In a junior school classroom, future archer (archer) eggs lined up their desks.

"All right, then we're starting bow class! As you all know, I place more emphasis on action than on schooling! I thought classrooms like this were full of shit, but the revolutionary 'material' delivered to our school the other day is going to change that thought too! Why don't we just use it! Then five of you get out in front of each other and aim for 'Materials'! The last one to shoot, don't forget to stab Todome with an effective arrow!


Encouraged by rough men like hunters rather than teachers, the young men sitting in the front row stood up in their hands with the long bow they had placed on their desks.

When they flinch onto a broad classroom like the stage, they set up a partner, each leading an arrow.


A hungry ghost, like a baby monster, fleeing with a creepy roar, crawled around the edge of the stage on four legs.

Vessels like weed roots are raised on the blue-white skin of a tecateca like oiled.

Even though I was skinny and gallant, only my eyeballs and belly were popping out and nothing ugly happened.

Soitz is trying to escape the pointed arrow butt, but only glue around the spot because it's tied to the collar.

In the face of the evil one, a strained arrow was unleashed.

... Shh! Tossss!


The first bullet stabs me in the cheek.

He thrust through his mouth open like a carp and jumped out of his cheek on the other side.

One arrow after another rains down where it is.

Tossssssss! Tossss! Tossss!

temples, stood against Avara's floating chest, and pierced the kakato.

"Ghan!? Gha!? Gha!?

After seven falls, the hungry ghost, unable to walk, tries to escape even with his claws on the floor.

There, the last fireball burst.

...... bashhhhhhhhhhhh!!


My whole body is in flames, and I wander around.

The classroom was wrapped in the smell of burning skin, and the students were staring at their faces, but the teacher was shaking his nose beard like a mountain man, smelling all incense.

"... the smell of the prey burning... this is the scent of real battle! Mmm, passing! When fighting monsters with arrows, shooting arrows with special effects, such as fire arrows, into weaknesses is the key! Shooting in where it's not a weakness is like stopping a move with a normal arrow and then definitely targeting a weakness, because some monsters rapidly create resistance! Now, the next! Try the same!

"... Yikes!

The students who took turns will be on the stage to commit the shooting.

At its cutting edge is the appearance of a hungry ghost fleeing like crazy while peeling off his blackened skin......!

"No more!? No, no, no!? Yahhhhhh!?!?

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Yes, gentlemen! Today's Holy Virgin class is' Purifying 'the Undead Monster! Usually we just prayed, but this time, what, we got the Undead Monster material, so let's actually do it! Purifying alone will still be difficult, so in pairs of five! Then from the kids sitting in front, come out to the lecture in turn!

"Ha!" said the girls in a clear reply.

Unbeatable in its sobriety, he pinches up the hem of a snowy robe and softly rises to the stage.

And it was placed in the corner of the classroom, a cage for small dogs...... in which he knelt to a cramped, but frightened, hungry ghost.

"... the empire we worship... the kingdom we worship... the name we worship... the goddess Renalilis... to great abomination... have mercy..."

Like a chorus, like a whisper, there is a quiet prayer.

which calmed the hearts of all who listened,

"Pi!? Pi!? Pi!? Pi, no, no, no. Huh!?

The only starving ghost in the cage...

He was the only one who, like a monkey who couldn't stand the noise anymore, grabbed and rocked the iron lattice, rambling around with Gashangashan.

"Purification (Nil Varna)...... Huh!


A monkey like he's been over-the-drug experimented with is wrapped in divine light.

Still floating skin glows, slightly remaining dead grassy hair on scalp reverses

If it was meant to be, 'purification' by the Virgin was a relief for the immortal.

But when the collar wrapped around his neck sucks away all the light that was born,

"Pi......!? Pissoooooooooooooooooo!?!?

Like the golden crown of Sun Wukong, it's starting to tighten tightly...!

"Gih......! Giggy......! Giggy giggy......! Bit......! Vi...... Shh...... Shh!!

