Let the white hood drip like Inaho, and the girl was crushing.

"... the empire we worship... the kingdom we worship... the name we worship... the goddess Renalilis... to great abomination... have mercy..."

That prayer that is not only visible, but even sober to the voice.

Pious, careful, and soothing.

This is what the Virgin's "prayer" is all about, never "leave me where I want to be" or anything like that.

A girl who rounds her body like a snow statue and keeps praying all over her.

Standing like a shadow behind it, another girl.

Nobody notices a half-eyed redneck, who sneaks like mud.

They were all full of magic skeleton opponents.

From between the crimson robes, there is not even a sound of clothes rubbing, and the oak wand makes a face all the time.

The stone crest stretches softly to the side of the Virgin.

... this way, if you tickle him... 'The Great Purification' will be interrupted.

Then prayer starts over from the beginning......! That man's maneuver is no longer possible...!

On the defenseless white flank, a wand tip like an old woman's hand tried to touch it, at that moment......!

Like a kitten whose neck had been bitten by a parent cat, Midnight Sugar's body was once exposed.

A skeleton with no intermittent hair and sticking in like a scratchy yakuza blushes Redneck's nose tip.

Nice Iki he didn't know to stop, he crashed against the wall and was dispersed.

"I'm sorry, you got away from my target. Looks like he went wild being the last one.... You were about to blur.

Redneck was struck by a special attack from his last skeleton, but he didn't really realize he was obsessed with obstructing prayer.

On the verge of taking his life, Osama, like a hunter, helped him.

And finally, the Magic Skeletons were wiped out.

But I can't even give you a breathing hippo.

A giant skull, like a dinosaur skeleton, came in from behind the room.

Charles Lott and Glass Palin said, "Wow!?" and it flips.

Goldwolf did not panic at all, "Mr. Primla, please," he called out to the Virgin.

"... Yikes!

Just finished praying, the girl opens her eyes cuttingly.

A giant skeleton was about to enter the room, so although I was awkward for a moment... she put her hands together with a crisp look.

"Big, purified, and transformed" Maharpali nil vana "......!!

...... Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!

Lights like Aurora poured down from heaven, covering the body of a giant statue like a vale.

The white giant shadow, wrapped in pure white, loosens like a mirage, causing remnants like handbrakes.

And I put it down for a beat,


It left only a few particles and disappeared as a result of forced metastases.

His name, like a giant skeleton specimen, is' Giant Magic Skeleton '......!

It is a powerful monster that can also be considered a boss class, but before the weakness, "The Great Purification," it was nothing more than foggy.

Even if it was a mole-beating mole that got slapped in the face at the same time... there was no way to fight it.

Yes, Goldwolf knew.

After defeating a bunch of magic skeletons, the boss will show his face......!

But even if the boss has been offering a 'great purification' prayer since he came out, he will suffer a lot.

So early in the fight with Zako, I had instructed Primla to prepare.

And anticipating the timing of the Virgin's prayer, annihilate the Zakos......!

In keeping with the timing of the establishment of the "Great Purification", I called in the boss...!

"I didn't know you even had Giant Magic Skeleton...... I'm so glad I got ready for a big purge just in case"

The only thing I knew Osama was lying about was the redneck hanging down in his arms.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Meanwhile, in those days, Ride Boy Javelin was dancing crazy.

"Rock 'n' roll! You're such a honeysuckle, you're not our enemy!

Quite the opposite of a strange stream, a rough limb roars as a lion.

Rocky punches, and kicks, which are bungled with the roar of ga-ons.

Only two shots will drive the Magic Skeletons to half-destruction.

Even in his heart, he was singing the spring of my world.

I knew I wasn't comfortable riding with that wild dog!

That wild dog used to do a lot of things that didn't work my way!

But the tricks I've gotten used to with Godsmile are what I want...!

You move like my hands and feet!

Besides, my voice is crushed, so I'm not complaining one thing...!

