Angel's golden wings burn up to freeze.

It was a fierce flame, hotter than Hellfire.

By the impact of the explosion, Charles Lott crashes to be knocked down.

It involves the skeleton on the ground and falls together.

The Virgin was about to scream miserably, but she did keep her mind open and finished the prayer she was offering just in case.

"Purification (Nil Varna) Huh...!

While Magic Skeleton was out of balance, he was tempted to stick a fierce blade at the angel, but he was summoned to heaven before the thought was fulfilled.

Midnight Sugar is making the red slopes lean deeper than usual.

Even if the firepowder comes down like a happy blue bird flew away, don't even try to pay for it.

"... it's over."

Her eyes, which remain on the ground, do not follow the end of the angel.

I was only feeling signs of the Virgin rushing over shaking her robe.

... This blue fireball was a direct line from the girl's father.

Unlike regular red fireballs, when they land, they burn like napalm bullets, and when you tap them, they never disappear.

The surgeon, who was left on fire, runs around trying to extinguish it.

But they never disappear, so they're going to keep dancing like crazy until they die.

Originally developed by a certain brave man for the purpose of showing off workers who don't listen.

His father said happily that all he had to do was shoot one shot into them that became like a mob and the Hell's Bonsai Games would begin...

I couldn't forget the smile at that time, and the girl became so obsessed with her fireball body that she forgot to sleep.

He said if he could use this magic himself, he could make his father smile more.

And... I'm sure I can smile, too.

But...... it's supposed to be the moment I've been waiting for, but the girl couldn't move, like she was stuffed with lead all over her body.

It was finally time to stand.

"... Mr. Charloonlot!? Mr. Charloonlot!? Are you ok!? Pray now......!

A sad voice ripping silk shakes the girl's eardrum.

I wanted to block my ears, but I didn't even raise those arms.

And notice the discomfort.

There's no screaming about the girl who put mud on my father's face.

I'm supposed to be screaming all over my body in flames these days, even though they burn my lungs.

No way, instant death......?

I give you a gaze that didn't move like it was solidified with plaster, to crush, there it is......

There was an angel standing just scratching his knee...!

"There's nothing wrong with Atashi, I think he's gone."

That's what the angel unloaded off his back was a backpack......!

There's Gold burned like a cartoon cartoon...!

Knowing that the lady is safe, Primla has a glowing Shizuku on the edge of her eyes and a relieved smile.

"Ahhh...! Gordo, you protected me...!

It was just like a miracle......!

It's like a coin in my chest pocket accidentally protected me from bullets......!

But this is no coincidence......!


That Osama caused it, inevitably......!

The "Gold Backpack" I had given the girls was very different from the ready-made product (Pretaporte) sold at Slam Dog Mart...!

Made of strong 'Magic Resist' material......!

So to speak, specially made (haute couture) ……!

The angel shot through the girl in the red line, who was suddenly self-defeated, with a gaze like an arrow.

"... you did it on purpose, didn't you?

Rednecks like the wolf took my soul from me don't respond.

He was pointing his lost light eyes towards the void, not even blinking.

I did that for a while, but eventually... like other HRs, I shook my head slightly vertically.

And a word in a voice like it's frozen to the blood,

"I don't like it."

"Are you kidding me...... I'm not!!

Charles Lunlot takes on a challenge with the momentum of being pushed back by an explosion.

Midnight sugar with no attempt to intercept or escape.

But the lady's genius was never shaken down.


Along with the dry sound, I swept the face of a girl like an ice statue......,

"... what a great thing to do to my precious godchild!!

It was a new american teacher, glasspaleen short site......!!

"Ya... even if you are an exam officer, yu... I won't forgive you. Yikes!? NOW...... Apologize to Mr. Charloonlot NOW!! Otherwise... Otherwise...!!

"... or what do you do?

Wearing a trembling voice was an unexpected voice from an unexpected direction.

What did the four girls look back at in unison...!?

"Bye! Yikes!

It was a rideboy ocustan, spanning huge green objects......!

It crawls into the room without sound, like a lame whale, dripping its rotten skin down with bottoms.

"Here, it's called a dragon zombie! It's tiny because I'm just a kid, but isn't it amazing -? I didn't know Master Godsmile was capable of manipulating zombies and dragons! Ochstan, Psycho! I'm really glad I didn't compromise with a wild dog or something!

Girls who no longer know where to go in from.

Even the shock fact that Oxtan was actually just a little boy, part of that "Rylai Wright," was trivial.

But... for the intruder, it seemed important.

"I can't believe we're seeing each other again in this place -! Oh, my luck! You know the secret to Oxtan, I want to try Oxtan's new horse, and no!...... hey, ox tan, good luck with that! Yeah, yeah, whoa!

...... Bokong!!

Using the shaken spear as a signal, the belly of the dragon, which was painfully clamped to its original shape, swelled like a balloon.

"No way...... Acid braces......!?

The female teacher held the body of the young lady who cried out.

Both the Virgin and Redneck, who were next door, stretch their thin arms like branches into pieces and put them together.

Girls leaning on each other small enough to prepare for air raids.

"Ping-pong! It's a powerful acid brace, and it melts so much that there's no bone left in Mina! Otherwise, we'll find out Oxtan's secret! You can't even say you don't like it, huh? But it's a good idea to run, huh? If you're in this room, you can fill it with braces!

Learn about dragon braces in school as general common sense.

Because in this world, as much as we deal with natural disasters, it can be damage.

There are many different types of dragons, and the braces you throw up are a thousand different.

But all in all, the range of the attack is wide, and even if it is just blurred, humans suffer enormous damage.

So when you get an alarm for a dragon attack, it's supposed to be a good idea to hide in a sturdy shield first.

If you take one shot at the brace, it will take time before you throw up again, so you can escape in the meantime......

But there's not a single shield in this room...!

From that shitty (just) crocodile mouth is scattered with filthy liquid like diarrhea but at the end......!

They all melt in drools, like snowmen who dawn all night......!

No longer, despair......!

Whether the girls will be spots on the floor or not, all you have to do is question the feeling of the little guy in front of you......!

But they didn't beg for their lives.

The chicks stared at the evil chicks with eyes that had not given up on living.

"Huh!? What's with those eyes? I thought I'd miss about one of you. - No!?

Thoughtfully speaking, the girls' beliefs are unshakeable.

If it's meant to be, it's not a strange situation, even if it's crushed by the fear of death.

Osama, who usually protects me like a jetty, shouldn't be here now, but why......?

"Oops! I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored, I'm bored! You broke up with me earlier, why? Don't fight ugly! Don't cry and beg for your life! Why don't we all go when we die!? Ox-tan, that's what I'm talking about! You're a good boy!

"Everybody's a good boy!

It was not the lady, the Virgin, or the redneck who affirmed so.

"My godchild...... everyone, mi-no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!

At a time like this, I held my head before anyone else and was crying out before anyone else, girl......

No...! I'm not a girl now......!

"So... no matter what... no matter what... I will... I will protect you!!!

Beyond the cracked lens, shine your eyes like a raw stone......!

With small arms, wrap the kids like big trees......!

The Later Legendary Teacher, Glasparine Shortsite...... was the person......!