"I don't have a town. Wow!!!!"

Such a barbaric voice that I don't think is emanating from a body as small as a swordfish.

Even without loud magic, it shook up all the seers.

So much so that the rats jump out of the hole in the wall for something too.

When the movement reached its peak, it glowed as the golden sun.

And still.

It was only a momentary event, but all were scratching.

And I was engraving it in my soul.

Make a golden tail look like a heavenly garment, a girl...!

The audience said, "Whoa...!?," leaks a mixed voice with surprise and admiration.

Not so much, divine......!

It can no longer be called the descent of the goddess of war......!

That warm face (cancer) must also be appreciated...!

And everyone thought.

The only thing the audience could 'think' of was because that's the only place they couldn't see.

Not because of the much of the brilliance, the backlight was being created.

The little goddess's face was covered in a cloaked dog mask......!

Turning bravery and beauty into a smile, the golden swordfish folds the proud tail like a wing and begins to plummet.

"Blame me!!!!!!!

The audience tightened themselves to a roar that punched them in the cheek.

And no longer, I can't keep my eyes open.

Wow goddess's, where to go......!

The trajectory depicting the golden triangle, at its end, was the one who ruled this place until earlier......!

It was an evil nasbi with his eyeballs peeled off and his chin just opened its big mouth off......!


At that moment, he was the only one watching.

Flying in the wind, crucifixing...!

It's Goddess's New Special Attack, "Planet Series (Grand Cross)" …!

Instead of at the top of the corner post, it was a cross chop from a high altitude like the sky......!

Nasbi's body sinks per command deck, just as he was directly hit by a meteorite.

... dowwwwwwwwwwwwww!!!

A shatteringly scattered pedestal of glory and a eruption like a rebel curse......!

The audience watching the end of the line breathed and stood up in unison.

And watch...!

Twin tails of the goddess, rolling backwards across the white smoke......!

Shaken down like an iron hammer, a goddess genius trick......!

The girl who suddenly broke into the memorial party teased the organizers with flying crosschops.

And that wasn't enough, I started mount punching...!

... Gassssssss! Gosh! Baki! Dokah!

Through loud magic, the sound of fists flickering echoes in the venue.

And anger...!

"Midnight Sugar Ha! For you! Hang in there! Dirty hands! Shit! I've been using it! But it is! Absolutely! Absolutely! It's for you! Yet you are! This is unforgivable! I'll never forgive you! I can't forgive you. I can't forgive you. No! Die! Die! Die! Die! Die, hey, hey, hey!

I can't even scream at the heavy rain in the punch, nasbi getting bumpy.

The return blood splashes and hits the girl's boot in the sandy seat.

Same color of blood as my own.

But I don't have any thoughts.

Because I didn't have much voice for it.

... the girl wished she had only a father.

I'm not interested in the others...... no, I even thought they were enemies.

For a girl who has eliminated everything, only one ally was her father.

But that was all she was. I didn't need anything else.

But now that I have been abandoned by that only hope, I am not in this world, such as he who helps me.

Even the goddess would turn that way...... That's what I assumed.

But it came down like a comet. Someone unexpected.

That was, for the girl, her first shock.

And it was... it was also the moment I held feelings other than indifference to others.

But she doesn't know what that 'emotion' is.

My head and heart were just disturbed by gucha gucha and I couldn't speak.

I came here to save my life...!?

thats why......!? I can't believe it......!? It's crazy......!?

For a girl who thinks about her father's influence or everything in plain sight, it was so much a cultural shock...!

In his trembling eyes, just reflecting the violence... he acknowledged the shadow of a man standing behind the Chick Savior.

Shout out loud,

"Ah......! I don't know! Charloonlot!"

But I didn't get the girl's word.

...... gosha!!

On the back of the mask, the pattern of the security skeleton's sword swung down, and the rain stopped.

The girl who was supposed to be here to help fell to Nasbi, who had just finished her descent.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

An hour later.

The blood paste that defiled the stage was wiped clean and a new command deck was available.

Security's "Magic Skeleton" has also increased significantly.

It is so institutionalized that there is no longer a ski for the Ant Child to enter.

The audience was bluffing, but not for those reasons.

Because the relief on the wall, the girl tied back to that height, was no longer alone.

There are three girls wearing dog clothes, mainly redneck girls.

One rambled with ugly ugly like a rabid dog, one snapped to pray "Uncle......" and one was sikshik crying.

After finishing his injury allowance, Nasbi shouted to dispel the bad image as he took the stage again on the brand new command deck.

'Ladies and gentlemen, I've shown you something ugly, non! These kids have been harassing me for so long, unwieldy, unwicked kids! I didn't mean to sneak in pretending to be a guest, non! But thanks to one of you popping up, I was able to broil it out, non!

... Charles Lunlotte, Primla and Glass Paleen woke up in the carriage.

Then he read the letter and inferred that Goldwolf and Midnight Sugar were at the bottom of "Ant Tsuka".

When that happens, they're not the ones who can wait very long.

Mixed with visitors to an expansion party, he took a lift to the bottom.

And you see, the sight of shock.

I proclaim my daughter exalted to be immortal, the mad nasbi......!

Charles Lunlotte, whose toes are out of bounds, dives from his guest seat shortly after his friends stop.

Though iron fist sanctions were imposed on undelivered parents, they were obstructed by security skeletons along the way.

And in the end... my friends got caught in a potato ceremony, and they let me join the ceremony.

If it was meant to be, if it had been for the Primla of the Virgin, it would have never mattered.

But...... now that he was wearing a mask for covert action, that turned him into an enemy.

Primla is now only a naughty little girl in a naughty mask, not the second daughter of the Virgin's famous house, the Holly Dolls.

Midnight Shuffler giggles at the unexpected harvest.

... A prey I thought I missed came all the way here non...!

And not only Glass Palin, but both of you......!

Blonde Twinthe is an untouchable evil kid, non.

But if you do secrets, you'll be honest, non.

My personality sucks but my face is impeccable......!

Plus, age, before 'one away'......!

As the Third Lady of my Harlem, I pass without complaint NON......!

The Virgin is more of a passing non in appearance and character.

I want you to call me "Uncle" in secret. Non.

However... there is a lot of nonsense standing.

Putting Baba in Harlem is still a hesitant non.

Well as a downworker, let me take care of my ladies and I'll be adorable to you once in a while non......!

I didn't know that as soon as I declared the opening of Harlem, as many as four candidates would show up at once......!

This is all, too, by this my human virtue non......!

Oops, but it's not too early to be happy......!

I caught the wild jeans non... but there's still one non left...!

Big in vain, ugly wild dogs everywhere......!

Useless, I messed with this' Ant Tsuka 'completion party, wild dog......!

Because of this, so does Soitz, I'll use it for the fun of it non......!

This is exactly it, karma......!

What end does one who defies a brave man follow... I will remind him to the bone marrow with enough fear to be incontinent...!