Charles Lunlot, who fell asleep after the meal, woke up.

Slightly dim around.

Looking around asleep, some of the brilliant stones on the wall were blocked by clay.

I'm sure Goldwolf darkened it to me that the room would be bright enough to not sleep.

In a room with only a constant night light.

A little further away, the smaller burning flames are swinging.

Though the lady tried several times to turn around in an attempt to sleep another... the sleeper did not visit.

Patchy eyes.

I get caught in the soothing or sleeping breath of glasspaleen and primula, making me increasingly sleepless.

She snapped in her heart as she looked up at the ceiling like Planetarium.

He said 'Numeriville' would come out at night... but you're not there at all.

Thanks to the repellent?

... Speaking of which, where is Goldwolf?

Oh, yeah! Because of this, let's sleep together!

Like camping then......!

Girl jumps up with momentum swinging twin tails in an attempt to quickly implement her name proposal.

But to the thing that jumped into my sight shortly afterwards, I get a little giddy.

Because the girl with the red curtain sat like a ghost opposite the burning fire.

"... what, a midnight sugar... You were awake too."

But there's no response to the call.

The purple crystal-like eyes only reflected the pan that remained on fire.

Charles Lunlot crawls up to the fire, looks around and looks for Goldwolf.

He didn't seem to be anywhere near the camp.

"Hey, where did Goldwolf go? You don't know?

But once again, no response.

Instead, the blue silence whispered.

"I'll be here."

And slowly represent yourself out of the darkness, Osama of the matter.

He walked in without sound and crouched in front of the burning fire.

"You can't sleep with either of us. How about hot cocoa?

He grabbed the handle of the pan that was on fire and poured the chocolate-colored liquid that was serving inside into the glass.

Hand it to the two girls, and they rise again,

"I will keep watch. Please, take your time."

That's what I left behind and disappeared somewhere like a forest keeper.

When Osama is absent, only the sound of blowing the cup fluffy and, sometimes, the sound of the incendiary fire being able to play is left.

"Speaking of which," the girl said, lifting her bluntly lit blonde hair.

"... there was a guy at the Rutan Vesta selection swordsmanship tournament who told you the exact same story. Now I think he was the midnight shuffler. Could you... be the daughter of the Midnight Shuffler, the owner of this" Ant Tsuka "?

The red knob I've been nagging about, but it lifts for the first time.

"I can't answer questions that have nothing to do with the exam."

"As always, you look like a disgusting jerk."

"I won't allow you to fool your father. Ten points down."

"I knew you weren't my daughter.... But, Ma, isn't that okay? Any bad parents and kids are happy to be close to each other."

"It is. I'm not the same daughter my father left behind."

Normally, I'm not the lady who shuts up when people say this to me.

But now it was strange, and I didn't feel angry.

Rather surprisingly myself, my feelings are calm.

Is it because of the gentle darkness of being at the bottom of the ocean and the kind of hot cocoa that your heart releases with each mouth?

Then you're his favorite.

"I don't know..."

Slight darkness and flames. And like life fills, warm cocoa makes people honest.

That was no exception, even for a girl like a machine.

"... I've done everything for you to admit to your father. I've been trying so hard to be a brave guide like your father. But... I don't know anymore."

"I don't know, what?

"... every night, I dream. My father came to my bedroom, and I dreamed of going into bed with him. Thanks to this dream, I was able to sleep happily ever after when I was away from my father."

On both hands that were wrapping the cup, the force grew.

"But... my father, who appeared in the dream I just had, was kind of scared. But... Father, I can't help it..."

A voice that always kept a flat tone, like a dead man's ECG.

But as if it breathed back, it began to wave.

"... to your father, you must never turn against him. Everything you do is a happy thing for me. I can't believe I'm scared..."

Like a child abandoned in the winter streets, a girl who wears a red shrug back deep.

But the feeling of loneliness is soon broken by energetic weather voices, like friends who come on summer vacation to play.

"Hey, I'm telling you! Apart from wanting to be recognized by my father, it would be a long story! 'Cause no matter how good the parents are, they're not gods!? Because I'm the same person, my family!

"Same, human......"

"Huhun, that's a good word! Goldwolf taught me! I was worried about Atashi too, but when I heard these words, I decided to defy my dad more! Because I thought that would make my dad more happy!

"... to please, but defy...? What's this all about?

"Until then, when Atashi becomes the Virgin, as my dad says, but if Atashi becomes the Princess Knight, his place in The Night of the Round will be even better! So even though my dad told me, Atashi decided to keep defying me! 'Cause I thought that would make my dad happier as a result!

The lady no longer seemed to be exposed to sleeping.

Rather, as I woke up, I would lift up the twin tails of the golden thread.

"And that's not how you do it, if you care about getting reduced, you can't even do it!? If you score a hundred million points at the end, you win, so I don't like bad things! You can't do anything that doesn't work! All you have to do is say it clearly! You yourself, against your father, but you have nothing to do!? There will be about one!? Say it!

"Oh, that's..."

"Oh, that's so sweet!

The lady, unable to wait for an answer, crossed the burning fire.

Sitting dodgily next to a confused redneck, he said, "Look, confess quickly!," he begins to shake.

... The keeper of the woods, nestled in the landscape to melt the interaction of such girls, watched quietly.