A special egg roll, with some gabbling, some packing, and some softening their lips with elegance.

When the girls drank it almost simultaneously, they glanced at it as if the current had flowed all over their bodies.

The tremor grew bigger and bigger, and I finally wondered if I had violated my young limb to its limit.

"Oops...... yummy good good good oooooooooooooooo!?!?

Focusing on Osama, he shouted orally, remaining in a petal-like position that blossomed.

instantaneous rotation,

"Yum yum yum yum yum yum yum yum!? I've never had such a delicious egg roll before! It's like a cake! Yeah, much better than the cake Atashi always eats!

Release the fork, and Charles Lunlot cheeks with a clue.

"Ahhh...! My hand, my hand... I can't stop getting it...! This is such a disobedient way to ask you, you shouldn't......! I must...! Taste is so classy, but I can't believe I'm nasty with my mouth...!

A primula that weeps for its sinfulness but succumbs to an irresistible disloyalty.

He chops off the egg rolls in a heartbreak, polluting around his mouth like a food-eating child.

"Wow! I won't let you stop! It doesn't hold. Yikes!!

As far as Glasparine was concerned, he was no longer crying.

And that girl is supposed to be tasteless and dry for everything...

I got out after a long jail term and haven't had a bowl of cutlets in a long time, like a clumsy, oligarchy priori...... I was trembling at the quiet emotion of one.

Eyes swinging like water (all of them), looking at the glowing egg roll...

It's like a treasure, it's carried dearly into my mouth.

No matter how faceless she was, it was easy to see her mind moved.

Goldwolf smiles.

"Isn't it delicious? In today's world, there is no such thing as a culture of eating, even if there is a culture of using materials taken from monsters for weapons and tools. Monster ingredients don't look and smell good, but if cooked properly, they are nutritious and taste good."

But the words had not reached the ears of the quadrilateral whale-eating girls at all.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

An hour later, the girls flatten everything beautifully and gutted as they did their best.

"Ugh... I've eaten so much... I've never..."

Charles Lotto strokes his stomach, where the expression 'Pompous dust' snuggles, exhaling painfully.

"Me too... I've never had so much to eat...! Ah, a bulimia is something you shouldn't...! What a shame I am......!

Primla trembles with shame now, seeing her puffy stomach.

He covers his face reddened to his ears with both hands and does not like it.

"Ugh... I can't believe there was something smelly... I hope it's not too bad..."

Because of the low monthly wage, Glasparine, a coarse meal, always leaked the whimpering of the good news.

"Hey, Midnight Sugar. I gave you such a delicious dinner, about 10,000 points. Don't rub it."

The lady looks at her chills as she raises and lowers her bloated belly like a frog.

Then the example chick exam officer was crawling like a seal to the bunk.

"... I feel bad. Go to sleep."

Just leave it out.

Goldwolf stood up without looking concerned, he said to everyone.

"To save on materials, let's wrap it up after breakfast tomorrow. And from now on, it's free time. But never leave this room and rest as soon as possible"

"" "Wow," "the seals replied in a dreamy manner.

Osama, like a breeder, takes on tequila and the next task.

Removing something like clay from the backpack, he was walking around the room and throwing it toward the ceiling.

"Uncle, what is it being done? I can help you too..."

Primla tries to get up while offering to, but she gets her butt on a heavier body than usual.

"We said that this' Ant Tsuka 'would raise temperatures at night, but then' Numeriville 'would appear from the ceiling and start falling. If you paste something like this clay, you can repel the hill. I'm done. I can help you."

"Numeriville? I know, I learned that at school. You love human blood, don't you, Hill? Numb me with oil to get out of my body and burn well..."

Sleep in the big letters, lady looking up to the ceiling.

"Right. Where Numerivir leaves, it's very dangerous to camp without repellents. If a falling hill goes into a fire, it's a fire."

"Speaking of which... Something's getting hot... But here... the wind goes through... feels... yes... yes..."

Suyasuya as it is and the girls who fall asleep happy.

I guess the tiredness and fullness of the day have flashed and the sleepers have attacked me all at once.

Sleeping in a place like this, the Virgin, who had fought so hard to lay more sins, was also immediately showing superb sleeping faces.

Goldwolf holds the girls one by one and moves them to the bunk.

A comfortable space that doesn't seem like a wild boarding house, like you're letting yourself be in the cool breeze of nature on a midsummer night.

Two, a siren-like scream sounds and breaks the silence.

The girls who are already in their dreams don't realize who they are alone.

Only Osama was heard of its urgency.

But for him, it's a fire across the shore.

On the contrary, like what happened behind the earth, it didn't matter.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Rideboy Lance finished dinner a few times less luxurious than the Goldwolves.

Keeping Cal Boncos, a spikesman, on the lookout, I was on the floor with two fan girls.

And tragedy happens.

The moment the date changes, the time-limited trap that was set in this berth is activated.

Only one entrance and exit have been closed.

Cal Boncos was uttering on the couch then and didn't notice......

There was no fire left in the fireplace either, so the room got hot as a steam bath.

If that's all, it's still stained out of the ceiling like droplets, little vampires.

Lance awoke to unusual sleep distress.

Get your upper body out of bed and there it is......!

Surprisingly snapping at the girls' bodies, the Devil's Bovine......!

Yes, Numeriville...!

"Ugh...! Wow!?!?!?"

To so much grotesque, instead of brave courage, even sanity blows away.

As soon as the screaming girls also witnessed his transformation,

"" Ghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!? "

I burst into a screaming harmony as I touched my mind.

They notice the discomfort of their skin sticking, like they are sandwiched with laundry scissors all over their bodies.

I notice little vampires parasitizing all over my body, rambling like crazy and trying to pull them off.

In the meantime, indoor temperatures rise without ceiling knowledge.

A sweat that blows out like a waterfall, to a shitty fervor.

In a mirror-distorted vision, they saw.

From the mouth of the fireplace, to the fact that flames like tongues are licking......!

I caught fire to Numeriville, who was crawling around without a foot trail...!


The flames burn all at once, and the luxurious condiments are engulfed in fireworks.

The sauna finally reached the realm of scorching hell.

"Gahhhhhhhhhh! HOT! HOT! HOT!?!?

"Gaggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!! As it is, before you suck blood on it, it gets steamed and roasted. Uh-huh!?!?

"Ahhh... what a heat...! It's like being trapped in a heavenly fire......! In this way, be called to heaven, etc...! Ahhh! No, no soo...! Goddess Lunarillis, please, bless you...!

"Lalalah ~ ~ ~! ♪ I am ah ~ ♪ What we aspire to further heights ooh ~ ♪ If it's a bad dream - wake up now ooh! ♪ The light in front of us is our hope ooh ooh ooh! ♪"

"Ah!? Master Lance! Don't come near the fire! Numeriville has a strong flammability...! KHAHHHHHHHHHHH!?!?

Like I got sleepwalking, you flattering admirer.

But it was not long before the witch stopped, and she was left on fire.