Goldwolf looked back at the sharp corner of the aisle stretching out to the V-shape.

Talk to seriousness as you stare at each of your people.

"... This is the biggest difficulty of this' Ant Tsuka '. It's a mechanism that you can't go to the bottom level without going ahead in two hands and knocking down the levers that lie ahead of each other. Therefore, we have to do the grouping. The monster ahead along the left aisle is quite powerful, so I'll go left"

After explaining so, Osama solicited the hope of his companions.

Then everyone, except Midnight Sugar, wants the left.

Hopefuls simply didn't want to leave Goldwolf rather than be motivated to challenge.

Its epitome, Charles Lunlot, was already out front and in arms with Goldwolf.

"Then it's settled. So Midnight Sugar takes the right aisle, and everyone else, goes to the left aisle. Midnight Sugar, you're an exam officer, so it's easy to win alone, right?

"It's easy to win. But that's not how it works. This quest is a promotion exam for Glass Palin. So you can't just take your eyes off Glass Palin."

"I can't help it. Hey, then, Glass Palin, you go right too. Then you're not complaining, are you?


But the female teacher makes her mouth tremble like a wave line, reluctant to beg for her life.

He was asked for help with eyes like a dam on the verge of destruction, and Goldwolf had no choice but to come up with a new proposal.

"... then I will go to the left aisle by myself, so you all go to the right aisle"

Even as a goldwolf, I wanted to avoid keeping Midnight Sugar and Glass Palin together.

Because the female teacher is unfortunately frightened of exams as young as her teacher.

Because I didn't think I was going to be able to say no to whatever unscrupulous things they made me do when we were alone.

But with Primla and Charles Lott, it would be a buffer.

Besides, if it's the right aisle, it's no different from the enemies we've fought before, so they decided it was possible to deal with it alone.

In addition, there was another suspension.

The enemy waiting in the left aisle is also the strongest in this' Ant Tsuka '......

Too strong to be locked in a cage trying not to destroy the facility.

Thus, in the case of the left passage, it lies more in escaping than in defeating the monster.

But even in Goldwolf, it was unknown if he could escape while protecting his companions.

Osama persuaded the girls to take a small backpack out of the large backpack he was carrying.

This is a children's backpack in the form of a "Slumdog Mart" mascot character, "Gold Kun" plush.

"Now, gentlemen, take this. It contains portable food, medicines, and more. There are also items in there that can help you in case of trouble, so open them if you need anything. Both the passages ahead are on the main road, in the form of the last rendezvous, so it won't come off, just in case."

By the way, the Goldwolf backpack is a space compression magic called 'Quarter Pack'.

Sgremono that even the same volume can be put in four times, but the weight will be a quarter.

So I can store four extra backpacks for kids without having to struggle.

Girls carrying the backpack they were given one after the other.

The presence of Gold on their backs has made them more adorable and childish.

It is no longer an adventurer party, but an outing like going on an excursion.

Goldwolf's anxiety has increased due to his infancy, but he is determined to send it out.

"One last caveat, then. Until now, Skeleton has been the enemy, but there may be zombies. Zombies are highly regenerative, so slashing them with a sword isn't easy to defeat."

"I know! It would be nice to smash your head in a mess with a hammer or something!?

"Right, but it takes a lot of strength, so I don't really recommend it. Hopefully......"

"Purify me with the prayer of the Virgin," he said, goldwolf holding his mouth.

"... burn it with a fireball. If it's human, that's what it is. If there was a zombie, such as a large animal, hit the fireball on the wound after slashing it with a sword and try to stop it from regenerating."

"Leave it!" "Yes, I understand." "Oh, my God! ……

Chicks returning their respective reactions.

Then line up the lady first and continue along the aisle on the right.

Primla looked worried only once, and Glasparine, many times, looked back at Osama, who dropped him off.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

... gogogogogogogogogogogogo.

Behind the girls, a stone shutter hangs.

The exit is cut off with the painful sound, and disturbing air drifts between the lines.

Teachers who are supposed to be in a better position to remain calm and brave their children than anyone else if they are meant to be are upset first.

I was trembling clinging to the primula I was lying on.

"It's not sloppy. Hey, let's go!" and walking all the way to Charles Lott.

I'm leaning against the teacher, and I'm stroking him all right, Primla.

Midnight Sugar follows with a sleepy face, not even looking at the wall coming down right behind her.

It's like they went into a haunted mansion on a school trip.

When I walked into the open room, the authentic Obake...... 'Magic Skeleton' stood on its feet.

Shortly afterwards, it was our lady who popped up like a stone shot out of a stone thrower.

He said, "Atashi will do it! Look at your fingers!

Needless to say, my people were solidified.

Except for one girl.


Midnight sugar with a sudden headache and a mellow whilst reducing the red squirt.

In her head, a voice rang like an alarm.

"That blonde kid won this swordsmanship tournament I hosted with dirty hands non......! Just a reminder, bug spit runs non......! You little junior high school kid, you painted mud on my face non......! So I'll let you know NON......! Fireball I taught you, non to start and end as burning trash......!

"Chi, Father Up......! Oh, that's...!

"... non! Of course my Midnight Sugar believes he will do it......! Right, Non? Yes, non, yes, non...! Do it non......! Do it non......!


"Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! Do it non......! DO NOT... DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO NOT DO!!!

Like a hell of a deceased, a girl who falls to Nara.

The other girl was dancing in the sky as she ran up the stairs to heaven.

Put your favorite long knife on the big upper level, no doubt about the victory, with a straight roar......!

"I got it. Ahhhhhhh! Nights of............!!

A turnip split swung down like a lathe captures the forehead of the skull.

In a moment, the lady's certainty propagated and everyone came to believe.

Like a salary scale, slapped vertically into two pieces, the figure of the skeleton.

... except for one girl...!



The blue comet that flew in pursuit blew up with the lady's back.