Glass paleen shakes thick lens shin eyes with a crocodile.

And my whole body was trembling more. It could have been called a severe earthquake.

It is not a splendid thing such as a samurai tremor.

It was clear from anyone's eyes that it was due to fear from the bottom of his heart.

But she never shrunk.

Armadillo's parents, one of whom would circle first, to protect my child......!

The little man across the rotten horse was laughing like a ventriloquist doll.

"Wow! He's so gaggly! It's funny like a walking toy with a Zenmai setup. - Whoa! But so is that. Hey! Because no matter how much you say you protect yourself with your mouth, there's no way to protect yourself from dragon braces anywhere -! Found out the strengths, Okutan, huh - Yikes!

"No eh! I can protect you! 'Cause I've been training with Dr. Goldwolf for so long......!!

"Goldwolf, do you want me to? Hey, you mean that wild dog Kung? Ah, okay! How to protect yourself taught by a wild dog, could it be...... peeing while gorong in an obedient pose!? Oh, my God! Okutan doesn't go to the bathroom, so you don't know him very well! But I don't even want to see that, so you should pee in the afterlife!......... Yeahhh!!

...... SPARN!!

As signaled by the start of the race on foot, the handkerchief makes a dry noise and strikes a wet, glowing green skin.

Moment after moment, the neck that was so nagging that the dragon zombie was about to melt lifted and spread like a threatening cobra,

...... kahhhhhh!!

A mouth like an insect plant opens with multiple threads pulled……!

...... dogvahhhhhhhh!

An unspoken cloud erupts...!!

colored like the end of the world. It swallows the girls with momentum like a fire truck discharge.

He was sprinkling his shavings with momentum and drawing rainbows of death.

"Wow! I shouldn't! Kusa! But Kimochi is good. Huh! Ox-tan, ooh ooh ooh ooh!!

Mucus attacked by the girls...... Acid braces.

If a human bathes that, normally, first of all, it becomes a whole body drool like a freshly made plaster statue.

And then, like a tower of sand exposed to waves... it collapses from its feet into Gushagusha.

But... they weren't people-shaped.

It was like an egg coated with mayonnaise, creating an oval silhouette.

The suspicious Ocustan leaned forward with a frown root.

The dragon zombie's neck was in the way, so I pay it off ramblingly with a spear in my hand.

Acid braces are mucus braces, where not many dragons inhabit shore.

Because it is liquid, it still accumulates at your feet after throwing up and has the characteristic of continuing to cause damage.

But the kid's dragon throws up. It vaporizes fast.

The dirty liquid becomes a thick mist, and quickly spreads like a cloud that is swept away by the sun.

And... the blue sky appeared.

"Ugh... lying!? Uhhhhhh!?!? What, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what, what!?!? sloppy sloppy!! sloppy sloppy!! It's sloppy OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!?!?!?"

Ocustan squashes his cheeks and calls them scattered, like a screaming painting.

And as it was in that pose, it solidified like a dead battery.

That... was such an incredible sight to drive him so far...!

The female teacher affirmed that she could 'protect', the way......!

It's the only magic she can use......!

The brave weren't the only ones who were peeling their eyes off.

Rednecks who were already ready to die, as if they were in the wolf's stomach......!

He was staring at the pale light wall as if it were the moment he was opened and rescued......!

Like a sunny thunderbolt...!

No, as sunny as a thunderbolt...!

Ko......! Is this......!?

This, Mana Shield...!?

When Mana Shields were just stretched, they were blue......!

But that blue should be cloudy blue by the starch of the magic stream...!

But this mana shield doesn't have any turbidity......!?

A clear blue one, like a blue sky with no clouds......!

And that means...!

The magic supplied to the shield is used for defense without any waste...!

This...! Could this be......!?

Ultimate Mana Shield that can completely defend all attacks......!

Name it, 'Clear Sky'......!!

Why......!? Why the heck...!?

Even those who excel in magic guidance can use only a few... mana shields now also known as illusions...!?

Why, why can a new American teacher at a junior vocational school use it......!?

"That's not amazing! I can't believe you're preventing dragon braces! Glass Paleen, when did you get such an amazing move?!?

