Goldwolf only gave his salute back to the brave men who had taken the view from the hilltop.

Cross the swamp with Charles Lunlotte roaring towards them and Glass Paleen, each on his shoulder, solidifying like a statue.

Goldwolf's legs were buried all the way under his knees, muddy, but he doesn't seem to care.

Grate the girls to the entrance to 'Ant Tsuka' before returning again, this time carrying Primla and Midnight Sugar.

"Um, uncle... you don't have to go this far..." the Virgin was frightened,

"No. If you get mud on your body, it affects your movement. Especially if you're wearing a robe. Plus there could be hills and snakes lurking in the swamp. As we enter the underground labyrinth (dungeon), we must avoid the damage caused by them. The role of the Spider-Man is to prepare for the time to come and be careful to maximize the strength of the party members."

His face, saying so, was already wearing the distinctive sharpness of the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) from his usual soft expression.

Then everyone arrives at the entrance to the underground labyrinth (dungeon).

The exterior was a loess wind pit (furrow) that was suitable to be called "Ant habitat", but it was well maintained with stone inside.

But the wind that blows out of the back is as cold and dry as metal.

By the cobblestone, which continued straight, a trench was being dug, like a waterway for use, and the water was flowing chorocholo.

This ditch may have sewage flowing if you are unlucky.

At that time, it is filled with exactly the smell of sewage, but today it looks like beautiful water.

Goldwolf removes the lantern he was lowering from the large backpack he was carrying for immediate use.

Midnight Sugar, who was showing himself in his eyes, made a magical flame appear by chanting a few words to you.

"In one lantern, it's not enough as a light source. Deduction One," she said, underestimating the inner Osama.

But Osama's lantern was a delicacy with the magic of light amplification.

Illuminate the area as bright as day.

A decent fire didn't do its original job and floated without a location, but it said, "Wow! Hello, cute fireman!" It was well received by Primla alone.

Goldwolf turned on the lights, making sure the end of the aisle was first harmless.

"So let's go, Dr. Glasparine, what about the line?

I look back and ask.

Glass Pareen has been nervous all morning and grown up like a loaned cat again.

Suddenly Goldwolf shook me up and said, "Hih!?" He jumped up, failed to land and was falling.

Suspicious body whether the leader is a teacher or not.

This is like an elementary school student being snagged by a yakuza.

Goldwolf had no intention of scaring him and wanted him to show off the results of his daily studies.

But the care is not conveyed, and she only returns her life-sweeping eyes to Ururu.

Sometimes I look at Midnight Sugar, the examiner, more flirtatious, as I ask him how he feels.

When this happened, there was no other way out of the help boat.

"... okay, Dr. Glasparine. Then, as you instructed me the day before, I will take the lead. After that, let's go in line a little further, Mr. Charles Lunlotte, Dr. Glasparine, Mr. Primla, Mr. Midnight Sugar…"

"Ha, ha! Oh, that ahoy! Hey, exam officer!? Damn, that's great to see you in that line!?

Glass Paleen has a tight voice, clutching to Midnight Sugar like a peasant complaining directly.

"... the exam has already begun. I can't tell you if that decision is correct. I asked you something extra, so I'm going to give you a minus one."

"Shh, less!? Hino, no, no, no!?!?

Coldly slammed like a neck gate, the female teacher sounded a scream in the aisle with her glasses just cracked.

Charles Lunlotte, who was behind her, said, "Shut up!" and twitch the protest chops.

"Glass paleen! You're exaggerating with just about one point! What are you gonna do, freak out at him with such a nasty tail! You're gonna score a hundred million points in return, and you're gonna stand with Dawn. Yikes! With Dawn!"

"Ugh... Ugh! I'm sorry. Come on, Charles, Lunlotte! Me... Me, good luck!

"It's not the end of the story. I inherited it from my father in a format. I insulted you, so I cut to two."

"Shh, minus two!? Hinooooooooooooooooo!?!?

