Goldwolf has taught Glass Paleen so many things so far.

Starting with general study, from basic knowledge as an adventurer to application.

That's just before I took the faculty exam, etc., I even trained clearly until I returned the holiday.

But this time, it was' massage 'that she begged to teach......

I was worried that Osama would stop being a teacher and become a masseuse, and decided to listen in detail.

Goldwolf surrounding the round table in the business space and Primla with the secretary completely on the board.

Face-to-face there was glasspaleen, opening her mouth with a snack.

"Um... I need a 'massage' for my next promotion exam. I've never had a massage before, so I was wondering if Dr. Goldwolf would know..."

I kind of don't feel connected before or after the conversation, and Osama and the secretary next door want a lot.

"Wait a minute, Dr. Glasparine. A promotion exam is an exam that allows you to have a medium class, right? You shouldn't need a massage for that......?

Teacher shrinking in front of her.

She was young enough to be confused with elementary school students, but she has a faculty license.

It qualifies as a class of up to ten elementary students, or so-called small classes.

From there, if you take a promotion exam and pass, you will be able to stand on a medium class bench that will be even larger.

The teacher nodded like he was lost.

"Yes, it is, but my mentor, Dr. Midnight Shuffler, had an exam called 'Special Frame'... and I was chosen."

Goldwolf shows the look of a wolf only for a moment in the appearance of a smelly figure.

In short, this is what happened.

A 'special frame' is an option that is given only to faculty who are judged to be particularly good.

They can choose between a higher difficulty promotion exam than usual or two massages.

The Highly Difficult Promotion Exam is a quest format and must complete a difficult adventure.

The opposing 'massage' is that you can simply massage the teacher's body overnight.

Glasparine was given these two choices, and she's about to jump over the latter.

"If you like my massage, Dr. Midnight Shuffler, you'll be able to study with more kids! However, if they call me after that, I have a decision to do a massage...... But I can't do a difficult quest, so it's a great opportunity!

The female teacher shines her eyes sinking at the bottom of the bottle, seemingly not knowing anything about the meaning hidden in the words or anything else.

And there's someone too pure, another next door.

"Right! Massage all night sounds tough, but it's much better than a dangerous quest! Uncle! Why don't you teach your teacher a massage!? I beg you, too!

Pecori, in two tweezers directed at him, Goldwolf looks bitter.

"How can I explain it to you? Do it..." he was circling the idea, but eventually the persuasion gave up and made a harsh look.

"No, you shouldn't. Dr. Glasparine, please refuse to massage."

He looked up at the same time and said, "What!?" "and the girls who cease to be.

Osama slowly looked around at the two faces and spoke to them to tell them.

"If you choose a massage, I'm sure the teacher will regret it. So I can't teach you a massage. But if it's a quest, I'll help you as a spikesman."

Primla felt an unprecedented sincerity in her uncle's sinister, low tone voice.

I took a ha-ha-ha breath, just like they noticed what was important.

"I, I get it......! Something your uncle wants to say......! Instead of choosing an easy path to walk on, you are admonition that going the more difficult path will enrich your heart......!

So I finally fell to my heart, haaaa! Intake glasspaleen.

"Sooo......! That's what happened! I didn't think I could do the quest, but if Dr. Goldwolf would follow me, I'd go along the Tsutsu path! I get it! I... I'm gonna do a quest!

Four eyes, moisturized by emotion and determination.

I stopped for a very different reason, but I'm also allergic to explaining it, so Goldwolf said nothing more.

And in my mind... I was unknown and turned the responsible counter further to that brave guide.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

A few days later, the quest details of the promotion exam are revealed.

"Ant Tsuka" made by the great brave guide and the best underground labyrinth (dungeon) in the world. This time the expansion work was carried out and the lowest level, called "Between Kings", was completed. Try "treading" on your own feet without using the lift on campus. "

This was an unlikely difficult content for a promotion exam in elementary school teaching.

Not just "Antsuka", but the brave Creation Underground Labyrinth, most of which is equipped with lifts and trolleys that allow you to come and go through each hierarchy without labor.

But without using them from start to finish, it is called 'treading' to reach the depths.

One of the criteria for evaluating underground labyrinths is' difficulty '.

The harder it is to reach the lower level, the more it is considered the same as the famous mountain that refuses to receive it.

When there is so much challenging, it is appreciated by the brave and the adventurers.

"Antsuka" also does not leak into the example, and when it comes to going for the lowest level without using a lift, it is said that it is impossible without considerable skill.

For such an ultra-high difficulty quest, one elementary school teacher who is not a brave man is to be challenged.

Glasspaleen, who was pretending to be more unscrupulous than she could have imagined and brought home quest instructions, was about to die.

She told her mentor, who had given her instructions with a Niyanya laugh, on the spot, "I knew you'd let me massage you!," he worried more than once about going down to earth.

But when I did that, when Goldwolf abandoned me, I was shaking it off each time.

Nasbi-faced old man and just old man......

The slightly painful scale that the two old men rode remained inclined to one side all the way in her.

Goldwolf praised the female teacher who had undertaken the quest without frustration.

Then immediately prepare for the adventure and start selecting party members.

Leader, of course, Glasparine Short Site.

The Spike (Pointman), as promised, himself… Goldwolf Slumdog.

All we need is a warrior, a magician and a Virgin.

According to Glasparine, the magician will accompany him as an examiner, so he could leave it to the person.

Then all that remains is the warrior and the Virgin......

Goldwolf was going to speak up to the adventurer, a regular in the store,

"Wait a minute! Why don't you speak first to your partner Atashi about that!?

"Yes, uncle! Psst... Psst, Patna...! Take, anyway, let me join your uncle!

Charles Lott and Primla......!

The unexpected girls have been running for office......!

"Oh, well, then, Mommy's coming with you!

"Pampering -!

Not only that, but Mother and Pine Pack joined the fight......!

Exactly because we can't take that number, Osama was forced to make a choice when he said it was before he left.

Come on, who do you choose, Goldwolf......!?