Skeletons hanging neatly from the ceiling, like a skeletal specimen factory.

Unlike bonfires, they are illuminated in blue and white by a magic stone called "Shining Stone" embedded in the wall, which further highlights their lack of flesh.

Suddenly from the dark passage, a light blossomed like a gas burner.

illuminating Osama and the girls, the intruders, for a few moments,

... Shubba!

A pale fireball that is shot indoors.

Osama, who was in the lead, leaps in, as he chases it.

The fire line hit a leading skeleton like Kingpin,

...... pakaaaaaaa!!

and smash like a strike.

... Gashan!

The arm of the hanger comes off simultaneously, and the new pins descend into the lane.

The girls in the aisle slipped it into the room.

Watching Goldwolf rush into a herd of single 'magic skeletons' as he prepares to act as a guard.

They were, everyone wondered.

Osama of Ka was at a pre-op meeting,

"As an operation, I will gather the target of the enemy. I will remove only one, so Mr. Charles Lott will deal with it."

I've instructed you.

That was so insignificant that I was convinced on the spot I was told...

But now, can you do such a clever thing...? And I noticed the difficulty.

There are thirty Magic Skeletons in this room, counting all the time.

Regardless of one or two bodies, is there any way to single out this many targets?

By the time this one launches the pre-emptive strike, the Skeletons will all recognize the intruder and begin a scattering operation.

If they weren't also 'Osama Hate' it would be a visible conflagration......

It was my first real fight for the girls, but I have as much practice experience as I can predict.

Certainly there will be a multitude of skeletons coming this way, and some will rejoice, and some will fear, and some will prepare themselves for battle, standing still.

... but unexpected shoulder watermark...!

The sight played out in front of them was something odd and exotic that could never be learned in school......!

Like carp responding to claps, the skeletons had arrived around Osama.

When Osama moves, he chases around like an idol chase, dying......!

The girls stood up like the general public, chasing with poker and eyes,

"One, I'll do it there! Attention, everyone!

To a sharp hanging voice, he held himself tight as if he had been bathed in water.

As the warning suggests, things carry.

The rear-end fans in the herd came off like they found a minor idol and attacked the girls.

Charles Lunlotte said he was waiting. He just came forward and stood his favorite sword like a wild dog and intercepted him.

He took a rusty red-brown sword attack with a mirrored body.

...... kakiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiie!

Fierce sparks scatter, deserving of cutting the lid of the fire.

Lady v s Magic Skeleton, let the battle begin......!

It was the dawn on the other side of the war.

That's right, the only person they're dealing with is a monster, and they're not moving like the little braves to the swordsmanship tournament.

Though I knew it as knowledge, a blow from unpredictable behavior, like a karaki doll, is the best you can do just to take it.

The magic shield of cover tended to be interrupted and unreliable, so the lady had to cover herself with her own skill.

But the stronger she is, the more powerful she is.

I spot them in the way Goldwolf taught me and bring them to their own pace.

At the beginning of the battle, he was in a cramped motion like a fish trapped in a tank.

Little by little, however, they regain their icky moves like they were transferred to a large pond.

Eventually the golden tail will be spread out like a chest billet, like Tobiuo, who will fly through the Great Sea Plains, and the place of battle will be ours.

Finally, the girl began to overwhelm a skeleton that could be considered a large fish...!

Finding Charloonlot............!!

"Blame it on you!

He plays his sword over the counter to match the blow of a sworn enemy.

...... kiddieeeeeeeeee!!

A rusty sword punctures the ground like a grave marker, away from a broken hand.

Losing the sword, which was the source of magic, Magic Skeleton collapsed ragged to tears.

"It's at that rate, Mr. Charloonlot! Can I have another one!?

"It's Tozen! This isn't enough! Good luck!"

Goldwolf asks, flirting with an enthusiastic spike from the chase.

Charles Lott responds to it while wiping a refreshing sweat.

Osama manipulates the herd again.

The manju containing thirty souvenirs were separated by one to hem the other.

… Thus, manipulating the targeting of enemies in combat is called 'cloud control'.

A very simple concept in this world, although it is given a great name.

It was only about 'Attack the enemy, piss him off and distract him'.

But what he was doing was a technique that went far beyond that.

It was based on 'life sensing', one of Magic Skeleton's senses.

Some monsters, like humans, besides enemies using five senses, also exist who can perceive life and magic.

Monsters of the Immortality Without Life (undead) system are jealous of human vitality and aggressively attacking to take it.

Osama looked there and deliberately bit his own finger and bled before the battle......!

"Living Blood"......! This is exactly what shapes the life force of the creature......!

There's no way an immortal who craves life doesn't react to it......!

Just one drop and we'll gather all over 'Jaws on Land'......!

It was for that reason that Osama the Kowamote gained idol popularity.

All you have to do is manipulate the fans you collect as a herd so they don't fall out of the sensory range of life sensing.

If you want to hem it, just leave one out of range.

This is also done by Osama without difficulty, but he is human apart as a technique.


No longer wild dogs, shepherd dogs......!

The only girl who was aware of its awesomeness was the reddish girl, who was as bright white as a paper doll.

...... na!? What!? What...!?

I'm manipulating my father's magic skeleton the other way around......!?

What the hell is going on......!?

Such a mysterious spiritual soldier (Pointman)... I've never...!?

But not if you can see it...!

That man, even if 28 magic skeletons targeted him, he didn't suffer one scratch...!

If this happens... if this happens, I'll have to do it now...!

Redneck glances at the dripping lid.

The eyes were inhabited by a secret determination, but the crushing spell was the same Boso-Boso tone.

"... ablate, the hottest ice cubes in the world...!

... Shhhhhhh...!

Fireballs like the operator's coolness are shot out as they color the brushed blue and white hands even more vividly.

Flying without sound It went straight to the back of Osama's head.

... That's it...!

The girl imagines a gray head bouncing with a pern.

It comes up associatively, the Nasbi smile she wants the most.

Kid Nasbi's first surprise attack is just blooming now......!

... never did.

That head reminds me of the wolf's back. What a quick fall to the side as if it had a third eye on it and turned the fireball......!

...... pakaaaaaaa!!

deviant That hit the skeleton that was just about to hit Osama......!

"Mr. Midnight Sugar is doing just that! Shoot more and more fireballs in!

The look further disappeared from Midnight Sugar's face as he looked back at his smile.

"... I get it"

If they take the upset away, they manage to say just that.

... Then she shot nearly twenty fireballs... or was shot.

Sometimes I try to target Osama subtly, but it's all hazy.

Instead, the skeleton ended up with the ironic result that all bullets were hit.

Or... you don't even kasuri...!?

I can't believe he didn't even look at magic... he's a magically sensible monster!?

And notice new stunning facts.

Ma... no way...! THAT MAN......!?

I was in a position to hit the magic skeleton while playing the fireball......!?

Otherwise, it can't be all over the world...!

I didn't know you had cloud control as well as even a fireball to shoot at......!

But... now is not the time to be surprised...!

I'm coming! I'm coming!

It was supposed to be a line of favors, too... and as it were, it would go exactly as the guy was after...!

If this happens... I'll have to do it...!

But all this is risky......!

First of all, there's no doubt that you'll find out who the...!

But, but...! For Father's sake, do it...!

If it's to please your father... it's...!

It's gonna be a demon!

The redneck, who knew it was not going to be a wolf, finally took a forbidden step.

What was ahead of her gaze, it...

He was on his knees and a white shrine offering prayers......!