Goldwolf took each of the girls accompanying him on this quest to the front carriage parked in front of the store and went inside.

The luggage you need for your adventure is already loaded, so all you have to do is leave.

He turned to the throne and drew the reins of his beloved horse, the "Rusty Wind".

"Then I'll go. It's painful to ask Mother, but while you're away, please."

Reincarnation, who was coming to drop me off, held the pine pack and said, "Let it be!," he slaps his chest.

It's usually something that sounds like Don, but in her case it's Poyon.

"Guys, be careful. Eat your lunch. If it's not enough, tell me, Mom, because I'm going to deliver it."

"Meltdown!" and pine packs that raise their hands.

"You won't hear me say it," the two Virgin, approximating the lady's penetration, smiling and waving her hands off.

The carriage runs out of the cobblestone of the street, slipping.

The body has a built-in suspension, so there is little uncomfortable vibration.

The goal is Torqualm territory with "Ant Tsuka".

A small trip of about four hours in time if there are no problems on the road, although in the neighboring territory.

In the clear air of the early morning, Goldwolf tried to drive safely and slowly drove the carriage.

Going now is an underground labyrinth (dungeon) filled with bitter memories for Osama.

Behind his brain, the faces of his companions, who together made 'Ant Tsuka' and have lost their humanity.

And the grief of those families was swirling all the time.

On the carriage carriage behind it, a description of the test was given by Midnight Sugar.

"As notified earlier, the purpose of the test is to arrive at the" King's Room "on the lowest level of the" Ant Tsuka ". Only treading on your own is considered a success and disqualifies you if you use a lift or something similar."

The whisperer, lighter explanation continues, the more likely to be swamped by the sound of the wheels.

"Not only are we going to arrive at our destination, but we're also going to be evaluated for our behavior until then. Words and deeds that are not suitable for educators are reduced. And that's not only for the exams, but also for the accompanying students. In addition, today we have a group of brave rideboys as invitees for the" Antsuka "expansion party. Be careful because disrespect for them is a big reduction."

Osama turned his back and listened silently to the girl's words.

In its chest, a further bitter taste had been born.

"Ride Boy"......! A bunch of heartless braves......!

No less painful days than 'Ant Tsuka' can rise now......!

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

At the time, Ride Boy was a group of brave men on sale.

Is it hereditary, we were all aligned and short, and thanks to it, we remained low in our status as brave men.

But one day... a group of leaders came up with the idea of using the powerless.

It's a spikesman.

They have no sword moves, no magic hearts, and are particularly underprivileged among the brave parties.

Some brave men were treated badly like slaves, but they disparaged it even further.

What a means to treat a spiritual soldier (Pointman) as a horse by putting a shoulder car on him...!

Goldwolf was unlucky and had just held a spikesman (pointman) at their disposal, so he was the first to feed......!

All clothes are stripped and made into a piece of leather bread.

And his mouth was made to be covered, and he was carried on his shoulders like a saddle at all times.

And then, sandals like horseshoes.

That was all the outfits allowed.

All sleepovers are horse huts.

Meals were given only at the ends of vegetables, and sometimes as punishment, they were fed pasture.

And it is forbidden to speak any human language.

I just uttered a word that I could hear at all, and I was whipped.

Exactly, below slavery......! Completely, the treatment of animals......!

The figure of those deprived of human dignity was there......!

But the brave men, the horseman, say graciously.

"I just can stand and walk, but I think I appreciate it......!" and......!

Goldwolf had a group of rideboys on his shoulder every day.

There were as many as thirty brave men to belong to, so it was just daily...... I wasn't even given a day off.

They preferred the combat style of pulling the reins with one hand and manipulating long spears with one hand.

Because a weapon of normal length cannot attack a position close to the ground.

But this blocks both hands and prevents me from holding a whip for discipline.

Therefore, he used a boot with a gear with a lizard on the kakato, the so-called 'clap car'.

But no matter how tough Osama is, he's not a real horse.

It's just Osama.

When he was kicked hard in the flank with a clap, he was aggravated by such severe pain that he could not stand.

But fluttering the brave man, the rider, awaits further punishment.

Osama had to eat up his teeth and endure enough to drain blood from between his teeth.

Even with such inhumane treatment, Osama continued to be a good spiritual soldier (Pointman).

Then... the success of the quest increases and the names of the rideboys rise.

As a result, happy or unhappy applicants for the Spirit Soldier (Point Man) appeared, and more horse companions became available.

That day... it happened.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Horses who are not even fed water in flames and even run in the wilderness.

A waterfall-like sweat stains the cracked earth.

The horizon lasted everywhere, but he said there was an oasis in the middle of the wilderness.

Based only on that, the men, who had crushed themselves to the animals, whipped them to their own bodies.

But I waited in the desolation...

Wear a boneless iron mask and expose your musculoskeletal body, a 'brand new horse'......!

And cross it with a doya face, were four brave men...!

