Comfortable vibration, like being in a cradle.

A breeze gently stroking her cheeks, like my mother's hand.

Slightly opening his lid, he caught sight of the swaying periphery like Bedmerry.


When Primla regained consciousness, it was in a carriage proceeding among the familiar scenery.

On both shoulders, glasspaleen and charlunlot lean against each other.

"Funya......" "Nga" and they're both still in their dreams.

Primla shifts her gaze toward your seat.

A large silhouetted back, like an artisan, quietly manipulates the reins.


Speaking secretly, his wide shoulder-width looked back.

"Did you wake up, fighting dragon zombies, you seem a lot tired. It's almost the city of Antrea, so rest when you get there."


In that one word, the girl's eyes will remain intact.

Fighting dragon zombies was indeed a major incident, but there must have been more to it than that.

"Um... Uncle? We, caught in" Between Kings "in" Ants Tsuka "... were made immortal... If you notice, here it is...... Did your uncle help you?

"Did that happen? I put you in this carriage in charge of everyone who was fighting and falling down against dragon zombies. Then I went looking for Mr. Midnight Sugar, and when I found him and took him home, you all stayed asleep."

"What... Huh? Really? We did indeed go to 'Between Kings' wearing the Gold Kun mask and find Mr. Midnight Sugar, who is about to be made immortal... So if you were worried about how to help, Mr. Charles Lott would suddenly pop up, and so..."

"... Fighting dragon zombies seemed pretty harsh. When you're tired, that's the kind of bad dream you get."

"Yu, dream......? Oh, no...! That's not a dream! 'Cause I'm so glad you said' Connect '...!

"... connection? What is it?

To Osama's question, the Virgin said, "Shit! ♪ And then I got a look, bong! and red-hot the face.

"Nah, it's nothing!

... she remembered clearly what Midnight Shuffler had told her when she was caught and turned into a relief.

"I don't care what happens to this old, connected wild dog, non!

Aside from the point of "old," this is how she interpreted the phrase "connected wild dogs."

... Could it be that my uncle and I are looking like a couple...!?!?

Her sister is famous for her rare natural richness, but apparently it's blood muscle.

I didn't know you were thinking about that when you said you were about to get your neck slashed... in fact she was' hidden natural 'too.

"Yes! I'm never dreaming.

At some point Charles Lunlot, who was awake, absurds his voice.

"'Cause, Atashi, after Rich showed up, I saw Suki and I bummed him! I fell so hard, but by chance, I fell into his palm and it saved me!

... Rich Things After Barluminte took control of "Between Kings," something unusual happened.

The lady, who had been seized by the immortals, shook off the restraint and climbed the cape of Barluminte to feed her genius on the golden skull.

Of course, if you were to be the Immortal King, you would never have such an unconsciousness.

He was ordered by Goldwolf to "never hurt them," so he couldn't do the rough mane.

The lady, who climbed onto Barluminte's shoulder like a quarreling superior kitten, showered her proud iron fist.

But I glance at too much solidity, sliding my legs and falling off.

Even if the Immortal King kills humans, he can't help them.

But all this time was an exception.

When this man died, he couldn't face Mr. Goldwolf, and he took the person who beat him with his hand.

... By the way, at this time, the guests who were in "Between Kings" were lined up in a row and had been judged by the Immortal King.

The sight is still reminiscent of the deceased, who will be judged by the Great.

This, of course, was also at the behest of Goldwolf.

Let the captive men count the number of sins, and give them a judgment worthy of it...!

The judgment of the Immortal King broke up into the following four stages:

I. acquittal. Riding the lift immediately back to the ground.

However, tell the world that this underground labyrinth (dungeon) has become the kingdom of the Immortal King from "Ant Tsuka".

II. Forced labour for a specified period of time in this land while still alive.

After the period, you can take the lift back to the ground.

III. Become the lowest immortal, eternal forced labor in this land.

And the felony, the "Four," is laid down to a twinth girl who has beaten the Lord of Judgment......

Connected humans, that's what everyone thought.

But as soon as it was their turn to interrogate,

"Then acquittal! Get out of this land as soon as you can!

No hearings were held and a summary judgment was handed down.

This was also met with surprise by guests who were mostly eating extreme sentences.

A miraculous warmth unlikely to an immortal king without blood or tears.

Or troublesome payment......!?

Either way, the defendant should rejoice in a tear of blood,

"What the fuck!? I'm not out of my hands. Yo! Ok! Atashi beat you up and you're freaking out!? You're a big narcissist, and your liver balls are about as small as a truffle in a third-rate restaurant! Look, what's going on!? If you regret it, let them judge you!

I'm sorry if I don't get into everything. The lady barks at me, and Barluminte gets in trouble.

In the end, he forced the girls to sleep and put them in charge of the immortals, his men, to be forcibly evicted.

As it was, Osama picked up his pattern and put him to sleep in the carriage again...... so.

Even more so, Goldwolf had given instructions on the souls of the workers, sacrificed in the "secret of the ascension".

"Let him choose between returning to heaven or staying dead. For those who have stayed, please give me the courtesy" ….

About half of his soul hoped to return to heaven.

Unexpectedly, the other half chose the path of becoming dead and serving Barluminte.

"It's easier to stay dead!" or "You can't be a Buddha until you've been purified by your daughter who goes to Virgin School!," for a variety of reasons.

In any case, those who remained were given the highest rank after Barluminte.

No work, no school, no labor, no studies, an easy eternity.

"... that? Speaking of which, is Mr. Midnight Sugar...?

The last time he woke up, Glass Palin looked around, still sleepy, glistening her glasses ladder lid.

Osama smiles like a leaky day and tells the girls.

"Mr. Midnight Sugar lived in Torqualm territory, so I sent it to you when I left.... Now you see the city."

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆




"... Mom?

"Ah, you noticed! Great! Where have you been so far!? Mom, I've been looking for you!

"... to my dad, to my dad, I met him, I..."

So leaking, the girl who wakes up physically at ease.

I was laying it on my head on a pillow, noticing a big hemp bag.

"This, is...?

"It's been on my mind ever since I found you down in front of the house, hasn't it? Isn't that your stuff?

"Mine, luggage......?

When I opened the mouth of the bag, it spilled to flood with blurry gold.

As follows, who drops a piece of paper?

"... kingdom of immortality... payslip...?

"Ah! That means... this is my dad's salary...!?

"Wow, so many......!?

… the underground labyrinth (dungeon), once known as the "Ant Tsuka" and now the "Land of the Immortal King".

All the treasures there were delivered by the hands of the slaves and distributed to the families of the workers.

This is also at the behest of that Osama.