Charles Lunlot looks back and puffs his eyes shining like a gem.

However, the late blooming flowers, which showed a generation of activity, were already fashionable as withered.

Together, the sunny weather is disappearing.

"Phew... phew... after the swordsmanship tournament... Dr. Goldwolf gave me special training... But it's only been... ten seconds..."

"There you go! Glass Palin! Don't leave the rest to the Atasis! Let's go! Midnight Sugar!"

The suddenly name-called redneck turned her eyes slightly open, like a cat who had forgotten her tongue in the midst of her hairy hair.

"What the fuck are you doing?!? How to defeat the big undead, you forgot!? You can shoot a fireball in your head because your balls will stick in and slash you!

That was such an unexpected suggestion that a girl who would not change her expression even before the abyss of death would be Kyoton.

"Shoot me," he said to the person who hit the fireball intentionally.

"I don't like you either, but there's a guy out there who doesn't like you any more! But that would be the same for you!? Besides, I'm never gonna get fireballs for you again! Fine!? If you don't mind, now's the time to buzz!

Charloonlot trying to jump out by just saying it.

But on his shoulder, a finger like a white fish was put on him.

"Please wait, Mr. Charloonlot. Take this."

What was on my finger like a birch offered was a vial with a shaky gray liquid.

The label reads: 'Drink it during a pinch reserved for Mr. Charles Lunlot. The effect is five minutes'.

"Ah!? This could be...!

"Yes, it was in my uncle's backpack. This is probably the 'bespoke potion' your uncle is planning as a new product. I'm sure it's a formula that maximizes Mr. Charles Lunlot's ability as a knight. The grey drug solution is a testament to a special blend, so it's pretty powerful. Instead, the effect is short, like five minutes..."

The Virgin who suddenly speaks like a clerk.

A lady who hits me to buy the recommended one.

"Five minutes and you'll be all right! I'll have it!"

Cut the seal immediately as part of the working salarier who jumped into the pharmacy.

Primla's business continues.

"Yes, there's also Mr. Midnight Sugar's share, go ahead"

"Minutes of...?

"Yes, look at the label." Dedicated to Mr. Midnight Sugar, "it says. I'm sure your uncle formulated it last night while we were asleep."

With the smile of the Virgin Mary reminiscent of her sister, Primla hands over the medicine bottle.

This is free (for free) of course, but the Virgin Sisters have swept away their inventory with this sober sinful smile.

"And this is my share. Thank you, uncle......! There's also Dr. Glasparine's share, but the teacher seems tired... oh?

"Drink when depressed or tired exclusively for Dr. Glasparine"

Primla, who glanced at the label, opened the potion and handed it to a soothing female teacher.

Confirming that the medicine bottle has gone to all his companions, he takes the audio head in a bright voice.

"Then everyone, come with me......!

This is her sister doing well in the store, 'Drink potion'.

In order to head on to the quest, we gather guests who drink potion to the scenery and pray for their accomplishments, all at once.

... Grunting...!

Girls with hands on their hips and spine upside down, pouring vertigo vials into them.

And pose as motivated as the adults in the store were.

"" "With a potion of wild dog markings, I'm a hundred times better......! Saaah...! Dreams come true ooh!!

Its shengxi-like cheer and odd set-up shocked him all the way back to Ocustan, who had lost himself enough to leave the phantom.

"Ha-wa!? What was that!? What was that?!? Ox, what do you know about Zenzen? Nhhhhhhhh!? What trick did you use to get an Acid Brace and be safe?!?

Our lady responds to that.

Beat the drinked-up empty bottle with parin on the floor.

"Humph! I don't know how much I told a toilet bug like you!

With the power of Osama's special potion, she no longer even lacks the description of an angel......!

Full of glow like a goddess of battle, he stands up to immense evil as he leads his people......!

"So I'll let that ugly body know! Do the wild dog awesome......!!...... WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

"Wild dog!? That's right, before this dragon zombie, it's ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha!!

And it opens, the curtain of battle......!

But only three girls stood on that stage...!

"... Yume, I can..."

The redneck was alone on stage sleeves, crushing.