It was the mountains of the cloak of red that swung through the heavens...!

At its top, a huge golden dokuro, like a meteorite sent by heaven to confuse people......!

Gold powder and the floating soul of a cry rise like a tornado and join it as a struggle (aura)......!

This' Between Kings' is so beautiful and majestic that it makes you think it was for him......!

And...... Evil everywhere, ominous presence......!

Everything that was alive on the spot was nailed to its great body.

He tilts his neck all the way up and worships a treasure-like honorable face.

Midnight Shuffler looked up at it in a way that was a little late to the audience.

Rising clinging to the command deck, he was often seen in the landscape as if he had reached even geranium in distress.

But soon, like a bad boy, he begins to give a stinking joy.

'Sooo... wonderful...! Great non!! Here we go... Here we go "The Secret of Soul Rising"...! By dedicating the soul of Zako's immortals, we invoke the higher immortals......! Big success! Big success, non!!

It's a mess with all the property, and it's like more cards than you're looking for have come out ecstatic.

I can't even...!

He drew on the rare and finest, extremely rare cards......!

Its name is Rich the Immortal King......!

If you use 'Zombie' or 'Magic Skeleton' as Zako, you are just the boss......!

That too, lass boss......!

... One of the guidelines for the strength of undead monsters is the ability to grow.

Since the immortal has no reproductive function, it has the characteristics to increase its companionship in a different way from the common organism.

If you are a zombie, for example, so that if a biting human dies, you become the same zombie and come back to life.

But Rich doesn't get more.

An immortal king does not need a like-minded man.

All I ask is for my men to work as my hands and feet.

Besides, the way it is, it's out of digit.

Instead of chewing, you don't even need to touch your body.

If the king cares about it, he can be a loyal servant (undead) only by covering his life with shadows...!

Once upon a time, a human army attacked an underground labyrinth (dungeon) dominated by an immortal king in an attempt to prevent the growth of an infinite number of immortals.

Then the king and the people of man welcomed them back, but it was not the triumph of the heroes.

Funeral Burial of the Dead (Parade) ……!


"The Immortal King" is not just a name......!

Launching an attack on Rich is the same thing as declaring war on a king of a country......!

Pity, the humans of that country have been destroyed and all the people have become immortals...!

Such a fiercest and worst being has been summoned by the world......!

For man, it is the moment when an independent state, which is only a disaster, is born......!

Tyrants and Mad Kings are better yet, who are the same person......!

But it's too late......!

By forbidden secrets... immortal king, blast...!

I pulled that dead nail... nothing else, Nasbi...!

It was a mistake nasbi, already turned into a fierce king......!

"Non! Non! Non! Non! Yay non!! Yay non!! Yay, yay, yay, yay, yay!! Finally, I did it. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!! By the covenant of the soul, this rich is as non as I wish!!... Ah, Rich the Immortal King!! With the Lord's, I will fall down!!

When Nasbi, who jumped on the command deck again, orders him with a red tide face,

...... go go go go go go go go go go...!

Trembling the air, the Immortal King broke his knee like a squire.

The audience, whose summoning shock does not cool, have their pupils open.

He is shown the elephant-like movement that has been kept there, and he marvels frightened as a hostage.


"Shh, wow......! That's amazing! Master Midnight Shuffler!

"I can't believe you not only summon Rich, called the Immortal King, but you rule...!

"Again, the best of the brave (how dare you) leave Master Midnight Shuffler alone!

"No, not at all! It is no longer an honorable place...! Even the Quasi-God class isn't weird!

Success in freaking the audience out and putting them in the palm of their hands...!

But the face of the Midnight Shuffler was full of flaws.

It would have been nice to have told the Immortal King and let him kneel... but he kept his back to himself.

"None! What are you doing non!? If you order me to lie down, I usually turn to the Lord. Not only is Zako the immortal, but is this guy always a moron!?


The Immortal King was wiser than anyone else on this occasion......!

Rather than the living, smart......!

Because he did turn to the Alliance Lord with deep respect...!

"... please forgive Kukawa. I never thought I'd be able to see you like this again... this Barluminte, I'm so delighted."

The Immortal King rounds his body in awe so that he cannot bow his head more than he does.

At the end of its burning orbit is a small being, like the smallest dog in the world.

"Long time no see, Barluminte. 'The Secret of Soul Rise' has been performed, so even I have applied a little power to the magic formations to summon you who were making a name for themselves in 'Purgatory'"

'I did the pull too!' 'I also helped Luc,' the smaller ones pop up, and the mountainous body shrinks further.

"Whoa... Dear Pull...! And even Master Luc......!

Behind sharing the joy of reunion, there is a kinkin voice with no air to read at all.

"Non! Non! Nooo!? Why are you ignoring me? Nooo!? Why don't you listen to the Lord non!? You're going to have to create the dead as a party pastime! So falling down, that's enough nonsense! Come on, stand up, I'll make the four of you dead right now. Non! Not a rotten corpse like a zombie, but a beautiful corpse like peeling!!

Rich once again protrudes a body like a spiritual peak, as that order has finally passed.

But I still didn't turn around and let my thunderous voice roar.

"Well, listen......!! My name is Barluminte......!! He is the immortal king who lives in this world and unites the unclean soul...!! This' Ant Tsuka 'has just now become the remainder of the reign......!!

Midnight shufflers fall off the command deck again for a loud bang.

"Nooo......!? Nowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww!? What do you mean, no!? I can't believe the covenant of the soul is broken...!? What the hell is this all about? Nowwwwwwwwwwwwww!?!?

'Covenant of the Soul' … it means that man manipulates the demonic world as he wishes by offering sacrifices.

But this is not about 'domination and slavery'.

Relationship between the employer and the worker...... No. If you represent it more accurately, the relationship between the client and the killer.

The connection is only the consideration......!

Only while I'm giving you the consideration of soul, I'm only being groomed and unenforceable......!

Sometimes stronger connections are preceded by clients being targeted on the contrary...!

Yes......! Even if it is a 'covenant' heavier than life for man......!

From the Demon Clan, it feels like texting a rich kid, 'He's a zucchin'...!

But this was unprecedented in the past.

Because it has never existed in the human world before, such as being connected enough for the Demon Nation to make a change of heart.

Although it was a light palm return, it was an unprecedented importance for human history......!

Exactly, unprecedented......! It was an amazing change of heart...!

Osama, the schemer, hasn't moved a single step there since he stopped.

A great ambition, planned for many years by the evil brave......!

Colored by a madness treat, give me the devil's hors d 'oeuvre...!

As for the oligarchy stubborn jerk, it's just one act (one action)......!

Just one word, I was flipping...!

"Barluminte, can you give me a hand?

Take a little soy sauce there, it's as easy as...!