Goldwolf and Luke were waiting for the return of the split pull to press the switch.

"Pull, it's late..."

Angel-style girl snuffed moist as she moistened her hair tips like she melted the pearls in.

"The switch seems to have been pressed because the trick is starting to work and we can move on. All you have to do is come back here..."

Osama responds with a cuddly voice.

The polite answer was to add to his creepiness, as he remained wearing what he wore.

"I'm sure you're kidding. My lord, Luc will be watching."

"No, let's go too"

And take him up and walk out, Goldwolf and Luke.

As Pull, a little demonic girl, proceeded down the aisle towards

"Pispice! Young lady, you don't even seem to speak anymore! You're scary! You're scary! Well, let's call it a piece of fear! Look, look, piece of pieces!

From across the bend, I heard a slight voice.

A closer peek, a red and black little man with rotten pomegranate skin, was just about to press a spear tip against the pull's neck.

"Uncle, what's a piece?

Even if the blade tip flickers on her brown skin, the girl is asking back innocently, rather than voiceless.

"Peaspi...... eh, I don't know the pieces - are they!? Whoa! That's what I said, make a ski. Ugh, that's not how it works! You think such a kid's hand works for me?!? Pispice!"

"Suki? I don't like pulls, coconut! My lord told me that I really want a human head to twist, but instead I want you to twist this!

Reminds me of my husband and laughs nicotineously.

The octagonal teeth spilled from his mouth were so adorable that they were out of place.

"Pi......!? Human, head............!? Whoa! Whoa! That's what scared the crap out of me, that's not how it works! Ride boy, do you think such a chatty threat would work on this me?!? Pispice!"

"What can I do for you, Uncle, Pull, by the way? My Lord is waiting, it's time to go back! You're gonna have to take me to" All You Can Eat "!

"Then I'll take your daughter to a better place than 'all you can eat'! Somewhere that makes me want to do a double piece! Pispice!"

Then the liverball bastard quickly circled behind the girl and jumped like Grandpa Child Cry.

I give her an iron mask in her mouth while she curls.

It treats you like a prisoner, but a girl in bondage doesn't even resist.

I kept my eyes like black candy, and they did, but they stayed.

"Funya? Uncle, what is this?

"Pissu... you want to know what this is...!?

Extremely evil guards whisper nasty in their ears.

and, at the same time,


Something popped up from around the mask cheek, along with a sharp sound.

like seal fangs. It was transparent, but thin, with tips pointy-armed like the hands of the devil with toenails.

The guard's sticky voice clutches to the girl's ear as the incarceration decides.

"Pissoo... this is" Ruling "Lord Godsmile gave me...! An arm originally made of this diamond stretches into my mouth and pierces my throat, grabbing my cervical spine...! Then the person loses too much sanity of severe pain... become my horse...! No matter how much consciousness you reject, they manipulate your body with the cervical spine......! Yes, even a lady who doesn't know the pieces will remain my thoughts long enough to make me do the pieces...!

"What!? Diamonds in my mouth!? Pull, I love diamonds! Then hurry up! Put it in your mouth!

"Piece of pieces ooh...... too much fear, have you finally gone crazy...! But that's good......!? I don't want Matomo to rule over me...! Riding a pony like this is a broken name... but I can't help it now...! Come on......!? Peacepiece oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!


"... Phew!?

The girl's body jumped viculently, as if a magnum bullet had burst in her mouth.

Like a child who has undergone his first dental treatment, his eyes are blackened and white by the impact.

The little guy who stays babbling is a nigga......! and had an evil grin like a murder doctor.

This is the last time I can react to such a human stiffness...!

Immediately after this, the fiercest pain I've ever tasted pierces my entire body......!

Even if you want to ramble, you can't......! Even if you want to lose your mind, you can't......!

Even shock death, I won't allow it......!

The control of the body ceases to work in any way and when it comes to being able to do so, it only drips fluid out of a hole called a hole......!

And after detoxification, you lose your emotions and become a loyal prosthetic...!

Only a few more moments to life as a half of a brave man, treated in the same way as disposables......!

A few more seconds for this boyish girl to turn ahead-faced, the first stage of losing her humanity......!

I can't forbid sadistic grins, brave rideboy spear......!

But that ugly smile was dispelled by the disturbing sound that kept ringing in his ears.

...... Boli! Boli! Boli! Bolli!

The mouth of the girl who should have become a horse is moving into small pieces.

No longer of my own free will, it's supposed to be an impossible stage to move even the eyeballs.

On the contrary,

"Uh-oh, uh-oh, uh-oh...!

It's like a kitten eating a treat, isn't that a leak of joy......!

And that's not all......!

A mask made of steel, while I look...! Chewed up and chewed up by the burrs and the girl's teeth......!

......... ok......!

You're making a refreshing throat sound...!

"Pi......!? Pi, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

Ride Boy Spear was drained of his liver and fell from the body of a pull, as a monkey fell from a tree.

"Pfft! Oh, it was delicious!

Even that satisfying sentiment is unbelievable...!

"Pi......!? Pi......!? Pi no......!?!?

He rushes to crawl away, he finally realizes.

From the corner of the aisle, to the fact that two faces peek like housekeepers......!

The housekeeper in high places is also a weird dog wearer......!

The housekeeper on the low is a white angel, very similar to the brown demon...!

It was like a daydream, the strangest combination in the world......!

"Pi......!? Pi, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?

Towards him who lost his word, an angel as adorable as a doll said.

"Diamonds are said to be as hard in the demonic world as baked confectionery. I can't believe you put that soft stuff in your mouth. I don't think you can help it if it gets eaten...?

"Ah! Luc! This uncle, he's a good man! He gave me a diamond of Pull's liking!

"This, Pull. I've told you many times not to get food from people you don't know."

"Sometimes that's good! But I haven't eaten yet... Oh, uncle, what's wrong with all the sudden baldness scattering? My head's kind of like coconut!

"Pi... pi no...!

Little man lagging behind, scattering paralysis and hair loss.

The peeping girl's black eyes and white octagonal teeth no longer looked like nothing more than a sole of man-eaters to him.

That gaze slipped away, and whilst I was horrified,

"Hey, my lord! Can I eat at last?

I got a hell of a treat.

"If I pull any more... When you were in Purgatory, you promised me you would never eat a human head..."

What the dog wears is faceless.

Naturally it was worn, but I listened silently to the girls' interactions.

But here, I pinched my mouth for the first time.

A shadow created by the underground labyrinth (dungeon), with a deep shadow on his face.

"I don't mind."

Its serial killer-like expression and voice stir up the horror of hunted down rat-like spears to the extreme.

"Psst... Psst!?!?

I run away like crazy, leaving the muscle of my toys here and there.

But it's a trail, so it just hits the wall like a ball of pinball.

Osama and the girls are brave men who are hunted down by themselves and worn out by themselves, even though they are just watching.

"Pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi, pi!"

Reaching a critical point, he starts banging even his head against the same wall, like a patient in the quarantine ward.

But by then, there was no one around.