Goldwolf, who is in your seat, was quietly running the carriage, chewing on his former memories.

... I ate snakes and sarcophagus at that time and connected my life painfully.

Drinking water used the cold difference between day and night to rinse the condensation made of the horse's metal.

But...... the hardest part was outweighing the cold.

To low temperatures to the point of losing consciousness, it was not for the most part a parallelism.

Finally, I couldn't stand to... tear away just one of my friends' clothes as I cried.

My Lord! Pull, I'm hungry!

"This, Pull! It can't be!

A lively voice shakes his brain and Goldwolf's heart returns from the past.

"... Speaking of which, it's time for lunch. Shall we have lunch here?"

Already, when I noticed, 'Ant Tsuka' had come as far as to enter the far-sighted.

You can see the artificial exuberance of an ancient tomb in the mountains of Hiraku.

At the top of it stood a palace-like white Asian building, standing like a king's villa.

Around where the line was wanted, the meadows are just right for a break.

I parked a carriage on the side of the road, where I had lunch.

Take off your shoes on the leisure seat of the anesthesia cloth and lift up, lowering your hips together.

Personality also manifests itself in the way it sits.

Primla and Glass Paleen are front seated with their knees aligned, while Charles Lott and Midnight Sugar sit ducks.

And when it comes to Goldwolf... out of the seat, in a kneeling position.

Of course, keep your shoes on. Why, for when there was an ambush or something, not to take lag.

But if Primla can't just let her uncle play that role, she'll start playing Neko.

At last, both Charles Lott and Glass Paleen got on their knees, so Osama couldn't help but decide to sit in the seat.

"But I imagined it was more like an ant's nest because it was called 'Ant Tsuka', but it's not at all. Totally a gold hobby."

Spread heavy boxes. Stabbing the loving dish of reincarnation with a fork, Charles Lunlot said as he carried it one after the other into his mouth.

"Ant-tzuka was designed with the motif of the underground labyrinth (dungeon) and" Villamid "of Nowan Lives Forever, a quasi-god brave man. Though it's less than a tenth the size, only ideas outweigh the main house."

Behind what looks cool, Midnight Sugar is also eating puckered.

"Hung, that's how much I know. When it comes to the Quasi-God class, it's probably the top brave system."

In the rank of the brave, the quasi-god rank is closest to Godsmile.

It is considered the greatest man in each brave system, using it as a Godsmile katana at the apex of the brave.

The top warrior is Din Din Digir.

The head of the Brave Tone is Butterfly Totta.

The leader of the brave is "No-One Lives Forever."

The head of the Brave Woman is Marie Blood HQ.

... busli!

The lady's blue fork and the examiner girl's red fork simultaneously pierced the yellow egg roll.

"Hun, I can't believe the quasi-god brave guys are all perverted, but it's not crazy to create an underground labyrinth (dungeon) that manages it."

When the lady catches the egg roll, she opens her mouth wide with Arn.

But the red fork grew ahead of me into my mouth, and I plundered it.

"Bad talk to quasi-god brave men is diminishing. The bad word against the owner of" Antsuka "is less. And taking away people's egg rolls is a lot less."

"That wasn't Atashi getting his hands on first! You must be the one who's taking it!

"Nope. It was a few seconds apart, and the fork was faster."

Midnight sugar with a little mouth to yourself and an arn to open.

Intercept the blue fork that just flew in with the other fork you took out at some point.

And the Chamberlain match that begins.

Glasspaleen, who has to be the first to arbitrate at a time like this, is alone in extinguishing whether the limit has come to the unfamiliar front seat.

Primla just grates too.

An attack around the last egg roll.

Charles Lunlot goes without saying, but Midnight Sugar doesn't seem to like losing, either, and doesn't give in a single step.

And it settles in an unexpected way.

to gold bounced like a rebound,

... Pishhh!

and the white trajectory falls out.

Then it just cracked in two in the air and poured down on the players' mouths.

