A line of goldwolves that finish crossing the bridge connectively and go deeper into the pawn.

Already away from the hustle and bustle outside, only the sound of stepping on the bedrock rings like a bug.

From time to time out of nowhere, I get wars and screams, but every time Primla looked around anxiously.

As far as Glass Palin goes, "Hiya!?" and the beginning and end of letting your body shrink like a child who heard thunder.

"You guys are still freaking out. I wanted to get to that scream sooner than ever, 'cause I'm a wuss."

Charles Lunlot, who does things like wandering around, notices something on the sidewalk.

"Ah!? Hey, Goldwolf! There's a chest!

What the lady was happily pointing to was a small room without doors.

In the back is a treasure chest placed on a pedestal.

It is a large one with about a crib and is decorated by silver craftsmanship.

There was already a splendid 'treasure' that seemed worthwhile in Gawa alone.

The first discoverer, the lady, pretended her ass like a cat waving a jarasi in front of her, so Goldwolf hugged her on the verge of popping out.

"You shouldn't. That crate has a trap. No, there are traps in the room itself, so it's dangerous just to get close"

The attention is also right-to-left for excited ladies.

He wants to get even a millimeter closer to the real chest he sees for the first time, and he's bulging in the air.

"Oh, let go of me, Goldwolf! You can disarm the trap, right? Then let's open it! I've come to the underground labyrinth (dungeon), so don't take home one or two of your treasures! Hey, Midnight Sugar! If you open the chest, it must be an addition!?

Try to get out of Osama's arms and now I see Midnight Sugar better.

The little examiner then raised and lowered his unspeakable face vertically.

"Here! Adding points, Goldwolf! This is your chance to get your points back! So I opened it. Come on! Nice! Hey!"

A lady who rocks her body like a sweetheart.

She's always on a high speed bike, and she'll never do this kind of snack.

... goldwolfopponents apart.

He seems to enjoy being held in his father's arms, even in a posture that seems to overwhelm him with momentum.

Osama broke his expression, saying, "Oh, boy.

"Okay. So, shall we open it? But don't move from here until I say yes."

"Yay!" and unloaded Charles Lunlot with great joy, Osama approached the small room with caution.

After sticking it against the wall and asking what was going on indoors, he set a bandage on fire at the end of the stick, one of the seven tools of the Spirit Soldier (Point Man).

Inserting it into the room, after a beat,

...... Doddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd!!

Arrow bullets like hives jumped out of holes in the left and right walls and rammed around the room.


Non-Midnight Sugar audiences will be gnawed.

"It senses heat, and it's how arrows pop up. But now we've shot it all up," Osama said.

The next time I took out the seven tool pebbles, I threw them toward the floor.


...... JAKING!!

Countless blades popped out of the floor of the room so as to stand upside down.

Osama stays between them and punches a wooden fork into the base of the blade to stop the trap from moving in.

"It's how you sense the pressure on the floor and the blade pops out. All the blades go in and out in tandem, so if you hold one spot, you'll be left out of this street."

That's how I explained it, sliding my body between the forested sword and the sword.

The gap between the blade and the blade is narrow and touches the body, but it is not damaged due to blade protection equipment.

Only one girl roared in her heart as her companions watched her harrassment.

... Uhm...! What a good hand......!

But so far...!

That chest has a hell of a trap...!

Besides, you need a lot of skill to disarm...!

Even an armed bandit (sheaf) is hard enough to spare his life...!

Of course, you won't be able to see the severity of a single spiritual soldier (Pointman) as well as disarming him...!

This is the end of the man...!

... Kakin! Shh! Pakah.

It was a moment after I was hiding on Goldwolf's big back, so I could only hear those three sounds.

When I noticed, the chest was open and Osama, who took out what was inside, was looking back.

"Ten million yen (ender). Looks like" The Brave Vote. "

A "Brave Vote" is a security that can only be issued by a brave man and can be redeemed if taken to a bank.

It's like a check now, but in the case of a population underground labyrinth (dungeon), this form is taken because it's a lot of inconvenience to pack expensive cash in a crate.

Naturally, the drawer of the brave votes obtained this time is the Midnight Shuffler.

From his account, he can withdraw as much as 10 million yen in cash in Japanese yen.

Too vibrant handiwork and just a few minutes to make that money......!

Girls who stand up as if this is really real or even daydreaming.

Osama, back to them, handed it to Glass Paleen, as effortless as a nose paper.

Speaking of $10 million, it's her salary for as much as five years.

The schoolteacher, whose pupils remained open as if she were a bidder, had passed out standing up.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Where my fellow goldwolves were wrapped up in dreamy feelings...... while the brave party was devastated by nightmares.

A line of Ride Boy Spears, challenging a chest of the same structure.

El Boncos, a spider (pointman), spent nearly an hour struggling with a sword under the floor, although the trap of an arrow bullet jumping out of the wall was lifted.

"Ah, already! I can't use it. - Hey! This isn't a piece at all! Didn't take this long when I was letting the wild dogs do it!? That's enough, get out of the way!

Ride Boy Spear finally cut his paralysis and paid off Elle with a spear from the horse.

"Wow!? Shh, I'm sorry, Master Ride Boy Spear! So, but it's reckless to go into a room without unlocking a trap! It's a skewer!?

"Oh, my God! I said I'm sturdy! Yikes! Pispice!"

Of course the sturdy one is not himself...... 'the one below'.

Speer speared and lifted Elle's clothing collar and neck as he twisted a kick up, a signal of a special attack.

"I have to open the chest, so come with me! Yikes! Pispice!"

"Damn...... no! Give me a break, Master Ride Boy Spear! Ahhhh!?

Three men who leave a glimmer of wind and enter the room.

The Virgin and the Wizard Left Behind said, "Yikes! Dear Spear!," he cheers energetically weather.

And they witnessed hell.