"Lalalala ~ ♪ I'm sure I'm the number one ~ ♪ oooh ♪ Another wild dog scream ~ ♪ Comfortably in my ear ~ ♪ Lalalala ~ ♪"

Ride Boy Lance doesn't even know that all his friends who went into "Ant Tsuka" along with him are in trouble.

All the beastly screams are mistaken for wild dogs coming in from sewage.

Accompanied by a fellow caller, marching down the aisle with Kay singing soberly.

As he invaded the new room, he looked out for himself.

Because it was such a nice space to forget you were in an underground labyrinth (dungeon).

A luxurious setting, like a guest house in a first-class noble mansion.

The interior is well stocked with fine conditioning, and well polished, giving off a shiny glow.

Large fireplace, king-size bed, spacious toilet in separate room and perfect facilities.

There was also a column clock, sounding a heavy tone announcing just six o'clock in the evening.

Sometimes the path we have followed has been a dead end there, Lance. One line decides to reveal the night here.

"Lalala ~ ♪ The world is still smiling at me ♪ ♪ For noble people like me ♪ ♪ Nojuku doesn't look good ♪ ♪ Here tonight ♪ ♪ Have a dream moment ♪ ♪

In a splendid lounge, Lance shows off her vocal cappella.

The Virgin and the Wizard guide look up at the beautiful figure.

For a nice situation like a dinner show, the heart is totally troll.

In their eyes, all they could see was Sama, the brave man, putting the chandelier's light together like a stardust.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"My Lord, I am pleased to announce 18 o'clock."

"Poop, poop, poop, poop, poop... that? How many times have you rang it now?

'Pull, you don't have to bother ringing 18 times, it's 6: 00 in the evening, so six is fine. Or you don't even have to ring it.'

Goldwolf stepped into a spacious octagonal room with fairies flying like flying mosquitoes in front of him.

"It's time for the evening. Let's camp here today."

Then I suggest to my fellow inmates, looking back.

That place that is cancer and has nothing.

Like the skeleton factory earlier, floors, walls and even ceilings were blue as ice chambers with the bright stone light embedded in the walls.

There are eight corridors connecting the rooms, some of which have a cold breeze.

It was a cold space for both fame and fame.

The lady complains just now.

"Are you camping here? I can see it all around me, and it's cold."

"It's easier to look round, monitor from here, and deal with surprise attacks. Besides, this" Ant Tsuka "has a trick of getting hot rapidly when the sun sets, so it's best to stay in this well-ventilated room until nightfall."

"Hmm. Is that what this is about?

"That's what it is. So shall we make it a meal? Is there anything you want to eat?

"" Egg grill!

Two girls were instantly hammered.

It was a request from Charloonlot and Midnight Sugar.

"At lunch, kids like bandits interrupted me and I couldn't eat much. So you want egg rolls."

"That's our line! More or less, you're an outsider! Don't you know the word to serve softly on the third cup!?

"Non. Rather, it is a position to be entertained. And naturally, it's in the test. Lunch was a pass. But if dinner was a mess, I'd write it off."

"I can't believe you put it on the exam and entertain it...! He's like a parasite, not at all...!

"Non. That's also a mistake. In the battle ahead, more magic skeletons were defeated than anyone else. In that sense, everyone here is parasitic."

"I see, because that weird tail is a parasite and the brain is hit, so I'm convinced."

"I finally admitted the parasitic facts."


Osama returns to the conversation as he deceives the lady who bites his teeth critically.

"Prepare yourselves for camp because I will be sourcing and cooking ingredients"

Charles Lunlotte, like a spinal reflex, said, "If it's a bonfire, let Atashi do it!," raises his hand bishly.

I can't wait to try the fire that Osama once taught me in action.

Next to it, Primla raises her hand modestly.

"Um, uncle... would you let me help you cook? I was helping your sister at the mansion, so I think I can help you."

Goldwolf nods at the two girls.

"Okay. Then Mr. Charles Lunlot will prepare the incineration, and Mr. Primura will cook with the fire. There are cookware and ingredients in my backpack. The ingredients are already cut and seasoned, so you can just fry them in a frying pan. There is also bread, please broil lightly in the baking net"

Finally, after instructing Glass Paleen and Midnight Sugar to get ready for bed, he picked one of the aisles and left the room.

Though the left have become anxious, they do the work they are given.

Goldwolf, who came back after a while, had huge eggs in his hands.

As they draw the attention of their peers, beat the eggs like rugby balls with a stone and crack them in, splitting them in a bowl.

The girls, gathered around Osama, look at each other with intrigue, even peeking in a bucket of crabs.

Hitting a bowl like a washer, it was an object like a frog's egg, with lots of yellows floating among the clear white bodies.

"This... what?

The lady's face on the thick surface of the water becomes bitter.

"It's an 'Army Bat' egg. It's named Bat, but they're birds. There are about 30 to 50 eggs in one egg, so big and packed with lots of yellows."

That explains it, Osama starts stirring the contents with a shaky shaker in his hand.

Primla was worried about how she would fulfill her request because there were no eggs when she saw the ingredients for the backpack.

But now we have a point.

However, new anxiety spreads over the smell of the bowl's contents becoming so strong that it is stirred (caked).

"Um, uncle... what's this, more flavorful...?

"It's not good if it stays raw, but it tastes much richer than chicken eggs when you add herbs and remove the odor and add heat, which is delicious. Especially perfect for making sweet egg rolls"

Osama pours the melted eggs into a juwer and frying pan.

Soon the frying pan was fitted with a metal ring that shaped the hot cake so that it wouldn't overflow.

"We'll be ready soon, can you please prepare your meal?

That being said, the girls dine on the dishes prepared by Primla, while leaving them feeling uncomfortable.

A little while later, Osama came with a big plate.

... it was like Santa came to the city.

"Wow......! Dr. Goldwolf! That's golden cake awesome!?

"No, you're not! It's a big egg roll!

"Wow, wow, uncle! Such a big, beautiful egg roll...... I've never seen it before!

Santa Claus surrounded by children in no time.

Large as a hole cake, moist as a cheesecake.

It glows golden, and it's freshening hot air.

And there's an irresistibly aromatic fragrance that just sniffs and naturally spits in your mouth......!

Midnight sugar, which would never be foreshadowed by anything, also came to the front row at all this time, throbbing.

"This egg roll was taught to me by my buddies when I was once making this' anthill '. He is very good at cooking and one of the few healing things in his arduous work… a lot helped."

Is Osama recounting that time, closing his eyes and talking smudgingly as he sprinkles his memories on his eyelids?

But stories like that war experience didn't matter to the kids who had the treat in front of them.

"Your memorabilia is fine! Come on, let's eat!

Osama is pulled and seated on the floor laying by the bonfire.

Everyone couldn't wait any longer, so I hurried to cut them apart and handed them in turn from the little one.

Even if you divide it into five equal portions, you can't eat enough alone.

This will not develop into a takeover, like at lunch.

"Here you go. Well - Sooo!

Charles Lunlot, who had already pushed his limits of patience, wore a fork at the same time as the declaration.