When the reddish girl blurred and opened her lid, the lady's happy sleeping face was nearby.

My nose gets bigger with the snoring Gwer, but I can touch her nose tip and bounce it with my pussy.

Midnight Sugar was caught up in deep regrets, like a morning of deep drinking.

... Why are you sleeping with this woman?

Last night... why did you do that?

It's always a lovely dream, but suddenly I feel scared of my father. It's impossible.

Besides, I can't believe you're telling that to someone else in red...

This familiar woman completely disrupted my pace.

No... it's not.

Although this woman is one end, she is not the root cause.

Um... it's that guy's fault.

The man disturbed my heart.

Father made it, take away the treasure of the great 'Ant Tsuka'... retreat the monster lightly...

The obstruction that was set up by the nor...

And extremely, that egg grill......!

After eating that nasty egg roll, I felt bad about...!

It's about that guy, so he must have put something in the egg roll...!

So, so, I dreamed the opposite of normal that I was afraid of my father...!

I won't be alarmed anymore...!

I decided that I would never forgive my heart...!

At this pace, by the end of the day, we will have reached the lowest level, the "Between Kings"......!

Father's name is broken if the not brave ones have trampled the 'Ant Tsuka' so quickly...!

That's all I have to do, I have to stop it......!

of......! Good luck......!

For Father's sake...!

Midnight Sugar sits still with her sleeping eyes as she expresses her will solidity.

Charles Lotto, who was rubbing his second nose in front of him, burst out with Don.

I roll over with Goron and get up with the lady turning her back on her ass, swooping.


...... Juwaaaaaaaaah!

the sound of bacon oil being able to play;

"Good morning, Mr. Midnight Sugar. Did you sleep last night?

A smile waved the frying pan over the bonfire greeted me.

"We'll have breakfast soon. Hand water is drawn there, so use it when washing your face."

Osama, who doesn't even care about the laid-back Midnight Sugar, is getting ready for breakfast with stiffness.

Eventually the girls woke up one after the other to the good smell of the bacon burning.

"Morning, Goldwolf! I'm hungry! I'm starving!

A lady who wakes up gabbling and complains of hunger like a chick.

"Good morning, uncle! Oh, um... yesterday I showed you my embarrassment...! And I'm so sorry I'm a sleeper! Let us help you!

Yesterday, the Virgin was fiercely reflecting on a certain act of seriousness for her: falling asleep after being disappointed with the egg roll.

I'm even ashamed of myself as I wake up and cover my face with a plate.


Is the female teacher hypotensive or stays calm even when awake?

And the menu I made up was baked bread with bacon eggs and vegetable soup with milk.

It was quite splendid for breakfast in the underground labyrinth (dungeon), but Midnight Sugar didn't try to get his hands on it.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

After finishing the meal, the line resumes exploring the 'Ant Tsuka'.

It was like a maze with similar structures everywhere, but Goldwolf's guide is the same as yesterday's.

There was no precipitation like a masterpiece.

Challenge tricks and battles from time to time while collecting crates.

With Osama's instone following, the girls enjoyed exploring the labyrinth as if it were an attraction.

And... finally we meet.

"Wow! There he is!

A deliberate voice came from afar.

In the direction of Bricko's woman-like voice, there's someone with a face out of the bend.

The curly hair and red face on the charm point were worn out, so I didn't know who it was for a moment.

But he is Rideboy Ocustan, the baby face of "Ride Light".

Normally, the women who found him would not leave him alone, but now none of the idol faces... were like a burglar nesting in an underground labyrinth (dungeon).

The girls, other than Charles Lunlot, hide sassy behind Goldwolf.

"You're finally here! My spikesman! Come on, Ox, let's have an adventure with you! Hey, Kimari! Come on, come here!

Oxtan inviting, with only his face out of the corner.

Faster than Osama answered, the lady broke in.

"Too bad! Goldwolf is the Spirit of the Atashi! Besides, if you're doing people a favor, you're gonna have to come nearby!

That being said, Ocustan doesn't look bad either.

"Uh, we're all getting together around Ochstan is fuzzy, huh?

… and so on, but you don't actually have to want to go near it.

He was attacked by an "Army Bat" and sunken into a hole.

He survived the impact of the fall at height by cushioning 'those below'.

But I'm also off with my people, and I'm totally alone.

He was attacked by the monsters, caught in a trap, and fled to death without eating or sleeping.

Such a fold...... find the horse that once was.

I would have rushed over and forced myself to cross, but then my low height would be found out by the girls around me.

I can't let my idol life die in this place, so I just had to snap into the corner wall to give it a high height while calling Goldwolf in.

"Oh, maybe you still care about that time? I'll forget about your beautiful sapphire already, so let's have another adventure with Ox! Hey!?"

"Ha!? What are you talking about!?" Next to the lady whose voice was absurd, Goldwolf lined up.

"… I've decided that the owner won't have it anymore"

That's all he says, he turns his back.

Given the way it used to be, a normal human would have burned into anger and dragged the little man out instantly.

But Osama didn't.

I didn't eat my teeth off or secretly solidify my grip... I returned my heels quietly.

The appearance was the same as usual.

But only that girl had noticed a slight change.

... For the first time, this guy turned back...!?

Except after I took the crate that was at the end of the line, I never turned back, this man...!

That's right, this guy also seems to have to run away with his tail wrapped around him in front of the brave...!

But it was a big mistake.

Ocustan was ahead of the Goldwolves, turning back and choking on them without any sexual punishment.

"Oxtan thinks he's mad!? Don't worry so much - but no!

"Oh, this is my chance to go back to the Ride Boy Spirit! Shall I say no to that?

"Now Ride Boy is a big faction in the brave clan!? Plus, he's making his idol debut... and if he's my spikesman, you can take the stage too!?

"Not awesome!? You can be popular all at once! It's a lot more fun than those kids' amulets!

"Oh, come on! All I'm saying is Wagamama, Ox, you're pissed off! Pump!"

"Nah, a joke! He said he wasn't angry! Surprised!? But Ox, you know I'm scared when I'm really angry, right?

A former baby face, overlooking from an unnatural height.

My expression, my words and my actions are increasingly threatening me.

But Osama also repeated only to such a push, "I've decided that the owner won't have it anymore".

And the moment finally arrives.

"Wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii!! I wonder why you don't know when Oxtan is giving you so much concession!? I don't know, Oxtan crushed it!?

Absurd voice. Not really, Rideboy Ocustan didn't notice.

approaching as the earth sounds, to being......!

"Ooh!? Are you sure? Be like that time!? Oh, even if I regret it, it's too late!? No, 'cause even if I cry, it's too late...... do it!? Yahhhhhhhh!?!?

...... Gusha!

Huge iron balls enough to block the passage crossed the girls' eyes at high speed.

A little guy like a crushed bug snapped, but I don't notice it because it was just a flash of events.

"Oh no! Oh no!! Oh no!!! Yahhhhhhhhhhhhh!?!?!?"

After a tail-crawling scream,


It sounds like a clash somewhere, roaring and earthquaking.

Less impact, paralysis and sand descend from the ceiling.

"... I just stopped by, but now you're quiet. Shall we continue our quest?"

Osama flipped his body again without saying anything.