneously.

Dolls for swordsmanship practice no longer, same treatment......!

Blood and meat packed, sandbags......!

Fear of limits and the pain of being shredded and bone shot......!

I don't like this pain anymore......! But I can't even die......!

People return to the spirit of being born when they are crushed by an overwhelming despair that they cannot escape.

Like a bad friend once was.

"Stop, stop, stop, stop! Oh, whoa, whoa! I don't know what to do. Please, please, please, please! Stop it, stop it, stop it! No, no, no, no...! No, no, no, no! Because! Psst! Psst! Ohhh!! Ohhhhh!!! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!

Shake your red-dyed hair like a former bad friend, like a vermilion brush.

Like a bad friend once was, he bathes his own excrement all around him.

"Wow! He's leaking!

"It's dirty! It's gonna take this way! Hey, let me down for a second!

The position of the gakun and body is lowered, and the face is soaked with urine on the floor.

Even if there's a blast there, I no longer care.

"Ah. There was a golf club in the store, so now I thought I'd play with it... suddenly it's a pond pocha!

"Kama-kun! Keep hitting him!

And a black luminous metal mass, which is placed with a dosun between the eyes.

His face grew white like a golf ball.