Out of them living side by side, they came forward to dance... a spear, a weapon, a young man wielding 'Lance' like a conductor stick.

"Lanlan, Lara ~ ♪ Well gathered, our beloved horse ~ ♪ Just now ~ ♪ I have happy news for everyone and sad news ~ ♪ Which way do I want to hear it from ~ ♪ Ooh ~ ♪ Horse, so you don't know the human language ~ ♪ Well, let's start with sad news ~ ♪ That's more, double the joy ~ ♪ Lara ~ Ng ♪"

He only looks like an elementary school student because he's short, but he sounds like a mature opera singer with a rich amount of voice around him.

"Lalalala ~ ♪ Everybody just now, I'm sorry to help you ~ ♪ 'Cause everyone thought we deserved to cross, a fine horse, but no ♪... gagga! One of these dogs was mixed up. ♪ And a wild dog. ♪ Doga-garn!

Horses bewildered by the sudden declaration of dismissal. And the reason doesn't make sense either.

We started to look at each other's faces, still letting them out of breath.

"Lalalala ~ ♪ Everyone already has the smell of a wild dog ~ ♪ I decided to throw it all away ♪ ♪ It's a secret who's a wild dog ♪ ♪ If you resent it, resent that wild dog ♪ ♪ Lalalala ♪"

The expression of the horses intersects surprise and suspicion.

As he rounded his pure eyes, as if he had become a horse to his heart, another brave man walked out.

Swinging the spear 'Spear' that I was carrying around like a baton twirling, I turn to the V-sign.

"Yikes! Pispice! Look, look, here! Okay!? No, it's not Speer anymore! This is it, you horse! If I told you I'd throw away the dog, come on, Master Godsmile paid me in advance! Psycho! Pispice!

Their unilateral proclamation will not stop.

Yet another brave man strokes his hair with his weapon (emon), the spear, "Javelin," whilst slapping lightly.

"Exactly, you understand that already? Come on, you've got a much better horse, so you're all ready!

And the last brave man to be one is a disgusting baby face.

Like a silk flag, it raises a spear 'Ocustan', a weapon.

"Me," Okutan "is here, declare well! With this new horse, I got a bad one... and then the old horses, too, got rid of me. Well! Yeah, yeah, whoa!

The horses on which the brave men were riding did not faint like large rocks, but came here to express their willingness to endorse them.


From that gap, like a hockey mask that a power-based killer does, a white breath of steam erupts.

Shortly afterwards, the momentum is like a locomotive rampant from a vehicle base, attacking lean horses......!

I give the forbidden 'human scream' to the menace of flesh oppression with a trampling momentum, once horses......!

"Ugh...! Wow!?!?

I just started running away like a spider child, it's too late...!

A forcible army from the early morning, the horse body, already exhausted, is as good as the newborn pony......!

Flirting and running away can easily catch up to you......!

And relentlessly shaken, Spear of Reaper......!

Others are caught by giant horses about two meters long and screwed off......!

Trampled and crushed by a giant horseshoe where he fell......!

Sweat wasn't the only thing that stained the dry earth.

When it came to Goldwolf, he didn't even know he was the culprit of it, and he was on the run...... he finally got a throwing rope around his neck and dragged him around like an execution in a western play.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Brave men who turn their backs on sunsets like mountain ranges.

The shadows are stretching long and long, healing their complex.

"No! No! Piss, piss, piss! Hey, you know what a double piece is? Try it! Then only save your life!... Nah, you're lying! Double piece slaughter. No!

A brave man who makes a piece sign with both hands, stirring it at the tip of his spear, making it even more of a mess.

"La Laraan ♪ Now, the finale ♪ ♪ Encore is useless ♪"

"Ooh! Even if we do it, we're all overdoing it! We're all screwed up and we don't know who we are anymore! Ox-tan, I'm mad at you, pumpkin!

"Well, it's nothing, huh? Instead, it's easier to understand which one the wild dogs are!

What they were looking down at was Osama, among the horses hunted, the only one who was stopping the original form.

He groans to be nightmared, "Ugh..." with a rope eating into his neck.

"Lalala ~ ♪ I hope I hurt you so much ~ ♪ It's midnight to notice ♪ ♪ When the sun sets around here, no to the extreme cold land ♪ ♪ Survival in the half-naked is absolutely impossible ♪ ♪ I'm sure when I wake up, gagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagagaga

"No! No! We didn't make it! And now Master Godsmile is going to love it! Yikes! Piss Piss Piss!"

"Ugh, now, a party of rideboys are smiling! Ox-tan, smile! Come on, go home! Otherwise I'll have a cold! Okutan, you should be Khushun Khushun!?

As they pull the reins with laughter, the new horses flip their bloody bodies with acne and turn their backs on the corpses.

Many silhouettes that run out and decaying dogs that are left behind.

In contrast to the lofty laughter that kept him away, the appearance invited too much pity.

It dissolves in drools, like a candle before it runs out......

Margined by a fiercely burning sunset, he could never know when it would go away, and was rocking red.