"This is an invitation from me, Midnight Shuffler, an honorary Noble Heavenly brave leader.

I am a great quasi-god brave man, Lord Nowan Lives Forever, and I wonder if my creation of an underground labyrinth (dungeon) called Antsuka is new to your memory.

That "Anttsuka", this time the expansion work has been completed and the "Between Kings" has been born on the lowest level.

We would like to invite a group of rideboys as a matter of priority as we conduct our birthday party.

A direct lift is available up to "Between Kings" on the day, but you may aim to "tread" as a quest treatment.

Now, in "Between Kings," I'll be waiting for you.


As you know, I was demoted in the past and am now a Kwon Ten.

But this is temporary because the incompetent, futureless young man pulled his leg.

We will soon return to our former ranks, so we now call ourselves the honorable heavens.

Dear, to a party of rideboys.

Honorable Heavenly Guide From Midnight Shuffler Gorgeous'

On a large study desk, a Nasbi-faced man running a feather pen.

When I finished the letter, I folded it into an envelope and pressed the wax with petane.

And with the girdle and the chair tightened, I flaunt my body on my back.

I snapped a thin beard round like Zenmai's tip in my heart with my fingers stretched out.

... I was going to have an expansion party after I got promoted, but I didn't know demotion was...

This is all because of those kids and the chara man too NON......!

Besides, I've been eyeing Glass Palin for so long, I didn't know he'd turn down this massage of mine...

Previously, I was honest and cute as a girl in both body and mind...... when did I become so Xiao Xian (kooky) non.

Even Glass Paleen, who thought it was an eternal gem, doesn't seem to beat the annual wave, non.

You should strike your hand immediately before you have any dirty blood.

Again... I guess I'll just have to apply an array to him, non.

That's right, Non.

On the occasion of the Expansion Party, it is good to do it at last.

Although not as impactful as the main event, it will be about the front seat.

While you can open a harem, you can appeal to the faction of the brave.

A group of rideboys are incompetent as if they were born with abandoned dogs alone.

If you must have my secret in front of you, you must fall asleep, non.

Hmmm......! What a delicious idea, non!

Quickly...... NOT to add to your plans!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Around that time, Goldwolf was lost.

Find out who will take the members to the promotion exam quest in Glasparine.

Charles Lunlot and Primla could not have chosen.

We're both just kids, and then we have a kidnapped past.

Because your involvement in this case could put you in danger again.

That's what Osama convinced me, but the lady couldn't be convinced, either.

"I was kidnapped in camp because my sword was a hedgehog! With your sword, I won't be late for a burglar anymore! Besides, when I say Atashi's going, I'm going! This is already a decision! No matter how much you say you can't, you're definitely going to follow me!

Even from Primla, who is usually supposed to convince me, I get a ride.

"Wah... me too! Whatever happens to me, I'll keep talking about your uncle!

... so stuffed, Goldwolf had to break.

Regardless of Primla, Charles Lunlot will follow even with all the difficulties.

Then the danger increases even further. I thought it would be safer if you stayed close to your eyes.

Now the members should have decided, but the trouble is with the other two.

"No, no, no! Mommy's here, too! Mommy is a bit of a golfie too!!

"No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no! Pampers and rice noodles!!

They rolled around with screams in the store, and Osama was in real trouble.

Fortunately, it was after closing.

But you can't just take the Grand Virgin and an unschooled child.

I can't help it, so I negotiate with a big wasting boy who plays his chest like a balance ball,

Uh, I'll feed you, five days.

Take a bath with me, one day

Let him sleep, three days.

On the terms of the deal, he asked me to give up accompanying him.

By the way, 'Ahem and feed' is the breakdown that Reincarnation feeds Goldwolf and Goldwolf feeds Pine Pack.

They were all difficult promises for Osama to understand, but for now, we're all set to leave.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Examiner's, Midnight Sugar Gorgeous's."

On the morning of his departure, he appeared in front of 'Slumdog Mart No. 1', a young girl, putting together a reddish, crimson robe.

Glasparene was nervous about the bees on her child opponent, so Goldwolf exchanges greetings instead.

"Nice to meet you, my name is Goldwolf Slumdog. I'm going to accompany you as Dr. Glasparine's spikesman."

Go on, Primla with a sticky head down.

"Nice to meet you, I'm Primla Holydor, who accompanies you as the Virgin. By the way... How old are you, Mr. Midnight Sugar?

Then the sleepy-eyed girl returned the chill upper hand.

"My companion's profile has been submitted in advance, so I don't need to introduce myself. Eight years old for asking questions. I'm almost nine years old. This time as a social dictionary, I taught it specifically. But from now on, if you ask questions that are not relevant to the exam, you will be eligible for reduction."

"Oh, my God, it's not the same grade as Atashi," said Charles Lunlot, who gets tangled up without fear of a diminution.

Midnight Sugar did not move her face and caught the swinging twin tail with her jitty eyes.

"I graduated from elementary school and other flying classes, and I already have a teacher's license. You look like the same kid, but your brain is grown up. Brains and children, you have to show respect for them."

There's no way a rebellious lady wouldn't react to that one word.

"What the hell!? If you're smart, you're a grown man!" And Goldwolf took control of it by hand.

"Please calm down, Mr. Charloonlot. We're going to fight together, so stay close."

But neither of us are.

"I'm telling you, even if I die, I refuse to get along with a Nekra woman!

"Be careful what you say. I've already begun my Glass Palin teaching exam. The rumbling to the examiner, even if it's a companion, is considered a reduction."

"Oh yeah! Compete which is quicker to lose or you get bumpy!?

Goldwolf held up the young lady, who was quick to say but grabbed her like a raging monkey.

I thought the future was difficult, but I didn't know it would be like this before I left... and I suffer alone.

"... whoa! Going out with the kids today, Mr. Goldwolf!?

Speaking to regular passers-by, I notice a further headache Tane.

If you look closely, all but yourself are children......!

Technically, I don't only have about one child, but when it comes to labor, it's more than a child...!

Besides, this time, it's not a recreation called camping or anything.


Besides, even top adventurers have to challenge the high difficulty quest of breaking underground labyrinths (dungeons)...!

Goldwolf was a veteran spiritual soldier (Pointman), but he had never been in such a situation before.

For him exactly, an encounter with the unknown......!

Will Osama, forced to take the wolf with him, be safe, accomplish the quest......!?