A neck that is squeezed like a rag and thins to the limit. But it doesn't loosen.

From between eaten teeth, bubbles can bounce. I peeled off my white eyes as it was and fell.

Eggs of the Virgin staring at the pimply cramped hungry ghost with a serious look.

The child in the front row raised his hand.

"Yes, Doctor! How can that undead monster not be called to heaven after being purified!?

"Oh, that's a good question! This undead monster is borrowed, but it's wrapped with a magic item called" The Anti-Soul Collar "! This is the prayer of the Virgin to force the soul away from her body to stop connecting!

"I see! So that undead monster is' safe '! So in the case of' great purification ', what happens!?

Innocent curiosity kills the dead as well.

"Pi!? Pi, no, no, no, no, no. Huh!?!?

The hungry ghost said, "Don't say anything extra!" All the while, he necks out like a turtle out of a cage gap and stares at the girl.

"Yes, that's a good question too! The more degree of purification you get, the tighter that collar is ready to tighten! He tried 'The Great Purification' at another school, but he said his neck bone was crushed! Even so, it won't pin...... shall we actually do it! Now not five, but all of us! Then you might get out of other school records!?

"Yes!", an innocent reply, mixed with anticipation and curiosity.

And the white devil... no, the angels, to mourn the wretched dead in front of them... and mausoleum... drooped their heads and turned their heads upwards.

"Pi......!? Pi 'no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no!?!?!?

… that day, many people in the city said they had witnessed the sky and coconut, which jumped out of the classroom window.

◆ ◇ ◆ ◇ ◆

"Some hunting quests dismantle the hunted prey and remove the material. So today, use the materials to study 'Dismantling Monsters'."

Like a frog to be dissected, the teacher said, looking down at the material fixed to the experimental bench.

"Uh no! No. Uh, no! ♪ Run, run, run, lah, lah ♪

Are you already spirited, the hungry ghosts are ringing like a broken radio.

The children, who are students, are divided into two parts, surrounding them with adoration.

A girl in it who looked like the chairman of the committee raised her voice as she handed out females to everyone.

"Yes, guys, grab a scalpel! And don't overdo it, no matter how many undead monsters! Seems to be borrowed, so if he dies, he'll pay!? Especially boys! Hey, are you listening!?

"Oh, Commissioner, this undead monster is fine. Sure, it's borrowed, but they're empowered by Rich, their Lord."

"Really, Doctor... But what is Mugendo?

"Simply put, it's more than a normal undead monster's ability to recover. Whether you are crushed in the head, burned with fire or stripped of all your guts, it will not be 'Remorse (Graj Kill)' and you will soon be back to normal"

"So besides purifying the Virgin, do you mean you won't die? But isn't that very dangerous...?

"No. As a price, those who gain that power will no longer be able to harm others. Look closely at them. No nails, no peeling, no teeth, right?

"Really, then, these kids are like they were born to be our experimental bench."

"Yes, they do whatever they do and they don't use it less, so it's perfect as a material."

"I didn't know there was such an amazing material... where did you borrow it from?

"Take a look at Odeco's place on the material."

"Ah! 'Slumdog School Lending' has a baking mark!

"Yes, it's what a newly built private school is lending. This material is scheduled to be turned to Adventurers Schools nationwide in order, so use it a lot while we have it."

"You lend me such good material. How amazing is Slumdog School! Me...... I don't want to go to school now and try to make it a slum dog school......!?

"That might be good, too.... So that's it for the chatter, and I'll do an autopsy. Because of this material, please don't waste it, dismantle it to the point of the mistletoe, and learn well."

"Yay! Well, let's just get hungry and judged!

The tip emits a gleaming glow when the female is raised by a wobbly boy who cut ahead of him.


... Saku!

"Rock n 'lol, wow, wow, wow!


Nostalgia discord.

A session that was still dead and not engaged echoed all over the classroom.