Unlike the bad entrance where the Goldwolves entered, they were in front of a staircase to the basement where the red carpet was laid.

"Lara lara lara! Long time no see, Quest Challenge! Arms ringing! Pokipokipokipoki!"

"Yikes! Me, me, me! And if you succeed, why don't you put it in 'Riley Ride'!? Piss, piss, piss!"

"But you say the only one who can be promoted is the first one to step on it?

"So this time, huh, we're gonna do it in pieces, huh? We're usually friends...... Ox-tan, sabing! But don't stop, declare it here. Well! I was the first to get to" Between Kings "... Yikes, Yikes!

fists raised with yellow voices.

The rideboys are slipping into the 'Ant Tsuka' with that as a signal.

Spirits (Pointman), Wizards and Virgins follow in haste.

Including 'people below', each party consists of five people.

That's the four groups, so it was a busy break-in for a total of 20 people.

Unlike the entrance to the Goldwolves, the passage is illuminated by a wall bonfire.

Each group broke through a passage that stretched like an amida lottery and became scattered.

By the way, a group of rideboys are also famous as idle units, but their most popular is the group 'Riley Ride'.

The four brave men challenging this time are a discipleship group called 'Rylai Wright'.

If you speak to the entity, it is two armies.

There are various other derivative groups, such as "Lyrie Lime," "Lyrie Lime," and "Lyrie Rice," but they all dream of entering the main house, "Lyrie Ride".

This quest, if you accomplish "Ant Tsuka Trek," you can join the army, and they were always cooperating, too. Only this time were they acting differently.

By the way, they didn't hide it back in the day, but it's an absolute secret that they're crossing horses now that they've made their idol debut.

That's what makes it the top secret, like the rattlesnake suspicion of the Great Castor.

Furthermore, there are two main types of adventurers.

"Hunting" type (type) and "Explorer" type (type) ".

"Hunting" type (type) "specializes mainly in crusading monsters.

Hunt for monsters that attack cities and villages, or monsters with rare materials.

A group of rideboys is of this type.

As cowboys hunt wild cows, they run around the earth in groups to chase monsters and stab todomes.

Explorer Type Explorer explores underground labyrinths (dungeons) and specializes in treadmills and treasures.

The reason the rideboys are not of this type is obvious, because they are not good at moving in narrow places because they cross horses.

Thus entering the underground labyrinth (dungeon) since it was once crossed by wild dogs… it was a truly long time to explore the labyrinth for them.

And that baptism will soon descend upon them......!

"Yay... yay!? What is this bat? No!? No, no, no! Don't get carried away!"

Yes, 'Army Bat'......!

Though successful in detecting scouts, Ride Boy Ocustan, who failed to shoot down, had just become its bait......!

Snuggled around by a frightening number of bats, an inch ahead is darkness......!

Occasionally, the shadows of my fellow men break out like they're on fire...!

"Nnooooooooo! Oh, my God! Pump, pump, pump, pump! Kick your ass! Ox, dude, dude, dude!

... Dossssssss!

The lame lame cloak swells slightly, and the kick that directs the assault gives me the 'person below'.

Immediately after,

...... doo!

and a start like a short walk off, giants trembling like ripping darkness.

Leaving my people behind and going through bat hell all at once...

Hole hell......!

"Do...!? Yahhhhhhhh!?!?

Warrior Brave (Seiyusha) Ride Boy Okustan, Shoot away early to start......!

I can't help it.

The trap is set because it is a natural underground labyrinth (dungeon) and nothing but suicide, such as running into a dark cloud.

The hole was traversing the labyrinth like a river, just downstream where a line of Goldwolf had taken its way.

The hole is less than ten meters wide and there are many levers on the opposite shore like a train branch.

The handshake on the lever was carved with a familiar Nasbi face, which was this unpleasantly creepy sight because it lined up sloppily like the Buddha's Cabinet.

Charles Lunlot, with a glimpse of his face from around Goldwolf's waist, stares at the levers as mummy......

"I guess if you take one of those levers down this side, something will be able to activate and cross. Besides, only one of them is clammy, and the others look a little hazy. I can't believe there's only so many of them after the initial tricks... it looks like the poor taste of the guy who made them seeps out."

Midnight Sugar watched the two of us at the head, far-winded, "Don't talk ill. of subtraction 2," I will not forget to penetrate.

"Right," Osama replied, not taking sides with either of them, waving the pointman stick like a fishing rod.

...... Bhun!

A thin wire on the stick flew away and wrapped around one of the levers on the opposite bank.

Squeeze with the reel at hand and pull forward to pull up the fish caught.

"What!? Hey Goldwolf, if you pull without thinking, you're in danger!?

...... Gacon!

Shortly after stopping, the lever who was against him bows.

... Gogogogogogogogogogogo...!

The floor across the shore stretches toward us, along with a landslide-like sound.

After it hit the hole like a thin bridge, it stopped with Gakoon.

"Looks like it was clams. Let's go."

Approximately the distracted lady, Osama takes out the nappy cloth she used as a leisure seat and begins to lay it on the bridge handily.

Here, at last, the examiner's discomfort peaked.

... There must have been 99 levers here.

One of these clams... the rest of the 98, it triggers a trap.

Actually, I thought I'd pull the trap around, so I was a little away.

But even so, I caught a clam in one shot...!

There was a chance it was a coincidence that I finished "Army Bat"... but it wasn't a coincidence this time...!

I put a cloth on the stretched bridge to prove it...!

That bridge is made of slippery material, and it's a trick to draw clams and drop the alarmed......!

That's what the guy saw without even touching it...!?

Why......!? Why......!?

... Her lid, which always seemed sleepy, was lifting even more than usual in an attempt to elucidate suspicion.

But you can't even tell.

Vibrant Osama's, who he is...!

If this was a normal underground labyrinth (dungeon), Goldwolf would not have gone so far, leaving it to the autonomy of his peers.

But this is called the "Antsuka", a high-difficulty underground labyrinth (dungeon).

The spiciness is well known to him himself.

A moment of relaxation leads to a great deal of damage, so we decided to go full open from the start.


Relentless early answers like pressing the start button and opening the strategy book at the same time......!

Besides, when a player comes with a guy like a pro gamer, there's not one...!

I thought the offense was no longer just a matter of time......!

But it is...!

For Osama, there was only one element that had not yet been calculated......!

That's like an ocane coming in the room with a vacuum cleaner, the Grand Virgin breaking in (penis)......!?


It is the presence of a girl like a cat, sneaking in from a house of approximation......!

If I had to, I wouldn't even hate to press the reset button on the demon hand...... do you notice, GOLDWOLF......!?