It is no longer a horse. Rideboy Spear tramples and vandalizes the floor of the room with an Indian elephant-like rampage.

But although the first step was momentum enough to kick everything in, it was quickly stopped by a sword shot out of the floor with momentum like a pile bunker......!

The giant, usually as sturdy as a machine, is also irresistible.

"The Lower Man" has his vocal cords destroyed, so he can't raise his voice if he gets his lower limbs amputated.

As it serves instead, Elle's screams, which remain suspended at the tip of Spear, will not stop.

"Ahhh!? Abgh!? Abgh!? Abuuuuuu!? It's dangerous! It's dangerous! If he falls, he'll die! If it falls, it won't. Ooh!?

"Ugh, Elle! Shut up and watch what I do! Come on, roar my body!... that my body is not even this vicious! With such a sword, I'll flush you with an easy win! I don't know what to do, I'm going for a crate! No! No! Pispice!"

From the bottom, Kenyama, from the top, about a kick up, and the full-blown creation "The Man Below".

But like rabbits undergoing drug experiments, they endure without saying anything.

One step, one step closer so that the stone statue moves while leaving a bloody build-up...... I finally broke my knee.

"Hey! Just a little bit more. 'Cause you're not resting. - Hey! My body! But I'm not giving up, man! Even if the meat shreds and the bones are crushed and scattered, we'll get there and show them! In that chest! To determine the pieces of glory!

I don't feel painful or itchy, so here I am. Spear who cuts a big deal.

On a disfigured clap, he was butt-pushed with a popping sword tip, and Elle was panicking even more.

"Yikes!? Grrr! Grrr!? Stabbed, stabbed sooooooo!? Die!? Die!? Die!? Die already uuuuuuuuu!?

"Good luck! Master Speer! Elle, shut the fuck up for a second!

"I can't believe you're so hurt... Dear Spear, what a rigid person you are! Compared to that, when it comes to Elle's pity......!

It was no longer transformed into an unusual space, where heaven and hell lived together.

The brave men of absolute power like God and the girls who, blind to it, also feel like ascending into heaven.

Two men who do not follow their intentions continue to suffer blame......!

Even when I was caught like that, it should be noted that my lower body continued to be my lower body.

When I stood up to crawl out of the mud, I finally did my best... and wobbled about.

Spear's vision brings your waiting chest to a close.

Faster than you can imagine.


"The Below" was aware that he had already lost the functionality he needed to step on the ground.

But by squeezing all the remaining power and falling to the front... I tried to fulfill the Lord's (or his) wishes at all...!

"Yee-haw!... What!? Hey, wait!? bump bump bump bump bump bump bump!? Wow!?!?

...... Gusha!

The face of Ride Boy Spear crumbles as he is slapped by an iron box.

It was an odd sight, from a stranger to the truth of 2in1, like taking the initiative to poke his head in the crate, even though he hated it in words.

Immediately after, I sensed a vibration. It was relentless,

...... dowwwwwwwwwwww!!

I blew out a big fire like a backdraft.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

By then, Glasparine was at war.

Not because I heard a painful scream, like it came from the fire scene.

A small room that slides to the side and appears when Goldwolf accidentally pushes the wall.

It goes in like a room visit, and I collect the crisps and contents and come back.

"Looks like it was a hidden room again. Yes, please, Doctor."

A bunch of votes that I no longer give up counting.

That new page is given to the female teacher.

There was already enough money in her hands that she could not save after about ten rounds of reincarnation.

When Goldwolf first entered this underground labyrinth (dungeon), he was in "early solving mode".

However, after finding out that the acquisition of the crate would add points, he had switched to 'Full Attack Mode'.

Discover one treasure chest after another with no mercy, as if it were an IRS gasket.

We already had billions of dollars.

… it is an unimaginably large behavior from a midnight shuffler who even ketched workers' rewards, such as placing billions of units of gold in an underground labyrinth (dungeon).

However, the underground labyrinth (dungeon), which is told as a masterpiece, always contains the element "High Risk & High Return".

Nobody comes near just a beautiful petal called 'Highly Difficult Underground Labyrinth (Dungeon)'.

It is the sweet nectar of 'treasure' that is enclosed in it that keeps the insects from jumping in.

Having your own underground labyrinth (dungeon) is a status for the brave, but in properties like the idle bird rings, it becomes a laugh the other way around.