Each, take it like a pond carp.

"I asked you to do it before we left, but we're going to be on a quest together, so please get along"

What I did was pose like after I unleashed the missile, and Osama was holding hands.

The disputing girls follow with their eyes the identity of the missing trajectory in a move that was as aligned as a lie as they had been until just now.

Then a white fork pierced the tree that was nearby.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Anttsuka" was magnificent when seen nearby, lifting the palace at the top high enough to look up, as if it were on the sky.

The palace is the gateway to the underground labyrinth (dungeon), which is reserved for brave parties only.

The goldwolves without the brave had to turn to the entrance and exit for general use.

That's the back of the hill, a hole at the foot, with a wild vibe like "Ant Tsuka".

Besides, it seemed poorly drained, and the area around the entrance was like mud.

Except for Goldwolf, he had his face against its evil, but an even more deaf yaj poured down from above.

The identity of the voice was... four shadows, in an unnatural form.

"Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla, Ranla! ♪

What I was pointing out at the tip of the spear was' Ride Boy Lance '.

A young man with a nasal muscle, such as a narcissist, who blows his medium long hair away.

My face has the impression of being a pro man representative, but my body shape is like a pro wrestler.

I'm actually letting my shoulder car, but 'the person below' is covered up by a brilliant cloak like a stage costume.

They seem to have twisted the complex too far and run out of thick bottom boots.

"No, you're not! That's not a rat, you dog!

"Ride Boy Javelin" was the one who was spearing his hair.

My hair is shining perfectly with a leash, a flush that I think is colorful myself.

"Wow! I forgot your name, but it's been a while! Pispice! Could you have seen our quest in the paper and brought a fan child to support us!?

It was' Ride Boy Spear 'who was pointing the V-sign as he swung his spear around.

Unmade bouncing hair and a nibble face that looks like a mismatch of freshness and lightness.

You mistake restlessness for Nori's goodness, or you don't sit still for a moment.

"Huh!? Persistent kids should be hated!? If you want to meet the Oxtands, come live, not this private! Otherwise, Ox Tan, you pussy! Already! Pfft!

It was' Ride Boy Ocustan 'who was waving his spear in his back voice and revealing his deliberate anger.

He floats his cheeks dyed red and blushed on his face, which is engraved with an annual wheel worthy of age.

The mascot character of the treat looked like he was getting old... only he was unbalanced to the face as well as the body.

...... they are called the 'cut-in squad' of a group of rideboys.

And now the four people who are putting together an idle unit under the name 'Rylai Wright' are assembled here and now...!

They are backing the majestic palace with the sunshine that has reached its peak.

Although its appearance was distorted (snoring), it made it feel quite cosmetic thanks to the background.

Whilst the Greek gods standing in Acropolis......!

If you were a normal person, you would have unleashed so much aura that you couldn't help but fall down...!


No, New Brave, join the fight......!!


● Ojin Class (Chairman)


● Quasi-God (Jun Shin) Grade (President)

Din Din Dingil


Noone Lives Forever

Marie Blood HQ (Harley Queen)

● Shiten Grade (VP)

Kitty Geyser

● Chi Tian (Chi Ten) Grade (Director General of the Great Powers)

● Seating Grade (Deputy Director of the Great Powers)

● Master Tian (Shigen) Grade (Director of Small Country)

● Li Tian (Riki Ten) Grade (Deputy Director Kokuni)

● Nengtian Grade (Aspects Manager)

NEW: Ride Boy Lance

NEW: Ride Boy Javelin

NEW: Ride Boy Spear

NEW: Ride Boy Ocustan

● Kwon Ten Grade (Branch Manager)


Midnight Shuffler

● Datian Grade (Store Manager)

● Koten Grade (no title)

○ Fallen Heaven

Diamond Rich Nell

Crimson Teager

Seven unnamed brave men.


"Antsuka" and "Ride Boy"......!

Goldwolf's two past are now vividly resurrected... as a current threat...!