But you're gonna be okay! I'll shut you out until I get your share!

"Hee-hee! Then it's an encore. Bye!!

The battlefield was entirely under the control of Rideboy Javelin.

A solo concert where you don't need the crown control of a spiritual soldier or the fireball of a great demon guide!

"Wow, that's amazing! Exactly like a rock living! Dear Ride Boy Javelin!

"Yikes! Wow, wow! Cool! Master Javelin!

"Oh, I can't believe Master Javelin's activity can be seen so close...! It was worth it to join a fan club......!

Orr Boncos and the Archmage and the Virgin, who were allowed to accompany them in the fan club lottery, are as excited as the audience at Liveheith.

Standing ovation without even knowing the presence of the 'boss' that is about to appear......!

But soon, Sitting Ovation......!

I slip my hips into The Giant Magic Skeleton, which came in momentum to destroy the entrance......!

"Whoa, whoa, whoa!? Big time!? Big deal!?

"Khhhhhhhhh!? What is it, what is it?

"I can't believe there's such a giant magic skeleton...!

The companions were totally frightened, but Javelin had a slightly disturbed present in place with an extra look.

"I'm glad to hear this, you big guest......! This is exactly what it is, rock and roll! Come on Tonight, Hard Days Night......! Javelin Festival (Festa)

... Pen!

But shortly afterwards, a giant hand, like a huge fan fan fanning a divine shrine, flies in and gets paid off.

Javelin, along with the 'people below', as mildly blown up as the worm Kera, was slammed against the wall.

... Zudon!!

Pockingly bent by the impact of the clash, Reese and the Nose Column......!

"Ugh... Ugh...! What are you doing!? That much aggression, you should do it right!

Javelin kicks his lower body up as he dazzles his nosebleed.

"Now it's time to get it right...... dunno!?

... Peppy!

Even though he says it's a stroking flat hand, the power is weak.

Now I've been slammed against the wall on the other side.

... Dogon!!

Thousands of cuts fly from the roots due to the impact of the clash, Reese and the front teeth......!

"Aagi... Aagi...! Ha, ha! Have you eaten twice? If it's that wild dog, it's a tough attack!?

Javelin's face wore out as if it were in Lynch, even though only two shots were received.

Can't wait to regret it, already half crying.

I kicked Dosdos up the side of the horse so he could step on the estate waste.

... he hasn't noticed yet.

The horse now moves according to the paperwork, but never without instructions from the paperwork.

... he hasn't noticed yet...!

"That wild dog often didn't work according to my reins" means that if it had worked according to the reins, it would have been under attack...!


If horses today are older diesel cars... that wild dog is the newest electric car with AI...!

The elements other than power didn't have to be compared in everything......!

There is no word 'if' in history, but if now...

If "The Wild Dog" had served as "The One Below," the first two shots would have been easy.

And he said, "You didn't do what I said again!" and would have been kicked up the flank......!

But horses today don't have such handy features.

"Giant Magic Skeleton" also had no tension, he fell asleep, elbowed himself and started dealing with him.

Like a dying cockroach, flailing and unloved enemies,

... Beh!

I struck down Todome's flat hand.

Crushed by huge white hands, big letters and buried on the floor, Ride Boy Javelin.

So is the boss satisfied or tired of... pulling into the room where he was?

The people who were fleeing into the aisle rushed to the brave man after the threat had left.

"Is... are you okay, Master Javelin!?...... eh!?

And find out the facts of the shock.

Until now, the body of a brave man who thought he was as magnificent as a mountain and as stubborn as a fort is divided into two small and large...!

"Huh... what is this!? What's this about!?

"Maybe Master Rideboy Javelin...! No, the rideboy party, they're all a pair...... yah!?

His words of the Spirit Soldier (Pointman) were never spinned until the end.

Because he was pierced in the stomach with a spear by a little man who was falling.

"... saw... huh?

A flea-like body rose loosely.