So even that nasbi, who is said to be dodgy, has no choice but to cut his money.

... My daughter knew the hardships of such a father.

But Osama, the example, knows the thoughts or not......

Right in front of her, she's trying to take her roots all the way to Dark Gold Gordon.

Although the Nasbi child would not give it to his expression, he had his pale face as white as paper.

... What the hell is this...!?

If it's just the chest in the visible position, why even the hidden room...!?

If we keep this up, this' Ant Tsuka 'chest will be taken by this man for the most part...!

Then Father, I'm sorry for the loss...!

And finally, she had to change it.

The idea that you will destroy yourself, even if you don't do anything in particular.

Before my father goes bankrupt, I have to stop him at all costs......!

directly, hands down, but......!

I was just about to split up, pointing the other way around from where Goldwolf would try to head.

"... this is the right way to go."

Goldwolf stopped because the examiner placed the order for the first time.

"Why is that? There are monsters on your path."

Midnight Sugar bites her lips with a cool bite.

... this man...!

After all, I was passing avoiding the path where the monster was...!

"That's why. Not only is your ability to explore, but your ability to fight is one of the key elements in this test."

"A monster!? Nice! I'm getting tired of crates, too! Let's go, Goldwolf!

A bloody lady comes aboard just fine.

After a little thought, Goldwolf slowly took the lead.

"Okay. Okay, let's go the right way. The monster waiting ahead is probably a magic skeleton. Dr. Glasparine, what are your characteristics about Magic Skeleton?"

"Ha, ha!? Uh... uh... uh... yeah... look... bones?

"... right. Magic Skeleton is a monster made of bone. It combines the properties of both 'undead', which is immortal, and 'golem', which magically moves. He's wearing weapons, gear, etc., and that's the source of magic. Play it again and again until it leaves your body, so aim for what you're wearing, not your bone body"

Osama takes a breather here, looks around at his buddies and confirms his expression.

Primla and Glass Paleen's face was tense as they were to battle the monsters abruptly.

Charles Lunlot is excited as if going to the amusement park as well, and Midnight Sugar stares into the void with his usual blurry expression.

The girls' reactions seemed half tense and excited.

But in any case, it was gratifying in underground labyrinths (dungeons), where accidental encounters were the norm, to be able to prepare the mind before fighting.

This is naturally Osama's business of knowledge and defensive ability.

"As for the operation, I will gather the target of the enemy. I will only remove one, so Mr. Charlonlot will deal with that. Mr Charlonlot, what is the most important thing to pay attention to in your fight against Skeleton?

Goldwolf asks like a teacher.

If it was a regular battle, he would collect targets for all monsters, but he dared to declare them off.

This is due to the consideration of having the girls experience in action.

The lady who was guessed, bissi! and raised his hand vigorously.

"Yes, yes! Skeletons are very different from human swinging swords because they have no eyes and no muscles!? Don't use interpersonal Theory because you can't predict fat muscles with your gaze or body movements! You just have to fight with the same intentions as an unknown monster!?

"Exactly. There will be feelings of deviance (haya) in your first battle, but keep your desire to attack down and focus on defense first. And you grab the scum of the other person's movements. Is that good?... Then next, Dr. Glasparine. Doctor, put a mana shield on Mr. Charles Lunlotte and cover for him."

"Ha... ha!" and a female teacher who becomes upright immovable.

"Next, Mr. Primla, prepare for the 'Great Purification'. As soon as the battle begins, please."

"Purification" is one of the prayers of the Virgin, who is regarded as "healing," and has the power to extinguish the monster of immortality.

"The Great Purification" is meant to restore high level monsters to heaven.

Though the Virgin nodded loudly enough to shake her forehead, she immediately made a difference.

"Okay. But, uncle... if it's a magic skeleton, I think it's okay with a normal 'purification'...? Besides, 'great purification' takes time to pray..."

"Yes, but so please"

I wonder if Primla, which took the form of a reminder, has any idea.

I said nothing more, "OK," he said again, moving the glowing glow of his hair.

"Finally, Mr. Midnight Sugar. You cover for me with a fireball."

"I got it."

Especially the girl who knocks the redneck forward, without any opinions or emotions.

But those nasbi-colored eyes, like the deeply worn hood, were burning up quietly.

... I didn't know you'd even have 'The Great Purification' ready...!

After all, this man... he's not the only one...!

In this battle... we have to do whatever it takes...!