To further penalties, a female teacher shouts as she squeezes her cheeks with both hands.

The figure, even though it was still the entrance, was all around to give the feeling of a lost path.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

But queuing up, the flow was surprisingly smooth since we started going back.

The leading Osama has a rod-like rod of telescopic fishing and is progressing as he occasionally strikes the ground.

This is one of the tools called Point Man Sticks.

It's for tapping on potentially trapping feet and walls and pre-detecting them.

The rear-end examiner was suspicious, though, as he proceeded too inadvertently.

... I'm using a stick to find out if there are any traps.

But the speed of walking is pretty fast for a spikesman... it's like walking in the garden of your own house, an inadvertent step.

Father said, "That man is useless and non. If you leave me alone, I'll die on my own," he said.

You're right, you sound like a reckless, lifeless fool.

My father tells me he doesn't mind killing that man.

Worst case scenario, other companions and glasspaleens too......

But at this rate, it is imperative that we destroy them all even if we don't get our hands on them.

The girl's sleepy eyes reflected the truth hidden in this quest on the backs of those who knew nothing.

No... 'I don't know' might rather be her.

Stasta walking Osama's, who he is...

That it is deadly for her to be given a secret assignment...

Osama was not only involved in the construction of this' Ant Tsuka '... he escaped from the lowest level alone, the only person...!


For him, even the 'Ant Tsuka', called the Highly Difficult Underground Labyrinth (Dungeon), was only in the garden...!

I'm being slapped in the head by everything about where the shortest route is and where the trap is.

Along with mental trauma (trauma) you will never forget if you try to...!

... Kakin!

Something struck the floor, along with a faint impact sound.

It's the fork I used for lunch.

Osama punched a wedge into the floor stone that triggered the trap.

Subsequents who step over without realizing they are. Nobody notices, and of course nothing happens.

Next, the fork was shot out into the air.

... Dossssssss!...... Kiwi!?

Osama caught a bat crashing with a fine scream with one hand.

The fork he had stabbed was recovered and the prey he had obtained went from his waist to a cloth bag that was lowering.

"Goldwolf, what have you done now?

I seem to have just noticed this, and the lady at the beginning of the subsequent period calls out, staring into her eyes.

"I defeated a bat scourge called 'Army Bat'. It's a pain in the ass if you don't knock them out before they find us."

"Hmm. Atashi is bored right now, so you can call him?

"It's the only time I'm bored. You'll be fighting monsters soon, even if you don't want to."

Midnight Sugar, who was listening to the two interactions.

Its face was cold and flat like an ice rink, but its heavy eyelids lifted slightly.

This slight difference is the expression change when she is surprised.

... I knew there was an "Army Bat" in the dossier my father gave me.

And I learned how to deal with it in college.

Use dark vision magic (Infrastructure Vision) to pay attention to the ceiling… Once you discover it exists, attack it with magic or bows and arrows.

But he didn't use dark vision magic or anything.

The lantern's light hasn't reached the ceiling yet, and 'Army Bat' is a protective colour… it shouldn't be possible to discover it in human sight.

Besides, the "Army Bat" scourge is quick and cautious.

Even a skilled adventurer says it's hard to hit an attack.

Even magic and bows and arrows fail, but it's impossible to defeat them with a wooden fork...

Could it be... just a coincidence?

The examiner girl's expression was calm itself, but her inner heart was being slightly disturbed.

… there is an adage 'there is no way in the underground labyrinth (dungeon)'.

In the labyrinth where traps and monsters wait, it means that there is not a single path that can be walked without distraction.

But here it is.

Like our garden, there's a safe path by absolute.

It's like a castle in the sky, only those who believe can reach it, it's...

"The Road Osama Passed"......!

The girls, they'll find out someday.

How reliable that back was.

"Bored" thanks for challenging a highly difficult underground labyrinth (dungeon).

And oddly, at the same time, in the same place... just a little further away in the hierarchy, they were there.

I can notice Osama's difficulties, the Setouchi people......!