As Goldwolf knocked down the wall switch with a gacon, two stone doors slid open in front of and behind the aisle.

The road opened in the back is a staircase leading to the lowest level.

The road ahead is another aisle with a chick party.

The paved way to the lowest level will mean that they have already activated the switch.

That means they would have been able to break through the aisle.

While Osama remembers to relieve himself, he needs to stay alert until he's safe.

I picked up the damn thing and the girls.

And... he glimpses.

Fall across the small room, look at the girls......!

Osama kicks the ground without one or two.

When I jumped into the room, the three girls were lying down.

First, hold up the primula that was nearby.

"Mr. Primla! Mr. Primla! Are you all right!? Hold on!

Grabbing a thin shoulder and shaking it, "Hmm..." the cherry lips tremble and the petal-like eyelids open up.

The beautiful girl in the sleeping woods, when she recognizes the prince,


Surprise! And made him jump on the shoulder.

Goldwolf was heartbroken to see how scared he must have been to react like he was attacked by a monster.

But when you realize you're still wearing a mask, and you can't wait to take it off,

"Ah... Oh, you were my uncle... Shh, sorry..."

Primla smiled tirelessly, like a sick man.

"This way, I'm sorry I surprised you. More than that, what's wrong? Is something wrong?

"Yes... I was attacked by a dragon zombie... But you protected me with Dr. Glass Paleen's mana shield... in collaboration with Mr. Charles Lunlot and Mr. Midnight Sugar, I managed to get rid of him... But whoever was on top got away with it..."

Words that tend to break off and trembling fingertips.

What I was showing was a vented hole in the ceiling.

"... ok. Rest now that you're tired."

"Yes, no... It's okay now..."

Even so, Primla let go of consciousness again.

Goldwolf checks with each of the girls for injuries.

I found that neither Charles Lott nor Glasparine had any noticeable trauma and were just exhausted.

But there were only three of us in the room, and I don't see Midnight Sugar anywhere.

As I circle my gaze in search of the appearance of the examiner girl, I notice an envelope falling on the floor.

When I picked it up and opened it inside, it contained four articles (badges) to use this' Ant Tsuka 'lift, a faculty ID for a middle school class, and a letter.

Go to Glasparene Shortsite Teaching

I passed the promotion exam.

I'm going outside using the enclosed lift.

I have an exam until I get home.

From Midnight Sugar Gorgeous

Finishing his glance at the succinct text, Osama badged the sleeping girls' breasts.

He then takes on both of them with his left and right shoulders and one with an impromptu cuddle made of rope.

The point where he turned his leg, like a daring man, was the center of this floor.

Using a magical lift in the Great Hall, he went outside the underground labyrinth (dungeon) at once.

Putting the girls in a carriage parked by the swamp,

To all of you.

I will definitely be back, so never move from here, just wait.

Lights, blankets, food and medicine can be found in boxes that are loaded together.

If you don't go back until tomorrow morning, stay back in the city of Antrea.

It also tells the rusty wind, so by tomorrow morning the carriage will be moving out and back to the city without you.

Goldwolf Slumdog

Enclosed in a Midnight Sugar envelope for further letters.

I let him shake it in Glasparine's hand, which happily repeats his bedtime words.

"Munya... Goldwolf... Seung-yee... I did it... I did it... Protect the kids... I did it..."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

Heavy study desk and unbeatable leather chairs.

The person who was sitting facing the stone wall looks back gently on his back.

"... ho ho. Glasparine was a user of 'Clear Sky', non?

The nasbi-faced man, who seemed to be bending over to his heart, was intriguing.

The girl with the red curtain standing in front of her desk quietly affirms.


"Therefore, the promotion exam decided to pass and returned Glasparine... Is that what you want to say non?

Tension runs on the girl's face in a tangled voice.

"... Father"

Shortly afterwards, a broken fist swung down, dang!! and shook up the props on the desk.

"Non! Non! Nooo!! Midnight Sugar! The task I gave you is to bring Glass Palin to this lowest level! In exam acceptance and so on, it should never have been NOT!!

"... Father, the teachings of Glass Paleen are still immature. But I think about the students more than anyone else. Losing her is a huge loss in brave education. Better target someone else..."

"Non!! You have to be a daughter who doesn't know that filth!! Because of this, I was going to open Harlem on this day to remember and make her the First Lady......! My daughter ruined it!!

"... I'm sorry, Father... If that's what you can do, do anything."

"No more non!! It's over, Non!! My daughter betrayed me by my beloved daughter NOT!! I'm sure my daughter doesn't love me non!!

"That's not true, Father...! I love my father! If it's for Father's sake, I won't spare this life...!

"Oh......! My daughter, Midnight Sugar......! No matter how foolish, no matter how much mistake you make, it doesn't involve my pretty daughter......! Come on, come here...!

"Nah, Father, go up...!

A father who welcomes you with open arms like branches.

My daughter, if always, should have forgotten me and jumped in... but for some reason only today, she showed slight stray on the verge of touching her skin.

Of course, the evil guide cannot miss the change...!

"... cute cute, Midnight Sugar... you're almost nine, non?

"Yes, you remember me."

"There's no way I don't remember the day my beloved daughter was born. Okay, here's what we're gonna do, non. Together with the upcoming 'Ant Tsuka' expansion party, there will also be a Midnight Sugar birthday party non"

"... Are you sure?

"Whatever. None. Guests will also see how splendid you are...... 'Celebrate' Non"

"I'm glad, Father...!

Girl burying her face on her chest like a washboard so she can blow her mind off.

If that were always the case, the more my heart should feel washed with gossip...... for some reason only today, it hurt.

Every time I lean over an apple-like cheek, it reminds me of someone's chest plate feel.

But the girl was still unaware.