From the open window, the children's energetic voice and refreshing breeze plunge in and rock the hand-knitted lace curtains.

This is the office of the same store, across the street from Slumdog Mart 1.

The current thumbnail of "Slumdog" was taken from this room, which was rented to overlook the store's situation.

The 'Slam Dog Mart' on the ground floor is crowded with different adventurers, young and old.

Now the noble adventurer and the adventurer of the day lived side by side in a potion at the head of the Grand Virgin.

The upstairs' Slam Dog School 'offers history classes by Dr. Glasparine.

When it comes to sitting classes, I can't stop smiling at my kids for a teacher crying, laughing, hugging and falling all by herself.

Goldwolf, who worked spreading materials to the conference room table, rested his hands and watched the scene for a while.

And... I had a certain determination in my chest.

I replied yes because there was an understated knock,

"Excuse me, uncle. I brought you some tea."

and a white robe girl comes in, along with a clear voice.

It's Primla, who is the Virgin and yet serves as Goldwolf's secretary.

Its holy bell-like voice alone is a sober, but she inserted good scented tea like white grapes and hand-baked cookies.

Tea kumi is not her job by nature.


"No! Sir...... no, it is my duty to make the president a good cup of tea, my daughter-in-law...... no, it is my duty as secretary!

And I didn't give in, so I decided to leave it to him.

By the way, Goldwolf is a coffeeman, but he doesn't drink while he's at work because it's the source of bad breath.

"Thank you, Mr. Primla. I was just hoping to take a break."

To Osama's smile, the girl secretary brightens her face so that the pop... and the fruit fades.

You felt your face exhilarated yourself, and you lay your face down like a blindfold.

"... Now, what were you doing? There's a lot of cloth spread...?

Colorful pieces scattered on the table, take one of them.

"The workshop, which deals mainly with clothing, is the magic cloth I left as a sample"

With that explanation of Osama alone, the secretary understood everything.

"Oh, I get it. It's like a fire-resistant cloth, used previously as a fabric for Gold-kun backpacks. So they were devising a new product?

"Yes. There are a lot of things that work and it's interesting. This is fire resistant, and water resistant… some lightning and blade resistant."

"Heh... you have a lot going on. This is a heated cloth...?

"That's the opposite of fire resistance, a cloth of a nature that lets fire pass through. The fire through this cloth gets warmer."

"Oh, I know. My sister used it to cook last night."

"Right, it's famous as a cloth for cooking. If you wrap ingredients with this cloth, you can wrap and bake them with even a little heat."

"I see... what effect does this glowing cloth have?

"It's a cloth that emits light when you go to a dark place. If you sew it into a backpack for children, for example, it might be useful for teachers to mark it with underground labyrinth (dungeon) exploration classes."

"That's good! So, how about this? With the improved Gold-kun backpack I'm selling right now, use this on Gold-kun's eye fabric and Gold-kun's eyes will glow!

"That's funny, shall we just prototype it? Mr. Primla, can you give me some instructions for the workshop?

"Yes, I did!

The secretary just tried to carry out the order, but Osama called it off as if he remembered something.

"Oh, wait a minute. I had other favors to ask."

Stopped once on her feet, the Virgin looks back at her wrinkles as she gently wiggles the glow of her bright hair and the refreshing fragrance of the rinse.

And blurry, nickely smile.

"Yes, what is it?

The person does it unconsciously, but there is no man who is not sunk by this' Do It In Love Combo '.

Except for this Osama.

"It's going to be a little long, can you please sit down"

"Yes, excuse me"

Primla sat back in the chair opposite Osama and aligned her knees a bit.

"I want you to make a cloth cover just like it says on this note."

And on the note they give me, I say, "What?"

"So many big cloth covers...?

"Yes, please"

The girl does not contest Osama's judgment in management.

I just shut up and made a note.

"... Yes, I did. We will now place an order at the workshop in conjunction with the improvement of the Gold Backpack"

"Yes, please. And this way, please."

Osama's palm, which was offered continuously.

Girl puts things on top of that rattled hand into her eyes without any concern.


Shortly after, however, she petrified.

What a jewelry case there......!

There was a small box of velvet fabric in it that I couldn't think of other than a ring...!

... From an early age, Saint Girl Primla has a reputation for her beauty and serenity.

A sudden visit to the natural mutation in her heart, which was always like a quiet lakeside forest, when she was healthy or sick......!

The lake was rough as it was in the middle of a storm, and in the woods there were strange birds flying around......!

What... Yep, yep, yep, yep!?

Oh, no...! Oh no, all of a sudden......!?

Damn...... I can't believe it's an engagement ring!?!?

Damn...... no!

Oh no!?!?

Holy crap, this is a dream!?

Yes! Yes! It must be a dream!

She was panicking so much that interactions like English conversation example sentences were exchanged in her brain.

Even if my beauty collapses, I pinch both cheeks together and start stretching out with Muneu.

Usually a truly virtuous Virgin suddenly began to change her face, so just as Goldwolf was also drained of her temper.

"... Mr. Primla? What is it all of a sudden?

But no reply......! It's just a spring...!

No, it was a cup of love, screaming in the narrow between dreams and reality...!

Yu...... yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu yu

No, no, no, no!?!?

The delusion proposed by my uncle was that was the routine before I went to bed......

No way, I can't believe this is happening in this way. YAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?

"... Mr. Primla? Are you physically ill? Then leave early and rest. We'll talk about it on the next occasion…"

to the girl who didn't look like when, Osama tried to interrupt the proposal, but

... Shubba!

and the hem of the robe flicked horizontally fast enough to expose the case.

And a word,

"I'm a bummer, thank you!!


Momentum just lowered his head and his forehead (hiccups) hit the long table, turning the top plate into two straight tiles like a tile crack.

Its powerful, it's like a primal fist......!

The forehead of the Virgin, who lifted her face loosely, was packed and cracked, and the blood was pouring down like lightning strikes.

"... Mr. Primla!?

Osama rarely shouts before a girl like the one possessed by the fox.

But even that voice, it hasn't arrived......!

Already in her head, five children and husband playing in the meadows......!

And he was full of himself to dwell on the sixth man and watch him mercifully...!

When that number increased enough to form a football team, she gently laid her hands on the small box.

And like Orgol, slowly open the lid......!

What was no longer flowing in her was nowhere near the marriage march......!

... Primla... I'm so glad to be with you...!

No matter how many times you are reborn... I... will love you...!

Tu tears the girl's cheeks.

Goldwolf, who saw it, thought it was finally time.

But the end comes suddenly.

A primula with eyes on the contents of a small box,


Because I danced through the universe, as if I had been thrust up by an invisible uppercut.

"Mr. Primla!?

Goldwolf no longer knew what it was, but hugs that little body before it slaps him to the ground.

She had a powerless grin, as if she had regained her sanity in her arms or had exhausted her soul.

"... wax mark (tarp)..."

"Yes, I am. This is what I was asking for, that it would be more convenient to have a ruling at Mr. Primla's. I gave it to you because it was ready. Couldn't wait that long?

"Ha, ha... Wow... Wow... Magic Seal... Now I, too, am... an adult, one of us... happy..."

The girl climbed another adult staircase today.