The lowest level of "Ant Tsuka," "Between Kings," was insanely obscene.

A vast lot like an indoor football field is filled with sand and yet a golden desert.

On top of it are countless swarms of zombies, walking like shipwrecks.

Upstairs in the surrounding guest seats, brave men and nobles invited to this expansion memorial party surround the table.

Wine was pounded and blessed by the luxurious cuisine, carried one after the other by unspeakable servants.

It was not, of course, to the dead that they were sending their congratulations.

It is the throne, in the deepest part of the venue.

Stage-shaped there, integrated design with relief on one side of the wall.

Gorgeous decoration worthy of calling the Golden Hall Ball Tower.

It adorns those who sit in the center like living art.

Even if that was Nasbi, it was giving him such a special feeling that he wanted to fall down.

It was the orchestra of the dead that was fanning right under it.

In an undisturbed move, he plays a melody honoring the king.

Waiting for the opening round to finish playing, the king rose.

And he spreads his arms a little as long as a standing tree, and vows in high spirits.

The neurotic Kinkin voice had reached the Mouse family, living in a wall hole far beyond the throne by voice magic.

"Welcome to the Ant Tsuka Expansion Party, Non! This" Between Kings ", as you know, was made in a short period of surprise non! That, too, is the result of the daily" annihilation Fengyong "I advocate came to fruition......! Born by a deep bond with workers, it's a gift, non! No longer in the workforce, no life needed......! All you have to do is feel like working......! That proved it, non!

That was as the word goes.

It was the zombies wandering in the center who did the expansion, and there is not a single orchestra or living person.

Hosting guests in their seats is also "Magic Skeleton" dressed in tuxedos.

'The workers here woke up to the excellence of their work and hoped to continue working 24 hours a day, non! So I gave you a body that would never tire for them, non! And finally, I realized, non! The living and the dead... that this relationship is what makes them happiest when they are chosen and we and they are not chosen!


Zombies react to the orchestra's jingle like a flushed mouse.

In an unscrupulous motion, the bone meets the glimpse of the hand with the kachikachi.

Late the audience threw a huge round of applause.

"To achieve this happiness, the Midnight Aroma I developed helped me a lot, non! But this Midnight Aroma also has a few problems non!

There were two problems he described.

First of all, one cannot burn where the brave man is.

It is forbidden to brainwash, hypnotize, or do anything similar without the consent of the warrior.

There were only workers in the "Ant Tsuka" under construction, so I cooked the Midnight Aroma all the time, but that's not how it ended after it was finished and opened.

"Cockroaches are the only things that die of smoke, Junnon! I can't jeopardize all the guests who visit me this way, so I usually can't cook anymore, non!

And the problem with the lid is the residue of self.

Even though we want to abandon all emotions and concentrate our consciousness only on labor, we still have our former human desires and worries, which can be inconvenient for our servants.

'Engaging in labor for the brave and helping for the brave is the only way they can be happiest, obviously non! But they can't foolishly throw away clutter altogether, non!

The king separates speeches once there.

Enamel's leather shoes sounded tricky and approached the relief on the wall.

A glossy cloth is hung to cover part of the decoration.

He takes it away from him...

What a crucifixion there was, the figure of one of his daughters......!

"I researched and finally discovered non! Get a totally pure, cloudless workforce! Now it's time to be 24/7, unpaid, heartless......! Like ingredients you have nowhere to throw away, your body, your mind, your secrets to make me dedicate...!

He doesn't even care that the audience turned around, and he goes on.

"I, Midnight Shuffler, an honorable leader, hereby declare the opening of the" Ultimate Harlem "using secret art......!!

And furthermore, there's a word that makes my ears suspicious...!

'... apply the first secret to one of my daughters, Midnight Sugar...! Non to be First Lady......!!


After intense impact, the performance, which begins quietly, is a sonata of hope and despair......!

Nasbi, bright enough to chill, peeks into the red slope.

And he whispered secretly, not loudly enough.

"... The truth is, I wanted Glasparine to be the First Lady. But because you left, that's not happening anymore, either. I want you to take responsibility for ruining one event."

My daughter looks up to my father with her vain eyes, hoping this is a dream.

"Chi, Father... really...? Really, secrets to...?

"Yes, non. On which ninth birthday, Non intended to perform secret surgery as the Second Lady. When a woman leaves, she begins to get hurt. So before that, stop time with a body that remains beautiful... create a paradise only for the Eternal Girls in 'Between Kings (Here)'... this is the ideal harem non I've always dreamed of"

... 'one away' is to be ten years old.

Count one (one), two (lid), and three (mimi) … Nine (here) will no longer be followed by 'one', which also serves as a guide for child separation.

Midnight shufflers were not the only ones pursuing death skills were securing a convenient workforce......!

The establishment of the Harlem of the Dead, who pours free love on himself with the appearance and spirit of remaining innocent......!

I was the founding fatherland of Heaven, of Hell, of Mad Neverland...!

"... Happiness non to be loved forever by this Father...? What, I don't miss you non......! 'Cause soon Glass Paleen and the rest of the kids will be gathered here non......!

For the first time, the redneck was furiously furious with his father.

"Forgive me, Father...! Being loved by my father is something I've always wanted...! I thought if my father smiled, I would be able to smile myself...! If you hang in there, your father smiles, so the cancer has been hanging in there...! But I couldn't smile myself......! I don't like being dead without knowing the smile......! At least...!

But what the girl was given was a short word of "non" that was gentle everywhere, but empty everywhere.

"... there's nothing to be afraid of, non. If you smile, Non says, 'Laugh!' Speaking of, it will, non."

The skeletons, who were preparing for secret surgery next door, reacted like AI speakers, hitting the rattle and the mandible.

"Oh, no...! Father up! Father up!

A father who turns his back on his beloved daughter and sees nothing untrained.

Upon ascending to the command table for the ritual prepared by the skeletons, he spread his hands like a cross.

'Well...... as a pastime for the Expansion Memorial Party, I'm going to take a look at the secret art non! Unlike previous methods, this keeps the flesh beautiful and completely dominates the spirit......! You can create exactly a living wax doll non! Moreover, there is no need to continuously give effect as in Aroma......! Once applied, lasting......! Permanently, you can engage in the happiness that you devote to the brave! And it's a way of surprise, non! I hope the audience never panic, no matter what happens next! And I urge you never to miss a sight that could be exactly a miracle!

Midnight Shuffler was looking into it.

Show your overwhelming power as a brave man with the secrets you are going to perform and master the audience here......!

But...... the miracle started much earlier than he thought.

"I don't have a town. Wow!!!!"

The king heard the brave voice of a girl whose people, and now exactly, were about to be executed.

And I was looking.

Dive from the top floor of the passenger seat and plummet down while leaving a V shaped trajectory, golden swordfish......!!